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Windows is one of the most popular and commonly used operating systems in the world. One thing that makes it so popular is that several softwares and programs can be downloaded on it. From graphic designing programs to animation softwares, you can download many softwares on it for absolutely free of cost. If you are someone who is inclined towards animations, then you too can download these free softwares and try them on your Windows PC or laptop. The following is a list of the top 10 most amazing free animation software for Windows:

Part 1

1. Pencil 2D

Features and functions:

· Pencil is a free and open source 2D animation program for Windows and Mac users which is one of the most well rounded ones out there.

· It has an extremely simply and clean interface which supports features like Vector and Bitmap images, multiple la_x_yers and its own built in illustration tools.

· Pencil also offers the amazing feature of exporting to .FLV which acts as a bonus feature.

Pros of Pencil

· One of the positives associated with it is that it is available for absolutely free of cost and is thus a great choice for beginners or amateur animation artists.

· Thisfree animation software for Windowsmakes use of bitmap or vector animation and this is another positive point related to it.

· The program also outputs to SWF which is another positive feature which this animation program offers.

Cons of Pencil

· The fact that this animation program doesn’t support any curve tools is one of the negatives associated with it.

· Another negative feature associated with this program is that it has no primitive shape draw tools but only has a geometric line drawing tool.

User comments/reviews:

1. Pencil looks promising but I've never got very far with it, because the fill tool only works one time in about twenty or thirty.

2. Looks really cool, sadly doesn't work. I tried to make a cool animation with a frog and it wouldn't let me switch colors, didn't let me change the size of the erase

3. Yes, Pencil is very impressive, but you really do need a tablet to get good drawings.

4. Pencil is a very well rounded and complete application.

5. Don't be fooled by the fact that it is free! With regard to Pencil, free does NOT mean inferior

6. A very useful problem, but I agree with everyone else-- You can't use this without a tablet.


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Part 2

2. Synfig Studios

Features and functions

· Synfig is yet another free animation software or tool for Windows users and is a program which offers a very steep learning curve.

· This too is a free of cost and open source 2D animation software which is designed with an industrial strength solution for creating film-quality animation.

· What it does is that it eliminates the need to form animation fr_x_ame by fr_x_ame and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Pros of Synfig

· The fact that this program is free of cost and offers professional level animation forming capabilities is one of its positive points.

· Another positive about thisfree animation software for Windowsis that it allows you to create higher quality 2D animation with fewer resources and fewer people.

· Some of the best features and positives of this program is that it supports automatic in-betweening and options like rendering la_x_yers and global illumination.

Cons of Synfig

· One of the negatives associated with this software is that it may not be ideal for beginners or amateurs and is mostly suitable for professionals.

· Another negative associated with it is that it doesn’t support several features like inverse kinematics, sc_x_ripted animation, soft body dynamics and 3D camera tracker etc.

· This software also doesn’t offer user color palettes, blend effects and other similar effects and this is another negative associated with it.

User comments/reviews:

1. Ok interface, easy enough to use, but clunky.

2. So far, the most powerful 2D animation software

3.This is very great software and it is absolutely free! It is a great replacement for Adobe Illustrator/Adobe Flash, I recommend it!

4. This is not for you unless you are prepared to take it seriously. It does require you to put some effort into learning,

5. I definitely have to recommend this software if you don't have money but would like to get into 2D animations

6.The installing isn't exactly the easiest thing and GNU isn't exactly the best formatted interface.

7. It's clunky, and the animation I produced through the tutorial was also clunky



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Part 3

3. Stykz

Features and functions:

· This is an absolutely free of cost animation software which offers impressive level functionality and works on almost all platforms.

· This program or tool also integrates with pivot which is another node-ba_x_sed animation tool for Windows users.

· You can easily customize each of the fr_x_ames on this tool since it is a fr_x_ame ba_x_sed program.

· It has no hidden costs, permission or licenses and is extremely easy to use.

Pros of Stykz

· The fact that Stykz is compatible with Pivot is one of the positives associated with it.

· This program is one of the few multi-format animation programs which allows you to use it on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems with the same level of ease.

· Another positive point about thisfree animation software for Windowsis that it lets you make adjustments to each fr_x_ame without touching any other fr_x_ames.

Cons of Stykz

· The fact that this program works only on 2D and doesn’t support 3D feature is one of the negative points associated with it.

· Another downside of this tool is that fr_x_ames appear very quickly on it and due to this; users have to make many fr_x_ames.

· Users cannot make a real man on it since only the option of a stick man is available.

User comments/reviews:

1. IT’S great! I have pivot 2.25 and guess what STYKZ IS BETTER.

2. Stykz has pivot 2.25 built in it. It even gives you an option to add Stykz figure or Pivot 2 figure. S

3. It is too complicated to make a simple stickman jump up or down, move left to right... Don’t waste your time

4. Easy to use easy to animate can do opacity lots of other stuff i can't be bothered to mention go to the Stykz site to learn more

5. Stykz latest version is much better and improved than the previous version.


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Part 4

4. Ajax Animation

Features and functions:

· Ajax started in 2006 and was developed by a 6thclass student as a replacement to Adobe’s Flash MX.

· It is a free of cost and fully functional animation tool for Windows users which is robust and easy to use.

· Thisfree animation software for Windowsis built using ja_x_vasc_x_ript and PHP and supports animated GIFs and SVG animations as well.

Pros of Ajax:

· One of the positives associated with Ajax animation is that it is totally free of cost with no hidden costs.

· Another good thing about this program is that it has evolved into a cross platform and cross format animation tool

· Not only is it a fully standards ba_x_sed animation tool but also a collaborative, online and web ba_x_sed animation suite.

Cons of Ajax:

· The fact that its interface and look is slightly primitive may act as one of the negative points associated with this program.

· Another negative feature of it is that it is very basic and not suitable for professionals or advanced level animations.

User comments/reviews

1. The Ajax Animator is a project to create a fully standards-ba_x_sed, online, collaborative, web-ba_x_sed animation suite.

2.If something's not adding up, please help future users by submitting an edit.

3. , it's only as accurate as Ajax Animator's website and the collective knowledge of our community of users.


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Part 5

5. Blender

Functions and features:

· Blender is a free of cost but 3D animation tool or software for Windows which works not just on this platform but also on Linux, Mac and even FreeBSD.

· This tool is the most widely used free animation softwares which is still in active development.

· This program produces top results for both beginners and professionals.

Pros of Blender:

· Some of the features which make this is a good tool include HDR lighting support, GPU and CPU rending and real-time viewport preview.

· Some of the modeling tools which add to the functionality of this software include grid and bridge fill, N-Gon support and python sc_x_ripting.

· From realistic materials to fast rigging and from sound synchronization to sculpting, this tool brings it all.

Cons of Blender

· One of the main negatives of this tool is that beginners may take time to get used to this program since its interface is complex.

· Another negative point associated with it is that it only works on a computer with good 3D card.

· If you wish to develop a game with 3D graphics, then this may not be the program for you.

User comments/ reviews:

1. Lots of opportunities to import and modify assets. Especially textures, ob_x_jects and animations.

2. Lots of useful tutorials available on the Blender website and a very dedicated online community.

3. Number pad keyboard is used for many short cuts. A desktop keyboard is preferable. Schools with laptops will therefore struggle to use this software.

4. the interface is pretty complicated (because the software is very powerful) so will probably only be practical to use with S5/6 pupils or above.


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Part 6

6. Bryce

Features and functions

· This is free terrain generation software which too supports 3D modeling and animation.

· Another feature of this software is that it allows new users to quickly create and render amazing 3D environment.

· Bryce allows you to add wildlife, people, water and a lot more to your scenes to come up with the best animations.

· It supports the DAZ Studio character plug-in which proves really useful for the users.

Pros of Bryce

· The fact that this is an extremely user friendly program and has a clean interface for beginners proves to be one of the positives associated with it.

· Another positive point about this tool is that it offers a large number of materials and features to choose from.

· It supports the 3D animation and modeling feature and that too at free of cost is surely the best thing about this program.

Cons of Bryce

· Some users report a certain unfinished feel to the product and this is one of its negatives.

· There have been certain bugs observed with this platform and this too is a negative point.

· This program tends to get slow and clunky at times due to the presence of bugs and this is one of the reported issues faced by users.

User comments/reviews:

1. Pro Version is wonderfully cheap, which makes it worth it for the Instance Brush alone

2. Most maddeningly there is a bug that kills the program during a save.

3. Bryce has a long history on the Mac, gaining recognition for creating beautiful, abstract landscapes using an outlandish interface, designed to hide complexity and encourage experimentation.

4. There are whole new libraries of preset materials to explore, as well as new volumetric lights and more controls in the Sky Lab for usingHDRimagesfor Image ba_x_sed Lighting

5. Bryce is not just free but also provides a professional level experience to people like me. I would definitely recommend it!


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Part 7

7. Clara

Features and functions

· This is truly a fully functional and free of cost animation tools for Windows which doesn’t need any browser plug-in.

· This program has an 80000+ user ba_x_se, thanks to the many amazing features and functionalities including polygonal modeling and skeletal animation.

· This program supports 3D animation which allows you to import/export anything, include images, people and ob_x_jects and lets you create realistic animations.

Pros of Clara

· This is multi-platform animation software which works on Apple, Mac, Windows, Linux and Android etc.

· Another positive feature associated with this platform is that it includes many powerful modeling tools and makes sharing and em_x_bedding very easy.

· Clara supports the option of VRay Cloud rendering, simultaneous multi-user editing and versioning which is always on.

Cons of Clara

· One of the negatives of this program is that it may not be as developed as other such softwares.

· It tends to crash because of the presence of bugs.

User comments/reviews:

1. replicates many of the features of traditional desktop 3D software within any modern web browser

2. Basic accounts are free, and provide 5GB of online storage, up to 10 private scenes and limited online rendering paid accountsstart at $10/month, and provide additional storage and capabilities.

3. The redesign also coincides with a milestone for the system, whichpassed 100,000 usersat the start of March


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Part 8

8. Creatoon

Features and functions

· Creatoon is a simple animation program for Windows users which allows you to create 2D cut out animations and add many special effects to it.

· With an intuitive interface and many rendering options, this animation program is ideal for beginners and even professionals.

· This program allows you to set up many fr_x_ames per second where you can also choose the output file format for your project.

· This program also allows you to add special sound effects to your animations, thus helping you make them more interactive and realistic.

Pros of Creatoon

· One of the positives associated with this tool is that it offers many customization options and easy to use tools

· Another positive feature of this program is that this tool creates a balance between easy and complex features, thus making it ideal for amateurs or learners.

· You can easily switch between the 4 viewing modes and this is another good feature of this tool.

Cons of Creatoon

· Its pro version can prove to be a little expensive to buy.

· This animation software proves to be a slight bit buggy and crashes.

User comments/reviews:

1. I think this things great cause I’ve been looking all over the net for easy to use animation programs.and i think this is one of the best out there for true cartoon animation

2. Creatoonhas an intuitive interface makes it easy to handle and implement software.

3. This animation tool is an ideal platform for animation learners and it is surely one of the best out there.


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Part 9

9. Anime Studio

Features and functions:

· This is a perfect animation tool for professionals who are looking for more efficient alternative to difficult fr_x_ame to fr_x_ame animations.

· This platform has a very intuitive interface and a powerful visual content library. This tool provides many features like bone rigging; lip synching, 3D shape design, motion tracking and motion tracking etc.

· Another feature which this program supports include high speed of workflow and vector ba_x_sed drawing tools

Pros of Anime Studio

· One of the positive features associated with Anime Studio is that it delivers advanced animation tools which can fasten your workflow.

· Another positive point of this tool is that it has a revolutionary bone rigging system which provides efficient and fast replacement to fr_x_ame by fr_x_ame animation.

· This tool has a built in character wizard which makes the animations realistic and much more engaging.

Cons of Anime Studio

· One of the negative features associated with this program is that its drawing tools are not very efficient.

· One can add brushes in this tool but you cannot paint and this is another negative associated with this animation tool.

· In some of the cases, the tool doesn’t prove to be very smart for example it doesn’t prove too intuitive while drawing figures

User comments/ reviews:

1. Anime Studio has a very rich set of features that make animation easy

2. For professional animators, Anime Studio offers an end-to-end tool that makes it possible for a single person or small animation teams to produce work on par with a full animation house.

3. Put your animation dreams on the screen, with style and ease.


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Part 10

10. Xara 3D 6.0

Features and functions

· As the name suggests, this is a 3D animation software tool for Windows users which offers many features like logos, ti_x_tles, headings and buttons.

· This animation tool has a clean design with intuitive tools and readymade styles.

· Another feature of this amazing platform is that it also allows one to create GIFs, simple flash movies and AVIS.

Pros of Xara 3D 6.0

· Its 3D animations along with graphic features are truly high quality and great for professional animation artists.

· The fact that the program is easy to use and intuitive is yet another positive feature of this program.

· Another positives associated with it is that it is perfect for web pages, movie ti_x_tles and mail shots.

Cons of Xara 3D 6.0

· The user interface sometimes proves complicated when using certain feature and this is one of the points which users might not like

· Created 3D text is not upgraded and is something which is harder than it looks on this animation software for Windows.

· The program hangs on many occasions and may make working on it slightly difficult.

User comments/ reviews:

1. Would also like to advise our appreciation of Xara's attitude to its customers and end users! Well done people! We thank you!

2. Xara3D is so simplethat I was publishing professional looking illustrated text within minutes of installation.

3. Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoy your product! Your product iseasy to understandand use - keep up the great work!

4. I just had to tell you that the design, intuitive ease of use, variety, and size of the program are unbelievable!!!Keep up the great work!

5. This is one fine program!Nothing else I have used even comes closeto thequalityandSPEEDof Xara3D.


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