How to Record Videos on Snapchat without Hands?

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Snapchat is one of the most popular instant messaging services throughout the world. Released in 2011, this great messaging app is increasing in its popularity day by day due to the attractive interface and some great features which other messaging apps do not offer. The basic features of this app is person to person photo sharing. This app is so designed that it can delete the sent videos or photos by itself. So, users don’t have to think much about the videos sent. Those will be deleted soon after it’s seen all by the app itself. But do you all know about another great feature of this app that how to record on Snapchat without hands? In simple terms, how to record video without even touching the phone.

Today, through this article we will discuss about this feature of this smart app that is how to record on Snapchat without hands.

So, let us start with how to record on Snapchat without hands on iPhone.

Part 1: How to record on Snapchat without hands on iPhone?

Sometimes, user can not record a video when they hold the mobile with one hand. By the in-built software, you may be able to take snap by tapping the up volume button. But the problem comes when you need to record a video.

So, in this part, we are going to show you how to record on Snapchat without hands on iPhone so that you can move your hands freely to make a seamless video.

Follow the instructions below step by step to enable this feature on your iPhone.

Step 1 - Go to “Settings” on your iPhone. Then find ‘General’ and then go to “Accessibility”. Under the ‘Interaction’ tab, you can find “Assistive Touch”. Slide the Radio button to turn it on.


Step 2 - Now, when you turn the “Assistive touch” on, click on “Create new gesture”. Now, it will ask you to enter the gesture. Simply click and hold the screen until the blue bar is finished. Now, you’ll have to rename the gesture. Rename it and remember the name.

create new gesture

Step 3 - After creating the gesture, you should see the gray colored little round transparent icon on your screen.

assistive touch

Now, open Snapchat to record a video. Tap on the icon for assistive touch just created and then tap on the “Custom” star icon and select the created gesture.


Step 4 - You will now see that another little black circle icon will appear on screen. Just move the circle icon over the ‘Record’ button and lose your fingers. Now, you can see the icon is pressing and holding the ‘Record’ button for you and you can record the video without hands.

record the video

Hence you see,  you are able to record the video hands free on your iPhone. But remember, this process can record the video only for 8 seconds.

So, this was the instruction for the iPhone users on how to record on Snapchat without hands.

Now, for lots of Android users around, we will discuss how do you record on Snapchat without hands on Android. Please keep reading our next part.

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Part 2: How to record on Snapchat without hands on Android?

Like iPhone users, this is an obvious question of many Android and Snapchat users around - how do you record on Snapchat without hands on Android? We have the answer for all your queries. There is a very easy solution for this problem. Just follow the below steps.

Step 1 - The assistive touch function is not available for android. Hence, find a rubber band which can trigger the volume up button for you to continue the recording.

trigger the volume up button

Step 2 - Now open the Snapchat app and log in to your account if you are not already logged in.

Step 3 - Now, wrap the rubber band over the phone. Remember to cover up the volume up button. Be cautious about the power button as you should not wrap the band over the power button as this will turn your device off or lock. Also, be sure not to cover the front camera with the rubber band. You may have to double – wrap it to make it tight.

wrap the rubber

Step 4 - Now, press the volume up button over the rubber band. This command will start recording the Snapchat video recorder and the rubber band hold the volume up button for a full length 10 second video without hands.

start recording

Yes. This is the simplest way to record a video without hand s on any Android devices. Just use the rubber band as a trigger to hold the record button for you and Voila! Your hand less video is done.

Now, There are some times when you face that Snapchat can’t record videos. This may happen due to any hardware or software issue.

In the last section of this article, let us look at the possible solutions for the issue when Snapchat can’t record video.

Part 3: How to fix it if Snapchat doesn't record videos?

Sometimes there is a very disappointing moment when your Snapchat can’t record video. At that moment, you as the user would become helpless.

Let’s discuss about the solutions when your camera is frequently stopped while working in Snapchat.

You may face this issue sometimes when you are recording a video over Snapchat and using the camera. This issue generally gives an error message by saying “could not connect camera”.

• Well, The best and most probable solution of this problem is the front camera filter and the front flash. We recommend you to disable any filter and the front flash and this should fix your problem as a charm.

If you are still facing the same problem, you can try the below probable solutions.

1. Try restarting the Snapchat app

2. Restart the camera

3. Restart your Android device. This will work in many cases.

4. If that does not work, try to uninstall and reinstall the Snapchat app

5. If this problem still as it is, please go to camera settings and disable ‘Geo tagging” option.

6. The other alternative is to try “Snpachat Beta version”

7. In some cases, you can boot your device in recovery mode and try to clear the cache and dalvic partition.

8. If you have Google camera app, uninstall it and try to use the stock camera app instead.

9. If any of these solutions do not work and you are desperate, kindly factory restore your device and reinstall all the apps including Snapchat.

The above solutions will work as a charm for all the camera error problems. But as it’s seen in most of the cases, it’s the filter and front flash of the camera that is responsible for this frustrating error. So, it is recommended to disable both and try again before you proceed to the other solutions.

Thus, in this article we not only discussed how to record on Snapchat without hands on iPhone as well as Android but also possible solution to fix the problem of Snapchat can't record video. Hope it helps you work out your Snapchat app successfully.

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