Top 20 Merry Christmas Wishes to Make It Special

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“Christmas is not just a time of celebration and cheer, but most importantly a need to greet those you consider dear.” Read that line again like the narrator in Jim Carry's Grinch. We are all pretty busy throughout the year and not many people are always in touch with each other, family, friends or otherwise. So it feels good when Christmas arrives because it gives us all the opportunity to reconnect with those who are near to us.

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Sometimes, you don't need a reason to contact the people who matter to you, but a good excuse can always increase its emphasis. So this year - like every year, greet your dear ones in 2021 with the season greetings and merry Christmas wishes that would make them smile through 2022.

Part 1: 10 Merry Christmas Wishes for Friends and Family

The Birth of Jesus Christ is marked as a day of celebration and joy worldwide. This is not just a holiday for children, but literally, everyone can be a part of it. It encourages people to celebrate Christmas in unison. Everyone has their own way of expressing their love for the festivities. Sending people Christmas Wishes is traditionally a way you can spread cheer to others.

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    1. “May you create many happy Christmas memories with your friends and family. Here's wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!”
    2. “He visits everyone with Ho-Ho-Wholesome laughter! You can't hear him, or see him or catch him after.  Santa will leave presents so that you can be Merry. And, offer season greetings to everyone through a fruitcake with Cherry.”
    3. “Celebrate Christmas, the festival of wonder and joy! Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”
    4. “Cherish this time of Miracles and Seasonal Beauty by spending time with Friends and Family. Merry Christmas.”
    5. “Fill both your heart and your humble abode with the joyous wonders of the Christmas Season. Merry Christmas.”
    6. “Winter is here, but it doesn't need to be chilly dear. Merry Christmas to your Friend and to the ones you hold dear.”
    7. “Humble thoughts and best wishes for an amazing Christmas season. Let this winter be extra merry and the need to stop the Cheer loses all reason. Merry Christmas.”
    8. “Spreading wishes and blessings to you and your family. Wishing you a joyful Merry Christmas with lots of cheer.”
    9. May all sweet thoughts and cheerful laughter meet your path this Christmas and after. Merry Christmas!
    10. “Christmas is here to fill every corner of your home and life with life and cheer. Now and always, Merry Christmas, Dear!”

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Part 2: A bit Formal – 10 Christmas Wishes 2021 for Business

Christmas as a holiday gives everyone a chance to take a break from the humdrum of their daily routine. The festival takes place just five days before New Year's Eve giving everyone the opportunity to get the much-needed recuperation they need. Begin the holidays by letting your colleagues know it was a pleasure to work with them with a Merry Christmas wishes 2021.

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  1. “Enjoy a season filled with Love and Peace. Merry Christmas to you, Dear Friend. Share a fruit cake joy with every member of your team.”
  2. “Congratulations to you for completing another year. May the Stress fade away and your heart filled with Christmas cheer.”
  3. “Finally, the time for Peace and Kindness has arrived. Merry Christmas to you, may your Future prosper and thrive.”
  4. “Winters arrives bringing Hope for Rest and Recuperation. May Season Greetings and Merry Christmas lift your Festive Spirits!”
  5. “May the holy spirit of Christmas enlighten your heart and light the path ahead to success!”
  6. “Thanks to you and your valuable contributions, this Christmas just got more special and meaningful. Merry Christmas!”
  7. “Christmas has a home in the corner of everyone's hearts. Spread the cheer to your family and peers. Merry Christmas.”
  8. “You have worked all year. Now Christmas here! Stop what you're doing, relax and enjoy the End Year.”
  9. “You have been a team for the past year. Now it's time to be friends and party! Merry Christmas.”
  10. “This Christmas, keep your friends close, enjoy the comfort of home, and renew your festive spirit with your family. Thanks for adhering to all Sanitary Measures. Merry Christmas.”

Final Words

Merry Christmas! All quotes mentioned here are originals that you can share with everyone online. We can be certain that with your unique creativity and individual perspective, you can take inspiration from these Christmas Wishes and come up with your own.

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