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Mac systems, like Windows ones, lend provision for making sketches and/or creating drawings and illustrations by using various specific software effectively. There are quite a number of free drawing software for Mac available these days, which capture the market ba_x_sed on their program abilities to render flexible yet captivating diagrams, guide users towards creating masterpieces in digital format without compromising with the artistic features and styles, and prove as a spontaneous, interactive, and hassle-free software. These free drawing software for Mac are designed such that they effectively polish the creative elements of the user's mind and help in proper technical manifestation of the same, so as to help match industry standards. The list would include :

Part 1

1. Dia Diagram Editor

Features and functions:

· The Dia Diagram Editor for Mac excels over its counterparts for the feature of providing technical expertise in drawing patterns and versions.

· Both technical or IT- proficient people as well as non-technical users can feel at ease and derive utility out of the program.

· Newer shapes specific to user requirements can also be supported by the editor on writing elementary files in xm_x_l.

· Cross-platform operations are supported well.

· Be it an UML structure or Network diagram, flowchart or Entity-Relationship diagrams, the Dia Diagram Editor handles all with precision.

Pros of Dia Diagram Editor:

· Symbols and ob_x_jects have been predefined and offered as part of an extensive library.

· Thisfree drawing software for Macenables professional drawing and design experts to achieve their jobs efficiently, for the program offers sharp rendition of technical drawings and flowcharts.

· The program provides a proper canvas to work upon. Technical operations starting from edit and scrolling across images, to la_x_yering and managing accurate magnification ratio in images are all properly handled by the software.

· Installation of the Dia Diagram Editor has not been reported to cause much chaos, just like the clean process of uninstalling the same.

Cons of Dia Diagram Editor:

· Program requires Save at regular intervals, for the Dia Diagram Editor crashes down often.

· The colour of the text cannot be altered.

· Edit or delete operations cannot be performed on selected portions of the text, which is a major drawback.

User comments/reviews:

· I was looking for a simple app to help generate Flowcharts. This does it perfectly well.

· It's fabulous. Do you have to diagram something? Don't hesitate—this is your app. Get it and start diagramming. Woo!

· I use it to create diagrams and export in several formats, such as png and eps. I is simple and easy to use.


free animation software 1

Part 2

2. 123D Make

Features and functions:

· Thisfree drawing software for Macmoves beyond just drawing and provides a sculpted look for images.

· The program provides a perfect collaboration of 2D and 3D designs and techniques.

· Image-slicing is a core functionality of the software.

· Four distinct techniques that the 123D Make uniquely offer and excel at include the stacked methodology, skills for the curve, radial mechanisms, and the interlocking feature.

Pros of 123D Make:

· Users have the discretion to customize designs upto the nth level.

· The software makes it possible to communicate between 2D and 3D designs and creations flawlessly.

· The final produce have an effective real-time outlook.

· The integration of the product with Autodesk provides for easy export of files in PDF or EPS formats comprising of plan documents for design builds.

Cons of 123D Make:

· The interface and related concepts pose complications for novice users.

· Printing or making an edit of the images directly from design is not facilitated.

User comments/reviews:

· It is easy to use and creates amazing 3-D images from everyday ob_x_jects in a short amount of time.

  • Highly configurable.


free animation software 2

Part 3

3. Artboard

Features and functions:

· Vector graphics and illustrations are key feature of Artboard.

· Ranging across some 1700 unique styles of design, thisfree drawing software for Macprovide exclusive functionalities such as the speech bubble, home planning and people factory, etc.

· Shiny buttons and ob_x_jects in stacked form on the editable clipart make this program useful for high-tech designers.

Pros of Artboard:

· A wide collection of vector tools and library of design ob_x_jects, graphical and clipart elements and ob_x_jects, flags and maps, etc. are made available for users of thisfree drawing software for Mac.

· The template collections of graphics in large vector forms provided by the Artboard helps users to streamline their respective workflows.

· Designs can be saved as part of projects and worked upon at any later time.

· Graphics export into other distinct formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPG and PNG are provided for.

Cons of Artboard:

· This software makes use of vector tools for designing graphics, for which users would require some prior knowledge as well as training.

User comments/reviews:

· Artboardoffers ample features, tools and usability components to help you create any artwork you want for personal and professional purposes.

· Artboard scored well in all of our rating categories – Features, Tools, Usability and Help & Support – with the most overall offerings of any product on our list. It's the winner of our Top Ten REVIEWS Gold Award.


free animation software 3

Part 4


Features and functions:

· GIMP is one of the bestfree drawing software for Macfor photo or image editing that lets the user create and/or edit images and drawings.

· The program provides power features such as use of airbrush and cloning, pencilling, creation and managing gradients, etc.

· This is a very smart product that provides tech-savvy users with the authority to create their own patterns, brushes and other tools as well as to import images into the program and manipulate them accordingly.

Pros of GIMP:

· For users who are technically sound and aware of the software, GIMP is a master-art creation tool for it handles image editing functionalities with perfection and professional specifications.

· Tools provided by GIMP and the interfacing are standardized features.

· High quality flexibility is offered by this software. It provides the users with ability to leverage a workspace with digital retouching and it can then be very well mapped onto with the product.

Cons of GIMP:

· Selection tools are not smart enough to work automatically, which gets buggy.

· The interface has been reportedly found confusing and difficult for users with nominal or no experience.

· The single-window feature of GIMP is a disadvantage for it restricts viewing multiple projects on parallel windows.

User comments/reviews:

· GIMP is an outstanding program.

· GIMP is great. It took me a bit more time to figure out than most apps do, but the more I learn the more impressed I've become. So far though, as an imaging editor you can't find any better freeware than this.


free animation software 4

Part 5

5. Seashore

Features and functions:

· The winning factor for Seashore is its offering of a simpler and friendlier interface, that scores in user reviews over GIMP.

· Built on the functional bricks of GIMP, thisfree drawing software for Macprovides the function of putting into use textures, gradients and such other imaging technicalities, with variations in many of the features.

· File format is similar as are the provisions for technologies such as alpha-channel edits and support in multiple la_x_yering.

· Brush strokes as well as text can both be subject to anti-aliasing.

· la_x_yers are incorporated with support in more than 20 effects for merging.

Pros of Seashore:

· Seashore manages to bypass GIMP through its interface that has a slicker look-and-feel for it leverages Cocoa for a style of OS X.

· A wide range of file formats are supported, starting from JP2000 and XBM to TIFF, GIF, PDF, PICT, PNG and JPEG, etc.

· Support in colour syncing is provided.

· This software makes it possible to select arbitrary sections and perform image or photo editing.

Cons of Seashore:

· Consistency in performance is often an issue with the Seashore.

· This photo and image editor has been built on the fr_x_ame of GIMP, but fails to manage with certain basic features such as the Levels feature, colour balance, etc.

· The program has often been reported to be unstable.

User comments/reviews:

· It is a vast improvement over its parent and much better than many commercial budget tools.

·It’s a reduced selection of the functionality provided by GIMP though, concentrating on the basics ofimage editing conversion and texture creation.


free animation software 5

Part 6

6. Intaglio

Features and functions:

· Intaglio is one software that has been designedexclusively for Mac users and helps perform complex and twisted technical drawings with ease.

· This software not just supports drawings in a variety of formats but also supports la_x_yering and renders them in clear forms.

· Thisfree drawing software for Macprepares drawings in a two-dimensional format on which editing, sc_x_ripting, and other documentation such adding colours and graphics, text, etc. can be easily acquired.

Pros of Intaglio:

· The biggest advantage derived of this software is that it can effectively perform operations on integration with latest as well as not-so-current or older software versions. Hence, Intaglio not just helps create new drawings but also aids in conversion of drawings made in old applications into newer and advanced formats, with editing facilities.

· Advanced drawings in graphical formats or in vector forms, illustrations for scientific concepts, etc. can be easily achieved through Intaglio.

Cons of Intaglio:

· Complexity in designing concepts with this software program is a limitation with this program.

· Basic functioning and standardized methods such as drawing a path, technical options for the same, etc. fail to function seamlessly.

· Thisfree drawing software for Macseems to be too sophisticated and also complex for rather simple drawing operations such as doodling, etc.

User comments/reviews:

·It is very friendly to my eyeballs - lots of well made icons, and clean interface.

· Many graphic file types can be imported and used for purposes of template or simply to add to the illustration itself. And with the ability to mask imported graphics with ob_x_jects, the possibilities are endless.


free animation software 6

Part 7

7. Image Tricks

Features and functions:

· Image Tricks goes by the universal standard of Binary versioning.

· li_x_nkBack is one technology that is effectively supported by this software.

· Processing of real-time images is achieved through use of Core imaging filters.

Pros of Image Tricks:

· This software provides an amazing range of filters that render elegance to image editing and provide a real-time view of diagrams.

· Masking of images is made possible, in around 30 varied types.

· Thisfree drawing software for Macintegrates effectively with iPhoto.

· Support for as many as 20 image formats is provided with easy import and export provisions.

Cons of Image Tricks:

· A major disadvantage reported by many users is the lack of some very standard and basic operation tools such as ones for moving images, selecting, drawing and painting, etc.

· Installation for the software has been reported to be buggy or render a slow performing system in some cases.

User comments/reviews:

· It is simple to use, so powerful are the results.

· Because 90% of the world uses Photoshop, I'm able to offer something different compared to my competitors.

· The effects provided are wide ranging and of a good - sometimes high - standard, particularly the rather impressive pattern generators.


free animation software 7

Part 8

8. DAZ Studio

Features and functions:

· The fact that DAZ Studio places the image creation and modelling power on any and all users is one of the greatest features of the product.

· Certain technical functionalities are provided such as the ability to reproduce morphed effects, smoothening of surfaces at desired angles, etc.

· Plug-ins are made available for richer operations.

· This software provides an unique series named as the Genesis, which offers fresh and competent features and functions such as creating and customizing figures, sharing models, scenes or files, etc.

Pros of DAZ Studio:

· Thisfree drawing software for Macposes advantageous for new or inexperienced users by allowing them to create remarkable drawings in three-dimensional forms.

· Models created out of this software can be provided with lip-syncing audio effects, managing angles of the camera and lighting projections, etc.

· There are no restrictions on the number of trials one would be offered for testing out different environments for the created model(s).

Cons of DAZ Studio:

· Complex graphical designs cannot be handled through the DAZ Studio, which becomes a big thumbs-down for professional designers.

· Fault tolerance is poor, which in turn affects performance or consistency.

User comments/reviews:

· Free, powerful, lot of features, many documentation and sites about use.

· I love it. I can do animation as easy as drinking water.


free animation software 8

Part 9

9. Sketch

Features and functions:

· Sketch is onefree drawing software for Macthat is aimed at providing help to advanced and professional users. So the program manages to render complex drawings created as part of web-designing projects.

· Interactive media ob_x_jects can be successfully designed and delivered. These drawings are competent as multimedia images as well.

· Not just vector imaging equipments, Sketch also provides for tools of text inputs. Rulers, grids, guides and symbols, and also operations in Boolean form are easily handled through this software.

Pros of Sketch:

· The interface for Sketch is a click one that helps advanced and experienced users create and innovate drawings and designs.

· The range of tools provided by thisfree drawing software for Macis wide and pertain to industry compliance norms.

· The end results produced by Sketch are very much professional in approach.

Cons of Sketch:

· Inadequate instructions available with the program make it difficult for use.

· Support for the product is weak for the lack of any proper forum.

User comments/reviews:

· I love Sketch! This app is absolutely great!

· Sketch is maturing to a quite nice GUI tool with added vector drawing tools.


free animation software 9

Part 10

10. Inkscape

Features and functions:

· The most promising feature of Inkscape is the provision of creating drawings that leverage vector concepts along with functions such as path editing facilities and sculpting ob_x_jects, etc.

· Inkscape provides with features of including texts in the form of subsc_x_ript and supersc_x_ripts, text tracking, passing inputs of numerical format, etc.

· Kerning of text is also made possible through this software.

· This program comes with the tool called Airbrush.

Pros of Inkscape:

· Support for a large number of file formats is a benefit with thisfree drawing software for Mac.

· Creating ob_x_jects of oval, circular or polygonal forms to concepts of grids and vector drawings, ob_x_jects snapping and sculpting, etc. are all effectively handled through Inkscape.

· Documentation provided for Inkscape is an extremely detailed and elaborated, well-illustrated one.

· Presentations can be made with extensions such as the JessyInk.

· Multiple paths are allowed to be made editable by Inkscape.

Cons of Inkscape:

· Installation for Inkscape is not a single procedure, it also requires download of an additional software - X11.

· The shortcuts provided are found to be innate and less spontaneous.

· Interfacing for this software needs a major update, for it still continues to showcase many features that are of older standards.

User comments/reviews:

· Lots of functionality, good support for SVG files.

· Converts PDFs, so you can use it with an iPad touch tablet program such as adobe ideas.

· Excellent tutorials.


free animation software 10

Free Drawing Software for Mac

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