10 Best Key Finders of 2017

Do you really need a Key Finder?

You've woken up for work late, again. You're hurrying to get ready and rush out of the house. You try to find your car keys, but you can't locate them. Despite the tag you attached, you can't find keys when you need them! And you're late now, again.

Is this situation something you can relate to? Most likely, you can relate to at least some version of this event. We've all been in situations in which we wished we had a convenient bluetooth key finder. We attach large tags to our keys, but we still misplace them. However, if you have a key finder, then you can simply beep it from your smart phone and you'll know where it is!

Most key finders use a bluetooth connection to link to your smart phone. So with a press of a button, you know exactly where you keys are.

Below, we've compiled a list of the 10 best key finder devices in the market based on a number of different criteria. We're sure that after you go through these you'll never have trouble finding keys again!

Part 1: Tile (Gen 2) - Editor's Choice

This is a really small bluetooth key finder with which you can track your phone, keys, or any other valuable item within a matter of seconds. Amongst all the key finders in the market, this is the most efficient and convenient to use, and that's why we've made it our Editor's Choice. However, all that efficiency does come at a relatively heavy price.

To use this device, you just need to attach a small tile to your keys, and then you can locate it by a beeping sound. You can also open up the maps in your smart phone and track its last known location.

tile key finder

What makes this the Editor's Choice?

  1. It's sealed and water resistant so it can stand up to all the elements of the weather. Furthermore, it can't be disabled easily and it looks innocuous enough that even if some thief gets a hold of it, they won't think to try and disable it.
  2. With the press of a button you can make the Tile let out a loud ringing sound. However, the bluetooth range is only a 100 meters. The sound emitted is at 90 decibel so you can hear it easily from a distance.
  3. It's a very simple to use app that needs to be installed.
  4. The Tiles can't be recharged, however they last one year with no need for upkeep. After they run out, you'll have to replace them.

Keep In Mind

The tiles will have to be replaced on a yearly basis, and the bluetooth range for the tiles is only a 100 meters.

What do the Amazon Reviewers say?

The Tile Key Finder has received astonishingly positive reviews, with 69% of the customers finding it perfect. Only 8% of the reviewers had a serious problem with it, however their major concern was that it only lasts a single year and that it has to be replaced after that. In our opinion, this isn't a valid complain because Tile has been quite clear about that.

Cost: $79.99

Part 2: TrackR bravo - Best Community Based Key Finder

TrackR Bravo is nothing short of revolutionary in some ways. First off, it performs all the functions of a regular key finder device. You can attach the bluetooth device to your keys and install the TrackR Bravo app to your so that you can locate it or make it ring with the press of a button.

However, in addition to that, you can also locate it in a crowd. If you drop your keys in a crowded place, the ‘Crowd Locate' feature will alert other TrackR Bravo users who are close to it! As such, different users can also help each other out, making this a great community based key finder.

key tracker

Why is it a Community based key finder?

  1. Small enough to easily be attached to the key ring.
  2. With the press of a button, you can make it ring out.
  3. The CR1620 battery can easily be replaced. As such, you don't have to replace the whole device after the battery is dead.
  4. Can be found using Crowd locate.
  5. Distance Indicator shows you how far you are from the keys.
  6. You can enable Family Sharing so multiple family members and devices can locate the same keys.

Keep In Mind

The device is extremely small and as such it posits a choking hazard for children or pets and should be kept out of their reach.

What do the Amazon Reviewers say?

Unfortunately, this device has merited widely polar responses from the customers. 38% of the reviewers absolutely loved it, and 37% absolutely hated it. Those who hated it had several complaints. Some stated that the batteries died after just about two months, and some others stated that it didn't easily connect to the phone and didn't update locations regularly.

Cost: $149.99

Part 3: Tile Mate - Smallest Key Finder Device Available

The Tile Mate key finder comes from the same company that has brought our Editor's choice item as well. However, it's even 25% smaller than that in size and can be easily looped around any device, or attached to any key ring. It weighs only 0.16 ounces.

key locator

What features do you get in such a small size?

  1. Ring your tile from within the bluetooth range.
  2. There are four different ringtones you can choose from.
  3. Enlist the help of the Tile community so that if someone else with the app is nearby, you'll be notified.
  4. This is great for when you lose your keys in crowded places.
  5. Tile App also offers a location history so you know where your key was last found.

Keep In Mind

Has a one year battery life, after which the device has to be replaced.

What do the Amazon Reviewers say?

Tile Mate has received a whopping 71% 5-star reviews, as opposed to a measly 8% 1-star reviews. Those who hated it mostly didn't like some of the updates from the previous device. Some users complained that because the button is now on the center of the tile it gets randomly pressed when it's in the pocket. Some claimed that it doesn't sync well with the device, and others complained about the one year life of the device.

Cost: $24.99

Part 4: CUBE Key Finder - Most Multifunctional Key Finder

CUBE Key Finder can perfectly perform all the regular functions of a key finder such as letting out a ring within bluetooth distance. However, in addition to that, it can also be used as a shutter button for a camera phone so you don't have to set timers on your phones while taking pictures. As such, the CUBE Key Finder is more than just a key finder.

cube key finder

What are the multifunctional features of this key finder?

  1. Make the CUBE ring from a distance.
  2. Use the CUBE button to activate the shutter of the phone.
  3. The CUBE tracker app can show you the locations history.
  4. You can also find out the distance of the CUBE.
  5. A separation alarm goes off if you leave your keys behind.

Keep In Mind

You'll have to replace the CUBE battery once a year. You get one additional battery pair with the device.

What do the Amazon Reviewers say?

45% of the reviewers loved this cheap and convenient device, and 20% of the reviewers gave it a 1-star rating. The major complaints were that the location doesn't update in a timely manner and there's problems with syncing it to the phone.

Cost: $24.95 as listed on Amazon

Part 5: Click'n Dig Model E4 Key Finder - Colorful and Attractive Key Finders

The Click 'n Dig Key Finder is extremely attractive and colorful in design. Furthermore, they're designed as Key Rings and Key Tags themselves so that you can simply hook your keys on to them. In addition to letting out a ring when you want to find them, they also let out an LED light in case you're trying to find them late at night and don't want a sound blaring out.

This is also slightly different from the previous models in this list because it doesn't come with an app. Instead you get a transmitter with several buttons with which to control the receivers.

best key finder

Other than being attractive, does it also have good features?

  1. Comes with four receivers and one transmitter so you can use it to locate up to four different devices.
  2. Has a bluetooth range of 80 feet.
  3. The ring goes up to 90 decibels.
  4. LED lights allows you to locate it in the dark.

Keep In Mind

The range is just 80 feet. Furthermore, you can't use it with the smartphone, as such you'll have to keep the transmitter on your person at all times.

What do the Amazon Reviewers say?

The device has received generally favorable reviews with 56% of the users giving it a 5-star rating, as opposed to only 4% 1-star ratings. The major complaints were in regards to poor battery performance and poor design because of which the back of the transmitter fell apart.

Cost: $22.95

Part 6: MYNT - Slimmest Key Finder

This smart phone controlled key finder device is the thinnest in the market, at just the width of 1/8 inches, weighing just 0.5 ounces. It has even won the “Best Design Award of Red Dot” award in 2016. In addition to being used to find keys, this device can also be used to control your cell phone, snap shots, play music, etc.

gps key finder

What kind of features does this slim key finder have?

  1. The MYNT app can show the distance of the device. Once you get close to it, you can make it beep so that you know exactly where it is.
  2. Using the device as a remote you can make your smart phone beep so you can find it, even if it's on silent mode.
  3. Using the GPS system you can get a location history of the device.
  4. You can use the MYNT device as a remote and with a press of a button you can take a shot from the camera. This is great for group photos.
  5. Both Bluetooth and WiFi compatible.

Keep In Mind

You require 2 CR2 batteries for the device, however the batteries are easily replaceable.

What do the Amazon Reviewers say?

It has received 45% favorable and 28% critical reviews. The major criticism is that the battery dies out within a few weeks, and that it doesn't connect to the smart phone well enough and that the connection keeps breaking.

Cost: $19.99

Part 7: Key Finder Pair - Loudest Key Finder with Longest Battery Life

Key Finder Pair is self-proclaimed as the loudest key finders in the market with the longest battery life, and a two-year warranty period. Upon inspection, these credentials do hold up to scrutiny. In addition to that, it's also got the widest bluetooth range amongst all other devices so far, and it weighs only 0.6 ounces.

bluetooth key finder

What are the specs of this key finder?

  1. Has a bluetooth range of 300 feet.
  2. The battery lasts up to 18 months.
  3. The KeyRingers can be used immediately and there are 2 of them available. Either one of them can control the other.

Keep In Mind

This cannot be connected to smart phones. One KeyRinger can be used to call upon the other. As such, both of them are each other's tracking devices.

What do the Amazon Reviewers say?

This device has received a whopping 78% 5-star reviews from customers, and only 3% of users have given it a 1-star rating, on the claims that it stopped working after a few days or that the KeyRingers couldn't find each other.

Cost: $29.95

Part 8:Wireless RF Item Locator Key Finder - Budget Key Finder

This is an extremely cheap and reliable Key Finder that comes with one transmitter and four receivers. The receivers are color coded, so you can control either of them by pressing the related buttons on the transmitter.

key finder

What kind of features do you get in such a cheap cost?

  1. The transmitter can find either of the receivers with the press of a button.
  2. In addition to beeping, a glowing light allows you to find your way to the devices.
  3. 30 meter bluetooth radius.

Keep In Mind

It can't be connected to a smart phone, and it's quite heavy at 5 ounces.

What do the Amazon Reviewers say?

It has received 62% favorable reviews, as opposed to only 4% 1-star ratings, the major concern being that it's not loud enough and that you can't hear the beeping from under cushions.


Part 9: JTD - Cheapest Key Finder

This device is quite similar to the previous key finder. It's extremely cheap and colorful. You get one transmitter with four color coded receivers. The transmitter weighs 5.6 ounces and as such it's quite heavy. It doesn't come with a lot of features, however if you're just looking for the regular beeping and light functionality for a cheap price, JTD has you covered.

Cheapest Key Finder

What are the features available in the cheapest key finder?

  1. You get 4 receivers and a transmitter, along with some key rings.
  2. The radius is 75-130 feet.
  3. You can start the beeping with the press of a button in the transmitter.
  4. It also flashes a light so you can find it in the dark.

Keep In Mind

It can't be used along with smart phones. Furthermore, the receivers are quite small so they pose a choking hazard for pets and kids.

What do the Amazon Reviewers say?

It has received 63% 5-star ratings and 7% 1-star ratings from reviewers. The major concern is that the design is cheap and low quality so it falls apart, and it's not loud enough to penetrate through walls or cushions.

Cost: $16.99

Part 10: Great Vibez - Budget Bluetooth Key Finder

The Great Vibez key finder can be connected to your smart phone and controlled remotely. You can use the Vibez app to perform a lot of different functions that can help you track down your keys.

bluetooth key finder

What can this budget bluetooth key finder do?

  1. With the press of a button you can set off a beeping tone that can locate the device.
  2. A map shows you the location history of the device.
  3. The Alarm Feature automatically goes off when you wander too far from the device.
  4. You can set it on Quiet Mode when it's on your WiFi signal so that your device doesn't keep going off.
  5. You can even set up a time period when your device would stay quiet.
  6. It is convenient to control the phone camera with the device as well. This is great for group photos.

Keep In Mind

If you're in an important meeting you should ideally set it on Quiet Mode so you don't get disturbed by an accidental alarm getting triggered.

What do the Amazon Reviewers say?

The device has received 60% favorable and 14% critical reviews, with the major criticism being that it doesn't sync very well to the smart phone and the connection keeps getting lost.

Cost: $19.99

So now you know about all the different types of key finder devices available out there. Some of them work with separate transmitters and some of them work in connection with smart phone apps. Depending on what you need, you can get one or the other.

However, whatever you decide, please do let us know about it down in the comments section, and if you have any questions, we're here to answer!

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