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Using a locked iPhone not only does it bar you from accessing or using your best-preferred network providers, but it also binds you to unfavorable contracts that you always have to observe. However, the good news in this is the fact that you can bypass this lock using a good number of readily available methods. If you want to know how to unlock iPhone 7, 6, 5, and 4, we have different methods that can do this job for you.

Whether you want to know how to unlock iPhone 5s, or how to unlock iPhone 6s, the methods I have will see you through each and every step regardless of the iPhone model you have.

Part 1: Two Solutions to Unlock iPhone SIM Card

When it comes to unlocking different mobile devices, the warranty that covers the device in question is usually the primary determinant of whether the unlocking process will be legal or not. Unlocking a locked iPhone is a not an illegal process as long as the iPhone in question has not voided the terms and conditions set aside by the company that locked it.

Method 1. How to Unlock iPhone SIM Card with SIM Unlock Service?

When looking for SIM unlocking program or services, it’s highly advisable to go after services or programs that only guarantee you the best unlocking services. It’s for this reason that we have DoctorSIM Unlock Service. With this unlocking service, you don’t have to worry about voiding your iPhone warranty, and neither do you have to worry about getting your iPhone damaged.

DoctorSIM Unlock Service

Unlock your phone in 3 simple steps without SIM card!

  • Fast, safe and permanent
  • Doesn’t violate your phone’s warranty.
  • Complete countries and network providers Compatibility
  • Supports both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

If you want to know how to unlock iPhone 5 using dr.fone - SIM Unlock Service, follow these basic steps as illustrated below.

Step 1: Choose Phone Brand

Visit the official sim unlocking service website from dr.fone and click on the "Select Your Phone" option located just at the front of your screen. A new web display will open up with a number of different models and brands that can be unlocked by dr.fone SIM Unlocking program. Since we are dealing with an iPhone, our pick of choice will be Apple.

Step 2: Enter Phone Model and Network Provider

On your new interface, select and input your iPhone model, your country of origin as well as your network provider in the spaces provided. Once you have entered the required information, you will be in a position to see the amount to be charged on your right-hand side.

Step 3: Enter Phone and Contact Details

Scroll down the current page and enter your iPhone IMEI number as well as your contact information (email address). The email address issued should be active since it will be used to deliver your unique code once it has been generated. Confirm each and every detail in the request form and once you are sure that everything is okay, click on the "Add to Cart" option and make your payment.

Step 4: Receive Code and Unlock iPhone

After a period of about 1-2 business days, you will receive your unique code from dr.fone. Switch your SIM card and insert a different SIM Card from another network provider. You will be prompted to enter the unlocking code. Enter the unique unlocking code you received in the spaces provided. Your iPhone will be unlocked once you have entered this code. From this point henceforth, you can use your iPhone with any SIM Card from any mobile provider with no restrictions whatsoever.

Method 2. How to Unlock iPhone SIM Card with

The other method we recommend to unlocking iPhone sim card is It promises to sim unlocking the phone wit the official way. The unlocked device will never get relocked because it unlocks your iPhone by whitelisting your IMEI from Apple's database. So the service is legit. Official IMEI based method supporting iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 (plus), iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, etc.

sim unlock iphone with

How to unlock iPhone with iPhoneIMEI?

Step 1. To unlock iPhone with iPhoneIMEI, firstly go to official website.

Step 2. Fill in the iPhone model, and the network provider your iPhone is locked to, and click on Unlock.

Step 3. Then fill in the IMEI number of your iPhone. Click on Unlock Now and finish the payment. After the payment is successful, iPhoneIMEI will send your IMEI number to the network provider and whitelist it from Apple activation database (You will be received an email for this change).

Step 4. Within 1-5 days, iPhoneImei will send you an email with subject "Congratulations! Your iPhone has been unlocked". When you see that email, just simply connect your iPhone to a Wifi network and insert any SIM card, your iPhone should work instantly!

Part 2: How to Unlock iPhone Screen Lock

The iPhone screen lock functions by keeping all your personal data safe by preventing unauthorized use of your iPhone. You can unlock this screen lock by using some basic steps and tricks. The following are some of them.

Step 1: Press Home Button

While holding your iPhone, slowly press the "Home" button to activate the "Siri" program. Think of any non-existing app and request Siri to open it. In normal circumstances, Siri will tell you that the app you are looking for is non-existent.

Unlock iPhone Screen Lock

TIP: Before pressing the home button, make sure that the "Siri" feature is active by activating it under the Settings>Passcode Lock> Allow Access When Locked. Slide the lock to your right-hand side.

How to Unlock iPhone Screen Lock

Step 2: Tap on App Store

If Siri can’t find your app, it will recommend other apps from App Store. Tap on the App Store option to open a new browser window. Tap on the last app which you had previously opened or push the "Home" button twice. This action will open the task preview. Swipe over the screen task to unlock your screen lock. The screen lock will be bypassed, and you will be in a position to use your iPhone with no restrictions at all. This method is applicable in iPhone 5, 6, 5s and 6s.

Part 3: How to Unlock iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Online

With an online iCloud activation method, you can learn how to unlock iPhone 6, or how to unlock iPhone 7 by observing the necessary steps required to open these phones. Regardless of the iPhone brand, you are using, you can unlock the iCloud Activation Lock using the Official iPhoneUnlock online method. Just follow and adhere to these basic steps.

Step 1: Select "iCloud Unlock"

Visit the Official iPhone Unlock website and click on the "iCloud Unlock" option located on your left-hand side as shown in the screenshot below.

Unlock iPhone iCloud Activation Lock

Step 2: Fill Out Device Details

A new interface with a "Device Details" option will open up. Enter your device model by clicking on the "Handset Type" option. Once you have done this, enter your IMEI number and click on the "Add to Cart" option.

start to unlock iPhone iCloud Activation Lock

Step 3: Enter Contact Information

On your next web page, enter your valid email address and click on the "Continue" icon. From this point, you will be required to enter your preferred payment details. Once you have done this, confirm and make the payment.

Unlock iPhone iCloud Activation Lock finished

Step 4: Unlock Code Generation

With your payment done, you will have to wait for about 1-2 business days for the iCloud Activation unlock code to be generated and the iCloud lock to be deactivated. Once the activation lock has been removed, you will receive an email informing you that you can now use your iPhone with no restrictions at all. Simply switch ON your iPhone to confirm if the lock has been removed. If everything is working out; which it should, go ahead and use your iPhone as you please.

In a world where we have different SIM unlocking methods, using a locked iPhone should be a thing of the past. As we have seen in this article, we can conclude that the different methods on how to unlock iPhone 6s, or how to unlock iPhone 5s are available and are highly dependable. The method you choose will no doubt depend on your iPhone model as well as your flexibility.

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