How to Unlock iPhone to Make it with Any SIM Card?

Unlock iPhone, refers to freeing the phone from the carrier it was purchased on and enabling it to work on any other. When an iPhone is bought from a carrier company at a discounted price, it can only be used on that carrier because the buyer agrees to use it under a contract. This issue is resolved by unlocking the iPhone using various software that makes the phone work on more than one carriers.

If an iPhone is tied to a certain carrier it will not work with the SIM of any other carrier. This is a problem that many users face as the phone is locked with a carrier for at least two years if not more.

The issue usually occurs if the phone is second-hand or purchased from a carrier company.

Part 1: Is it legal to unlock an iPhone?

Now that it is clear what Unlocking an iPhone means it is important to understand that this process is absolutely legal and safe. There are no restrictions on users to unlock their iPhone if they have finished paying for the contract under with the iPhone was bought from the carrier company.

Also, if the iPhone was bought at full price, regardless of who the seller is, it is legal to unlock an iPhone. Also, the “Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act” enacted in 2014 in the U.S.A. states that unlocking phones is legal and orders phones manufactured from then on to be unlocked.

iphone locked

However, there are certain limitations. If the iPhone was bought on hire purchase contract from a carrier company and the customer has not paid the entire amount, unlocking it is illegal because the phone is not fully owned by the customer as yet.

If you discover that your iPhone is definitely locked, read on to find out how to unlock it.

Part 2: How to unlock an iPhone through carriers?

iphone carrier

It can be quite frustrating if your iPhone is restricted to a particular carrier.

There are a few carrier companies that allow unlocking the phone after satisfying certain mandatory conditions whereas many others are rigid about the same due to the threat of losing existing customers.

Some iPhones are easy to unlock as compared to others. The method to unlock them varies from one carrier to another. Some are easy and some could be a bit technical but nothing that does not give you the required results.

This article aims to describe the methods involved in unlocking an iPhone restricted to the following major service providers across the world.

EE/ Orange/T-mobile

To unlock phones locked on EE/Orange/T-mobile users must be a customer of this carrier for at least 6 months with no bill due to be paid. After an online form is filled and submitted as a request to unlock the phone. Such a request is processed in 20 working days.


To unlock an iPhone restricted to Three, connect to iTunes and back-up the phone contents first. To unlock it users must “restore” their iPhone. This process will cause all data on the phone to be wiped off.


This company requires users to fill an online form to unlock the phone. For customers who pay their bills on a monthly basis, this service is open anytime after they completely pay for the phone.

Virgin Mobile

iPhones restricted to this company can be easily unlocked by only updating the iOS version or restoring the phone at iTunes.


Vodafone requires users to fill an online application form. The company usually responds in 2 to 10 days. Unlocking iPhone is free of cost if the user has an account with Vodafone for over 12 months.

Tesco Mobile

Tesco itself sends users a code to unlock the device after 12 months of using the company’s services or after paying for it fully. The code can also be generated by calling on 0353014455 and choosing “unlock your mobile”.

Users need to contact the carrier company for assistance to unlock the iPhone restricted to the said company. If the phone is still not unlocked, then third-party unlocking services can be availed.

Part 3: How to unlock an iPhone with a third-party tool?

It is not necessary to contact the carrier company to unlock an iPhone. There are other phone unlocking services that can be used which are quicker and more efficient. Such services are available on various websites but charge a fee to use them.

Users must research and require the payments because often users complain of being charged viciously.

DoctorSIM” is one such service provider with is reputed and known to return the money if the unlocking is unsuccessful.

Third-Party iPhone unlocking service providers charge around 30 USD to 35 USD but users must be very careful about the hidden charges.

This method basically involves in visiting the service provider’s website.


Then select the model of iPhone to unlocked, then specifying the country, network provider’s name.

select device

Giving phone information and contact details.

fill in form

and finally indicating the method of payment.

The site then gives you a price quotation and average time to unlock the iPhone. If the details are acceptable to the user then the request is taken up by the website and an email is sent to him/her with the step-by-step instruction to unlock the iPhone.

Part 4: How to check if the iPhone is unlocked?

To check whether the above-mentioned methods were successful and the iPhone is unlocked or not, users must switch off their device and replace the old SIM with the new SIM Card. Now switch on the phone and follow the instruction on the screen for updates, if any.

When the unlocking process is carried out by placing a request with the carrier company but users do not have the carrier SIM card then the iPhone needs to reset.

This can be done by going to “Settings”, then “General”, then “Reset” and finally tapping on “Erase all Content and Settings”.

erase iphone

Please note that resetting an iPhone wipes off all data and contents from it so taking a back-up of the iPhone is mandatory to prevent data loss. iPhone can be backed up connecting it to the PC and carrying out a back through iTunes.

It is thus concluded that there is absolutely nothing illegal in unlock iPhone. There are various ways to carry out the process but going via the carrier company is recommended. Third-Party unlocking services sometimes tend to bluff the users and charge extra. One needs to be very cautious while dealing with such service providers.

Now enjoy using an iPhone with any carrier company without being restricted to just one!

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