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With the advent of semiconductor technology, mobile phones have become mini-computers. These days they are used for various purposes. They have made life easy. But they also bring a lot of trouble. Kids mostly like to spend time on gadgets rather than with humans. They like to stay indoors rather than outdoors. Spending more time on screen is hindering both their physical and mental growth. So you are in dire need of a screen time app that limits screen time for kids.

When it comes to the screen time app, there are many. So which is the best screen time app that provides you with the most you are looking for? Don’t know? Just go through this guide to find the answer.

1. FamiSafe

best screen time app

FamiSafe from Wondershare tops this list. This app lets you track the kid’s app usage. It lets you manage how much time your kids can spend on devices. You can set smart schedules and block inappropriate social or gaming apps. It provides you with some main features like.

  • Screen usage: Famisafe gives you details of a kid's screen time remotely. It lets you know the time spent by your kid’s on devices. You can get the report for a day, week, or even month. It also lets you know how much time is spent on a specific app. Apart from this, you will also be able to know the most used apps and the period in which the phone has been used most.
  • Screen Time Restriction: To get more off-time screens, you can manually and remotely block or unblock devices. FamiSafe lets you set up daily or recurring screen time limits to restrict phone usage. Apart from this, you can also customize the blocked app list to whitelist certain apps during the lockdown.
  • Cultivate Good Digital Habit: You can easily schedule to block chosen apps or devices for any period of the day. You can also set screen time restrictions around specific places. Moreover, you can set the schedule to repeat on a specific or chosen date as per requirement.

Apart from this, FamiSafe can let you manage up to 30 devices and cross-platform. It comes with Real-time Location to track a kid’s location, Location History to check a kid’s location history by timeline, GeoFences to create specific zones, Activity Report to monitor device activity, Smart Schedule to set screen time around specific locations, App Blocker to block specific apps, Web Filter to block websites by categories, Browser History (Even Android private or incognito browsing history), YouTube Monitor to detect inappropriate videos. You can also block certain YouTube videos or channels.

Not only this you are getting Explicit Content Detection. It monitors suspicious texts on social media and SMS. You can even detect suspicious photos that are inappropriate for your kid.

2. Qustodio

best screen time app

Qustodio is one of the best screen time app for both iOS and Android devices. It helps parents monitor screen time. It comes with powerful monitoring tools and parental controls that let you set screen time limits, filter inappropriate content, and block certain games and apps. This app provides you the ability to manage devices on multiple platforms.

You will be better able to understand how your kids are using the phone. This includes apps, web, etc. This means you can manage the online experience for your child. The filtering technology by Qustodio prevents your kids from unsafe content. This lets your kid access only safe content. It doesn’t matter whether your kid is using private browsing mode, this filtering will work effectively.

Apart from this, you can even monitor the time your child spends on various social media platforms. You can also track messages and calls. Moreover, you can also track the location of your child and use the panic button in case of an emergency.

This is not it, you can even turn off in-app purchases. This can prevent you from losing your hard-earned money. You will be better able to protect your kids against various online issues like cyber bullying.

3. Boomerang Parental Control

best screen time app

It provides you with flexible screen time options. It helps you set boundaries and limits for your child’s device. You can easily schedule shutdown times. You can allocate time limits at any time of the day. Moreover, you are getting an easy time setting. You can easily pause or extend the time as per requirement.

It comes with various other features like.

  • Location Tracking: This feature will let you track your child’s current location. You will receive alerts and updates about your child’s whereabouts.
  • Text Messaging Monitoring: It customizes and monitors inappropriate keywords through your child’s text messages. This feature will also let you know who has texted and will detect unknown numbers.
  • Call Block: This will let you set up who can call at the child's device and who your child’s device calls to.
  • Safe Internet Surfing: This will let you set several internet surfing restrictions. You can easily monitor the activity. You can use this in conjunction with the company’s SPIN safe browser.
  • App Discovery and Approval: You can easily monitor and approve apps.

4. Screen Time

best screen time app

This app helps you to limit screen time on both Android and iOS devices. The good thing about this app is, it lets you instantly pause the device. This makes it perfect when it comes to inviting a child to dinner or for some other crucial task.

Moreover, you can manage your family’s screen time with one account and track all devices. It also lets you monitor the screen time for your kids. You can also reward additional screen time any time you want. Apart from this, you can also see which apps are being used by your kid and for how long.

You will receive a notification if any new app is being installed on the device.  Apart from this, you can track the websites that have been surfed from the device. In this case, if you find any inappropriate apps you can block them. It also gives you an option to restrict various activities on the device.

4. Norton Family Parental Control

best screen time app

It is one of the best screen time app, for families that have more children to take care of. It allows you to protect up to 10 devices. You can go for age-appropriate settings for each device. It comes with a lot of parental control and monitoring features that not only let you limit the screen time but also provide to implement various other restrictions. You can schedule specific times of the day or week on each device.

This app will keep you informed about the sites your kid is visiting and for how long. You can also block inappropriate or harmful sites. You can easily see the words, terms, and videos that your kids are searching for or viewing on the devices. You are going to get detailed reports on the online activity of your kids.

This app is packed with a personal feature that helps your child avoid giving out sensitive information when online like phone number, name of the school, etc. Apart from this, you can use social media supervision to see how frequently your kid is accessing various social media platforms. You can also see which apps are downloaded in your absence.

6. ScreenLimit

best screen time app

This app lets you manage the time your child spends on phones. It comes with flexible features that let you manage various restrictions and screen time limits as per your need. If you want to limit screen time to a few minutes or hours, you can easily do so. You can schedule screen time any time of the day.

You can block social networks but allow educational apps to play normally. This lets your child spend quality time on screens. You can also prohibit gaming apps during bedtime. This will let your child go to bed on time.

Moreover, you can temporarily lock all access when you want your child to stay away from the screen. You can easily track various other activities. The good thing about this app is, this is a multi-platform limiter. This feature limits your child’s screen time even when the device is switched. It comes with various benefits like messages rewards and allowed app lists.


Screen time apps have become necessary to prevent children from spending more time on screens. This is why they are in demand. You can go with both free and paid versions of apps. But what matters the most is to go with the best screen time app. The thing is, these apps are available in large numbers on both Google Play and App Store. So selecting one that fulfills most of your needs is a hectic task to perform. But to make it easy, this guide provides you with some of the best screen time apps.

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