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Nowadays everything around has become computerized. Manual organization of data and information is done rarely because of the difficulties faced in it. Everything is computerized like salary information of the office staff, admission information of the students in school, patient records in the hospitals and others. With the help of computers even accounting has become an easy to handle task. All those longs calculations and ledgers can now be maintained in a better and easy way using the accounting software’s. Various types of these software’s are available for multiple platforms and below given is the list of top 10 free accounting software for Mac.

Part 1

1. Invoice:

Features and functions:

· Invoice is one of thefree accounting software for Macwhich helps its users to create various elements and then manipulate them according to the requirement. These elements include documents, customers, tasks and projects.

· It provides the feature of giving different colors to your invoices so that you can easily recognize them and work on them.

· Helps you keep track of all the installments; paid or left over, of your customers so that you never forget to collect them.

Pros of Invoice:

· Provides a tab view for all the invoices.

· Thisfree accounting software for Macallows you to see all the invoice counts placed under various groups at one go.

· Smart folders allow you to take control over your invoices in a smarter and easier way

Cons of Invoice:

· The cross platform capabilities are missing.

· There are not many font styles available.

· The dashboard is not up to the mark.

User reviews:

1. Great invoicing application! Looks good, has every feature you will ever need. The developer is very responsible; the program is frequently updated... Recommended!

2. It's incredibly simple to use, and it offers a full feature set without being bloatware.

Loved this program the second I opened it. Very handy and easy to use. And boy are the people from kedisoft ever so helpful.



Part 2

2. Less Accounting:

Features and Functions:

· Another very easy to use free accounting software for Mac users. It is specifically meant for accountants or freelancers who are new to their work and are not much aware about accounting.

· In Less accounting software there is a feature of automatically importing all the bank transactions by connecting you to your bank accounts. This helps in easy maintainence of all your transactions made.

· Helps an accountant to create all necessary reports needed for business tax configuration.

Pros of Less accounting:

· Less accounting is a very simple to use software.

· It is very comfortable for new users because it contains all the basic budgeting tools.

· It supports multi currencies as well.

Cons of Less accounting:

· This free accounting software for Mac lacks in the integration of payrolls.

· The option of form customization is primitive.

· Less accounting consists of limited number of forms such as invoice and contact record.

User Reviews/ Comments:

1. The apps should at least provide an interface that can handle the "Even Less" Plan...or at least enable to create Invoices & Expenses (also send invoices). Basic reporting will be nice.

2. If all you're looking to do is add expenses on-the-go then this app will do that (but not very glamorously). None of the other features of the web app are available on this iPhone app yet.

3. It's a good start, but this app should allow users the ability to view reports, create invoices, and other features that are available via the web interface.



Part 3

3. Clear books:

Features and Functions:

· This is a UK ba_x_sedfree accounting software for Macwhich provides for collaboration of client and accounting team’s better communication for settling accounts.

· It allows you to create and store tax returns and submit them directly.

· You can create customized invoices and set and send payment reminders automatically.

Pros of Clearbooks:

· Thisfree accounting software for Maccan handle multiple users at a time easily.

· Helps to maintain data backup at multiple locations.

· Free updating of Clear books is available.

Cons of Clearbooks:

· No encryption of data is done when at rest.

· An option for multi-factor authentication access control is not available.

· Add-ons update is required.

User Reviews/ Comments:

1. Made the finance stuff easier

2.It's easy to use Cloud ba_x_sed Bank import tool On-line filing Clear dashboard Multi user Accessible by client and accountant Real time information Send invoices by e-mail Upload scans of purchase invoices so that you don't need paper copies.

3. Best cloud accounting software on the market. A champion for British businesses.



Part 4

4. Express Invoice

Featuresand Functions:

· Thisfree accounting software for Macis one of the best software which makes creation, printing and sending of invoices to the clients easier and quicker.

· It allows you to select from a wide range of tax interest rates for creating your invoices.

· There are different templates available from which you can choose.

Pros of Express invoice:

· Allows remote web access.

· Direct sending of invoices via email or fax.

· Quote creation wizards are available in thisfree accounting software for Macwhich guides you through the whole process of creating quotes.

Cons of Express invoice:

· Automatic saving of items added to the item list is not available.

· Calculation of tax and division is not satisfactory..

· The information and reports produced are not completely reliable.

User Reviews/ Comments:

1. "Trial Balance does not even balance."

2. "Not very accurate information"

3. good and easy and affordable



Part 5

5. Money Works Gold:

Features and Functions:

· Money Works Gold isfree accounting software for Macwhich allows networking and multiple user setup.

· Helps the user create invoices with its flow chart interface.

· It also works with cross platform client applications.

Pros of Money Works Gold:

· Faster and speedy accounts handling.

· Allows you to include sc_x_ripting language in the software to customize the application behavior.

· Different types of reports available to improve the working.

Cons of Money Works Gold:

· The software does not allow online access and hence working becomes a little difficult..

· The roll back feature does not give proper details of the transaction and hence is not much usable.

· Corrections cannot be made in entries unless and until two new entries are made.

User Reviews/ Comments:

1. Completely inflexible. -

2. Superb Program. -

3. Solid accounting, easy to use. -



Part 6

6. Express Accounts:

Features and Functions:

· Express account is especially meant for small businesses for which you can deposit transactions and track various payments easily.

· It allows you to perform direct integration using one click. For example to use export data to the other software one can use CSV files.

· Thisfree accounting software for Macconsists of more than 20 preconfigured reports.

Pros of Express Accounts:

· Thisfree accounting software for Macallows direct emailing, faxing and printing of reports from the program.

· Recurring invoices and orders are automatically recorded.

· It can be easily installed and run on the computer.

Cons of Express Accounts:

· Secure login blocks the web access and therefore it cannot be used.

· Express Invoice, Softwares Express accounts and Invetoria are three features which cannot run from one program.

· Lack of modernized interfaces.

User Reviews/ Comments:

1. Use it and love it. -

2. It installs additional unwanted software and adds a new program manager to your programs bar. -

3. Simple but not for inexperienced bookkeeper. -



Part 7

7. Kashoo:

Features and functions

· Kashoo is a wonderfulfree accounting software for Macwhich helps you do easy accounting. It helps you keep track of your business expenses and then save money as the year ends.

· The dashboard of Kashoo helps you see the stand of your business by showing all the details like, accounts receivable, account payable, your incomes and expenses.

· Kashoo provides high security to your data by applying security checks like bank- level encryption, PIN, automatic backups,etc.

Pros of Kashoo

· Thisfree accounting software for Macprovides unlimited collaborators which makes your tax processes much easier.

· It is especially optimized for IPad.

· With an exceptional interface, it also provides a user to do as much as 20 transactions per month in the free version.

Cons of Kashoo

· The software lacks time and item tracking.

· Categorization of transactions is not possible.

· One cannot maintain a US payroll in Kashoo.

User comments/reviews:

1. Thank you so much for this service. I just completed my tax return for the first time having a full financial year in Kashoo. It was an absolute snap compared to the last five years of shoeboxes and spreadsheets.

2. Kashoo makes it so simple to keep track of expenses, take pictures of receipts and send invoices. I’m a songwriter, and kashoo makes it so easy for me to make music.

3. Kashoo has been a great solution for our small business. I have recommended you many times because of your great product and excellent support.



Part 8

8. Kash Flow:

Features and functions:

· Kash Flow is an award winning free accounting software for Mac which provides anywhere access and invoice templates and automated invoicing.

· Kash Flow allows easy transfer of data from another software. These data can include customers, transaction, invoices, etc.

· You can integrate all your bank accounts to Kash Flow and you can see the details of all these on the dashboard itself.

Pros of Kash Flow:

· Sensitive data is encryptable.

· It provides HTTPS for all the pages in the software.

· Step to step guidance is available in the software.

Cons of Kash Flow:

· The transactions performed are not automatically categorized.

· CSV uploads need modification in the file before getting uploaded.

· The date format accepted in Kash Flow is British format which is not mentioned anywhere in the forms and unknowingly when the wrong format is entered then error is generated, leaving the user to wonder about what is wrong.

User comments/reviews:

1. Bank feeds not supported

2. Brilliant kit!

3. Excellent book keeping solution



Part 9

9. QuickBooks

Features and functions

· QuickBooks is afree accounting software for MacWhich can handle your account data through all the devices and show the same updated data on all the devices.

· Its integration with payroll has played a major importance by making it easier for the user To manage your payroll absolutely anywhere and everywhere.

· Logging into the account is now faster and easier with the one click login feature

Pros of QuickBooks:

· Thisfree accounting software for Machas a very user friendly interface.

· Provides an easy way to go through the company expenses, payable, receivables and incomes with the “Company Snapshot” feature.

· Easy transfer of file to Windows user by saving it as a Windows backup file.

Cons of QuickBooks:

· When snapshots are viewed in the snapshot view, some of the text becomes blurred and is unrecognizable.

· There is a lack of some functionality in the inventory function like the assembly items, price levels, etc.

· Your accountant cannot work on a copy of your file because an accountant version is missing.

User reviews/comments:

1. The app functions really nice. I couldn’t give it 5 stars since it has crashed a few times. -

2. I have been using this proream for over 10 years and love it. -

3. Well suited for small business. -



Part 10

10. AccountEdge:

Features and functions

· AccountEdge is a very usefulfree accounting software for Macwhich is mainly suitable for the accounts management in small businesses.

· Lets your accountants maintain your data with the help of the accountant copy provided.

· Consists of many add-ons like AccountEdge cloud, credit card processing, etc which will make your work much easier.

Pros of AccountEdge:

· Income and expense tracking is excellent.

· Provides with true double entry accounting.

· Allows you to run your payroll and at the same time subscribe to the Payroll tax service.

Cons of AccountEdge:

· Thisfree accounting software for Macdoes not contain add ons for fixed assets, criticism of company owned properties.

· Time tracking is not there and it also lacks

· It requires pre-requisite knowledge of double entry accounting for easy use of the software.

User reviews/comments:

1. AccountEdge not worth the trouble.

2. AccountEdge pro goes the distance.

3. Give your business an edge with AccountEdge.



Free accounting software for Mac

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