Bootloader Unlock Sony: Full Guide to Make it Easy for You

You may have a new Sony phone and now you want to break all the restrictions of its factory setting! If this happens, then you can do it by Sony bootloader unlock. Always be aware that by bootloader unlock Sony, you are going to void the company warranty. In fact, there is an official way of Sony bootloader unlock even though your warranty will be void if you follow the official guidelines. So before getting more privilege by bootloader unlocking, you should be confirmed whether you need the warranty or not.

Part 1: Two Methods to Bootloader Unlock Sony Devices

Before we go any further, we would like to let you know a bit about Bootloader.

What is Exactly Bootloader?

Bootloader is a tiny program that comes with every Sony phone, runs on your phone's RAM and stays in the ROM. Every phone comes with a locked bootloader. You can also see Bootloader when you switch on you phone. By the way, in this article you will learn about how to do bootloader unlock Sony. So read further.

Now we will go for showing 2 methods by which you can easily go for Sony bootloader unlock

Method 1 to Bootloader Unlock Sony

The first thing that you will have to do is checking whether your device can be booted or not. To do so you will have to follow some procedures. 

Go to your Sony device and then dial with the code *#*#7378423#*#*. After that you will have to follow Service info > Configuration > Rooting Status. Going there, you will have to check what is written there for Bootloader unlock allowed. There might be two different scenarios - Yes or No. Yes means you can and on the other hand No will disappoint you as you couldn't go for bootloader unlock.

What to do if it is bootable?

Then follow - first extract the file "". This file should be previously downloaded on your PC. Now copy the file named "android_winusb.inf" and paste it on c:android-sdkextrasgoogleusb_driver. You will have to tap Yes if it is asked to rewrite anything. 

Now get the IMEI of your device by dialing *#06# from your phone. You should note down the IMEI as you may forget it for the need later. Then you have to click the Yes I Agree button on the Agreement page. The next page will come with another page where you will have to insert your name, IMEI and email address. Then press the button "Submit". You will be offered with an unlock code which you should remember by noting down.

Now you will have to switch off your device and connect it with your PC via USB. You can use Menu button, Volume Up button, or Search button depending on the model of Sony. In the previously noted path (c:android-sdkexteasgoogleusb_driver), you now have to install the drivers. 

After that, come to your PC and go for command prompt. Then follow Start > Run > Type cmd. The cmd window should be entered with cd C:android-sdkplatform-tools;fastboot.exe-i 0x0fce. This process will make your device able to have your device bootloader unlock.

Method 2 to Bootloader Unlock Sony

Now we will see another method to for bootloader unlock and that is with a tool. So let's start exploring the method. 

The name of the tool is Kingo Root. Yes the tool is an awesome and handy solution for bootloader unlock of Sony device. You can completely rely on the tool. You should know that the tool is free of cost. So no need to worry about its price.

Go for USB Debugging

After downloading and installing the tool on your PC, connect your device with your PC via a USB cable. Original USB cable is recommended for the connection. Now go for the debugging mode and the tool will automatically install the driver for the device. 

Follow the Notifications

You should be well aware of all the on-screen notifications. Reading them will make you risk free from lots of troubles. You  should know that after the operation is done, you are going to void the device warranty. You will also lose all your data from the device. 

Check unlock 

Now you have to go for the button "unlock". After tapping on the button, it will take sometime to manage everything and then start unlocking. In the meantime, you must not disconnect or do anything with the operation unless it ends. 

Unlock Successful

The last stage of this will notify you that the unlocking process is complete, so now you can use your Sony phone without any firmware restrictions. 

Part 2: Advantages and Disadvantages of Bootlader

Though you are getting tons of benefits from bootloader unlocking, it has also demerits too. In this section, we will show you both the advantages and the disadvantages of bootloader. 


There are obviously some advantages of bootloader unlock which are as follows -

  • There will be no factory restrictions because of locked bootloader.
  • You can customize your device as per you wish. 
  • You can use wide varieties of apps.


Apart from the benefits, there are some disadvantages of bootloader unlock -

  • Your device's company warranty will void once you go for bootloader unlock.
  • Any sort of inappropriate procedures may damage your device completely.

So from the above discussions, you should now think twice before bootloader unlock. If your phone has already passed the warranty period or you do not care about the warranty then you can go for bootloader unlock. But make sure that your operations for the procedure are quite perfect. 

So you have come to know how to do the bootloader unlock. Also, you have learnt the merits and demerits of it. Now it is up to you whether you will do it or not. 

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