How to Unlock iPhone 5s

There are a lot of ways your iPhone can get locked. Ideally speaking, this is so for the sake of safety and security, and it is necessary. But that doesn't mean it's not annoying when you get locked out of your own iPhone for hitting the wrong code one too many times on a drunken night. This is Screen lock, and it is actually only one of the many ways in which your iPhone may get locked. There's also the SIM lock and the iCloud Activation lock, and these are the ones we'll be dealing with in this article.

As you read on we'll tell you what the two terms mean, and how to unlock iPhone from a carrier-lock and how to unlock iPhone from the iCloud activation lock.

Part 1: How to unlock iPhone 5s online (SIM card unlock)

Ah, the infamous SIM Card lock! This has given me so much of a headache. This is when you get sick of your current network provider and you want to switch, but you can't access SIM cards from other carriers. This is because your phone is locked under contract and you need the 'permission' and 'approval' of the carriers to get it unlocked so you can switch. So basically, you have to ask permission from your carriers to switch over to their competitors. And while Carriers are legally bound to take each application to consideration, it is in their best interest to retain as many users as possible so they put your application through heavy vetting. And if you ahven't done it properly, it will lead to bad ESN on your iPhone.

To avoid all that unpleasantness, you can instead opt for the Online service dr.fone - SIM Unlock Service. Now lets say you own an iPhone 5s which you want unlocked. DoctorSIM Unlock Service is a legit third-party online system that can permanently unlock your iPhone 5s without even lapsing your warranty!

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So read on to find out how to unlock iPhone 5s. But first, if you aren't sure if your iPhone 5s is locked follow the given 3 step process, by going to the Check iPhone Unlock Status page.

1.1 Check if your iPhone is already unlocked:

Step 1: Retrieve IMEI Code.

You need to dial #06# on your phone to receive the IMEI code.

Step 2: Contact Info.

Enter the first 15 digits of the IMEI number on the provided space, along with the email id.

Step 3: Receive Status.

You'll receive an email with the details about whether your phone is locked within minutes.

1.2 How to unlock iPhone 5s online using dr.fone - SIM Unlock Service:

Once you've verified that your iPhone really is locked, you can follow the next steps.

Step 1: Select your Phone brand logo and name from a display list.

You'll find a list of Phone Brand names and logos. Since you use an iPhone, select the 'Apple.'

Step 2: Fill in the Request Form.

You'll be asked for your Country, Phone model and Network Provider. Fill in the correct information, like for the phone model, choose iPhone 5s in this case.

Following that you'll be asked the IMEI Code and Email address. Enter the first 15 digits of the IMEI by pressing #06# on your iPhone, as you did while checking the lock status.

Step 3: Unlock iPhone 5s!

Finally, you need to wait for the guaranteed period, generally within 48 hours, to receive the Unlock code. Enter the Unlock code into your iPhone to unlock iPhone 5s.

See? It's a simple 3 step process and you're all done. You are now the proud owner of a liberated iPhone 5s!

Part 2: How to unlock iPhone 5s with iTunes

Sometimes even though you've unlocked your iPhone, in this case iPhone 5s, using your IMEI number, you still can't access the new SIM on your phone. In this case you need to make use of iTunes to complete the process.

How to unlock iPhone 5s with iTunes:

Step 1: Connect to iTunes.

Place the new SIM into your iPhone 5s, and connect it to your PC using a chord. Initiate iTunes.

unlock iPhone 5s with iTunes

Step 2: Backup iPhone.

You can backup your iPhone 5s by first connecting it to WiFi. Go to Settings, then scroll down to iCloud. Tap on that, then scroll down and tap on 'Back Up Now', making sure that iCloud Backup is toggled on. This should back up all your data to the iCloud.

Backup iPhone to unlock iPhone 5s with iTunes Backup iPhone

Step 3: Erase iPhone.

Go to Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content. This will erase all data from your iPhone 5s.

erase iPhone

Step 4: Restore.

Be sure to set up your iPhone from scratch. Select the option 'set up as a new iPhone'. Following that restore all your back up data from the iCloud.


Step 5: Continue.

After you click 'continue' and activate the gadget on your iTunes, you'll receive a 'congratulations' message which indicates your iPhone 5s is unlocked!

unlock iPhone 5s finished

And just like that your iPhone 5s is now completely unlocked and you can use any and every SIM as you please!

Part 3: How to Unlock iPhone 5s iCloud activation lock

Finally, the iCloud Activation Lock. This is actually meant for when someone loses their phone, and they trigger the 'Find my iPhone' option, thus sending the phone into lockdown mode. However this also means that some naive or innocent consumer may land up with an iPhone they can't use. A good online service to help you out with this problem is Official iPhoneUnlock which offers a range of unlock services, one of them being iCloud Unlock. But before I tell you how to unlock iPhone 5s under the iCloud activation lock, let me address the general difference between SIM lock and iCloud activation lock.

Difference between iCloud activation lock unlock and SIM card unlock:

The difference is quite easy to grasp. The former, that is, the iCloud Activation lock is up to the original user of the iPhone. If we take the previously used example of an iPhone 5s, then it is the responsibility of the original user to deactivate the "Find my phone" function and take down his iCloud account from the iPhone 5s. However, the SIM Unlock isn't up to the user but up to the Carrier that the iPhone 5s is registered with. Those are the most basic differences between the two.

How to Unlock iPhone 5s iCloud activation lock using Official iPhoneUnlock:

Step 1: Go to 'iCloud Unlock'.

Go to Official iPhoneUnlock website. On the left hand side of the Official iPhoneUnlock page you'll find the option 'iCloud Unlock'. Enter that.

unlock iPhone 5s iCloud activation lock

Step 2: Retrieve IMEI.

You can simply get the IMEI code by typing #06# on your iPhone 5s keypad. You only need the first 15 digits.

start to unlock iPhone 5s iCloud activation lock

Step 3: Request Form.

You'll get a request form asking you to select the handheld type, in this case an iPhone 5s. Following that just enter the IMEI number.

how to unlock iPhone 5s iCloud activation lock

And with that simple 3 step process your iPhone 5s is unlocked from iCloud Activation Lock!

Hopefully with these basic and simple steps you'll now be able to unlock iPhone 5s whether it's carrier-locked or iCloud Activation locked, using two Online services which are both equally reliable and convenient with their unlock services.

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