Full Guide to Check HTC IMEI

Now-a-days Mobile has become our essential device. Everyone wants to buy original phone. But your  phone is original or bogus might be a question always comes to mind of you. It would be more thinkable when you buy a low cost HTC phone or second hand. You may be thinking whether it is a clone mobile or not. No problem! Relax, you can be sure that your newly bought HTC is original or not by htc imei check. Here we make it very transparent by this post.

Part 1: Four Methods to Find HTC Phone IMEI

The method of checking IMEI for HTC is stated below

IMEI is very important  for a mobile phone's  identity. The full meaning of IMEI is International Mobile Eqyipment Identity. Its necessity is many. It is needed when your phone is lost. It is also used for identifying whether your phone is original or not. So the huge importance of IMEI makes it an essential thing to know the number. It is important to know the methods of HTC IMEI check.

1. Most common method

The most active and most known method to know IMEI around the world is dialing from phone. This is very simple and I will show you here how you can do this. It is more accurate than any other methods. It is also well known to all. You just need to do the following things -

htc imei check

I) Open your dial pad.

ii)Then write*#06#.

iii) Now you will get a number.

2. From phone

You can also get IMEI HTC check from your HTC checker. For this you need to do the following works

I) HTC phone has an option of setting.You have to enter there first.

ii) At the setting option you will find an option of apps there you have to click.

iii)Then keep clicking.

iv) At a stage you will find about option .There also you need to click.

v) Now you will get an option of phone identity. You are to click there now.

Vi) There you will get your HTC IEMI no, Serial no, model no, date of making , place of making etc.

3. Battery checking

Open the back part of your phone. Then remove the battery from your phone. But before removing you have to shut down your phone. Search to the battery if  that there is any number.  When you get it then you may tell to your mind oh! I have check HTC IMEI.

4. SIM slot checking

SIM slot checking is the another best option to know your HTC mobiles phone IMEI number. In this process you need to be careful about every steps of checking. Because slot of SIM is very sensitive place. A little wrong doing may damage your slot . So be careful when you will check the IEMI.

i) To check slot you need to shut off your mobile. After then ensure that your phone is off or not.

ii) Then open back part of your phone

iii) Remove battery from your phone. When you will remove battery then you need to be careful. .

iv) After then you have to remove sim from the slot. Then keep your sim at safe place. If you are little incautious here then you may loss your sim.

V) Now take a look at every corner of the slot there you will find out HTC IMEI number and serial number of your phone.

Part 2: Top 3 HTC IMEI Checker

There are also online checkers of HTC IMEI for HTC brands. It are not getting IMEI from the given methods. There are some best IMEI checkers around the world. Three of them are SNDeep, Geeksquad and GSM camp. Why they are best for HTC described below.

They have following qualities -

I) 24*7 service.

ii) Help to find your lost HTC mobile. If you have known IMEI before.

iii) Provide accurate serial no, place of making etc.

GSM camp

It is another online IMEI checker around the world. They have a well set page where you can get some exciting information. There are options like FAQ, About and so on. But you will get information below this. There is a box where you need to give information. It is best for some feature

gsm check htc imei

I) It is transparent because you will see at the right corner of their website . There are many information that they solved last hour, last day and last month. There you can also get solving IMEI number.

ii)It is well organized.

iii)It supports well.

From the following information you may take a decision that your HTC phone is fake or original.

You may visit to their web address which is gsmcamp.info/HTC/..../imei .checker.....

From the above given information may help you to find out your mobile's real identity. So we believe you will be benefited from this post.

SN Deep

It is one of the best searching IMEI for HTC at present. They provide accurate information. Couple of days ago I experienced it and I found best result from them. I proved wrong to my relative's newly bought mobile. This is HTC IMEI online checker where you just fill up some form. It will provide you some important information . It is best because it has some mention-able feature

sn deep htc imei check

I) It is easy to find out online IMEI number here.

ii) Swiftly we can get information.

iii) It is online system so it is accurate and trusted .

iv) Hassle free.

From their checker you may get these code which will indicate its originate place. Here I will give you some information.HT(Hisinsu,Taiwan), FA(Taiwan), Sh(Shenzen China).

So if you prefer to check your HTC mobile then you can check by SN Deep.To check this you may visit to their website. Their web site address is http://sndeep.info/en


It is another favourite well known HTC mobile checker of IMEI that you may also trust. Here is a form to be filled up mentioning your email address and your mobile no. They will check on the basis of your given data.

geeksquad htc imei check


Part 3: Best HTC SIM Unlock Code Generator

You will also need to find the IMEI number when you plan to SIM unlock your HTC and use it on another carrier provider. SIM Unlock Service is one of the best HTC unlock code generators in the market. It supports to unlock your HTC permanently and you can use it on any other carrier provide in the world. Most importantly, it will not void your warranty.


SIM Unlock Service (HTC Unlocker)

Unlock your phone in 3 simple steps!

  • Fast, safe and permanent.
  • 1000+ phones supported, 100+ network providers supported.
  • 60+ countries supported

How to use SIM Unlock Service to unlock HTC devices

Step 1. Visit SIM Unlock Service official website, click on Select Your Phone button and then select HTC among all the brands.

sim unlock service htc unlocker

Step 2. On the new window, fill in your phone information, such as phone model, IMEI number, carrier provider, etc, and your contact information, etc.

Step 3. Once your order is processed, the system will then send you the unlock code and instruction soon. You can then follow the instruction to unlock your HTC phone.

So with the several mentioned ways, you can easily check your HTC IMEI.

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