Christmas Tech Gift Ideas for Men


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It's that time of the year yet again! Yes, it's Christmas time! It's time for Cakes, parties, wine, celebration, and Santa! Wait, does Santa exist? He does not, but you can be the Santa to your loved ones! Why not get a gift for the loving men in your life? Be it dad, boyfriend, husband, son, or even a grandfather! Thinking of gift ideas? Well, it's no secret that men love tech gifts. Most men are gadget freaks and love using different kinds of gadgets. Like women are fond of jewelry and accessories, men are fascinated by technology. Mobiles, speakers, earphones, laptops always catch the attention of men. Thinking of cool tech gifts for someone? We've got you covered! We've prepared a list of popular tech gifts that you could give to your loved ones! Each gift in this list is unique and will surely be loved by the recipient! Follow along to find out about the best Christmas tech gifts you could give to the men who mean the most to you!

Part 1: Top 8 Cool Tech Gifts for Men

1. Ember temperature control smart mug

What's an essential part of every man's day? A hot cup of beverage. Be it coffee, tea, or any other beverage. Most men like drinking beverages to have a moment of relaxation amidst their busy schedules. A hot cup of tea or coffee is refreshing and energizing. However, all of us like the varying temperature of our beverages. Some of us like it burning hot whereas others are happy with averagely hot drinks. Wish to reward your loved one with the perfectly right beverage temperature every day? Get him this super cool temperature controlling cup, then! The cup will let him maintain his beverage at the right temperature. He can relax with soothing slurps of hot beverages.

cool tech gift 1

2. DJI FPV First-Person View Drone UAV Quadcopter

Is your men another tech gifts freak who loves flying objects? This Quadcopter drone is the perfectly right gift for your man, then! Although the drone is a tad bit expensive, it truly is worth every penny! The drone is attached with a 4K camera allowing the safe control of the Quadcopter. Moreover, this drone's high-quality camera provides an immersive first-person flying experience. This is one of the best Christmas tech gifts for someone fascinated by flying objects and enjoys panoramic views of the land.

cool tech gift 2

3. Stylish headphones: on-ear Marshall Bluetooth headphones

Does your loved one love music? These comfortable, high-quality headphones would make a perfect gift for your loved one then. The headphones provide an engaging listening experience to the users. Moreover, it's wireless and hence users need not have a wired connection to their phone or laptop. This enables users to walk around listening to music or attending meetings. The headphones are perfect for music addicts and men who have been working from home!

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4. Nintendo switch

Finding the perfect gift for your gamer boy or maybe even your son. This super cool gift is equivalent to Paradise for any gaming freak. The hand-held gaming device is manufactured by Nintendo, one of the most popular gaming companies. The device has three modes: TV mode, hand-held mode, and tabletop mode. The three devices offer users a lot of flexibility. They can choose to game on a bigger screen or carry the portable device while traveling!

cool tech gift

5. Oculus Quest 2

This gift might be the coolest gift you could give your loved ones in the Christmas season. The virtual reality headset allows users to watch VR movies, play interactive games, watch web series' and even concerts. The virtual reality headset is just perfect for those who enjoy virtual reality. The device manages to bring movies and games to life. They create a simulated world and indulge you in a world of virtual reality!

cool tech gift 5

6. Multi-device charging system

Is your loved one a fan of organization and neatness? For the ones with OCD, this is just the perfect gift. The multi-device charging system is a handy and affordable tool that allows users to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The wooden supporting frame has multiple charging slots of various sizes, allowing the device to fit in them. Once the device has fit in, charging automatically starts. The charging system is perfect for homes and offices and a must-have for tech freaks with OCD.

cool tech gift 6

7. Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch

Most guys love fitness. The temptation to become fit and have a healthy body drives them towards exercises and rigorous fitness schedules. If your guy is another one of those fitness freaks, this smartwatch is just perfect for them. The fitness watch helps fitness enthusiasts keep a tab on their fitness goals. The watch allows users to track the number of steps, calories burnt, the number of kilometers cycled/ walked, heart rate. It also has an inbuilt GPS which checks your daily activity. Apart from this, users can also control the music player using this super cool watch

cool tech gift 7

8. 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer For Smartphone

If your loved one is a photography maniac, this phone stabilizer is the perfect gift for him. The cool gift has a slot for the smartphone and acts similar to a tripod. However, the stabilizer supports the smartphone and maintains the angle and stabilizes the camera. The stabilizer is a must-have for mobile photography frenzies. Using this stabilizer, you'll never capture a blurry shot again!

cool tech gift 8

Part 2: Dr.Fone - A Recommended Gift

Bringing to you Dr.Fone, a virtual gift that your loved one will reminisce. If all the gifts listed above did not interest you did not fit in your budget, this amazing tool would grab your attention. The device has several super cool features which would prove highly useful. Some of the amazing features of Dr.fone are:

  • Whatsapp transfer: If your loved one plans to switch mobile phones sometimes and likes treasuring WhatsApp chats, this feature could be highly useful for him. The tool allows users to transfer WhatsApp chats from one device to another in a matter of minutes! No more fussing about WhatsApp data transfer, Dr.fone makes the task simple and hassle-free
  • Virtual Location: Does the gift recipient need to fake his location often? Maybe to convince his boss he's occupied or to avoid unnecessary work? This virtual Location setting tool would be absolute gold for the recipient then. The software allows users to set an arbitrary self-chosen location. All in all, the task is accomplished easily and without any out-of-the-box ideas!
  • Screen unlock: This tool is perfect for the forgetful ones! The tool could be a savior for those who often forget their screen unlock passcode. The screen unlocker works for both Android and iOS making it highly adaptable!


Today we saw a few of the best Christmas tech gifts you could give to the loved ones in your life. These cool tech gifts can light up anyone's day and make their year-end memorable! Each gift was unique and tailored for different kinds of men based on interest! However, if none of the gifts grabbed your interest, we highly recommend you go for Dr.Fone. The software has tools fit for all age groups and moreover, each of its tools is highly useful! If you're looking to give your loved one a utilitarian gift for Christmas, Dr. fone is the perfect one!


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