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In today’s business world, the progressive benefit of Customer Relationship Management solutions is enhancing the implementation of CRM software. This kind of software helps a business to provide improved customer services with personalization. Additionally, it helps in applying analytics to increase sales, customer related information along with enhancing customer satisfaction. It has become an integral part of most of the business these days.

CRM software are available both as free and paid version. However, choosing the right CRM software for your business can be a daunting task at times, though there is no dearth of such software which can be implemented on Windows Platform.The following is a list of the top 10 free CRM software for windows:

Part 1

1. CapsuleCRM

Features and Functions:

· CapsuleCRM software is freeCRM software for windows that allow access ofupto 2 users along with maximum storage of 10MB and about 250 contacts.

· It can be easily integrated with other 33 programs that include Gmail, Mailchimp etc.

· Capsule has new integration of Pie sync, Quotient, Gravity Forms, Toggl.

Pros of Capsule CRM:

· By the help of this software tracking of meeting, conference calls, video calls, Email becomes easier.

· One can manage all the events sequentially and easily as it comes with bulk import processes.

· This freeware can be easily upgraded by $13/user/month after which a user would get storage of two gigabytes and provision for adding 50000 contacts.

Cons of Capsule CRM:

· Though this free CRM software for windows provide separate FAQ section but in case of frequent help the software would turn down your expectation.

· Also, the customer support of this software is not enough effective in solving queries.

· Customization is restricted in this software which is considered as a major setback.

User Reviews:

· Capsule CRM great for a small business CRM.

· Love It – Couldn’t Recommend It Enough.I have used or consulted ondozens of CRMs and Capsule is, in my opinion, the easiest and mostcustomizable.

· Perfect for our team.

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Part 2


Features and Functions:

· Insightly which claims to be #1 CRM software at its homepage is bearing enormous user-friendly interfaces for the users.

· This free CRM software for windows is available for 2 users and provides storage of 200 megabytes.

· It also provides additional ten custom fields which can be used by the users according to the need.

Pros of Insigtly:

· This CRM freeware is a blessing for many small business as its upgrade with an affordable cost of $12/user/month, can give storage of upto one gigabytes along with Mailchimp integration and 25000 contacts recording capability.

· This free CRM software for windows provides highly interactive dashboard and many other additional capabilities in comparison to its contemporaries.

· Clicking on ‘Contact’ tab helps to retrieve and sync contacts from almost all networking sites like li_x_nkedin, Gmail etc.

Cons of Insightly:

· This software is ideal for two business users as because its features are not capable enough to handle high demands.

· Email integration lacks in many features which the other free CRM software for windows are capable off.

User Reviews:

· Great CRM for Google app users but lacks proper backup facilities

· Great CRM tool that will grow with your business.

· Gain great marketing insight with Insightly.

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Part 3


Features and Functions:

· This free CRM software for windowsprovides 360 degree overview of the customers of a business.

· It also helps in storing minute details about the business effectively which in turn provides greater accessibility to the users.

· One can work seamlessly as the software is integrated with Hubspot( a marketing platform) and Sidekick (a chrome extension which serves as an easy to access mail inbox).

Pros of FreeCRM:

· The upgraded system of FreeCRM is affordable for small to large sized business in comparison to its other competitors in the market.

· Free version of this software comes with the accessibility of 100 free users and helps to accommodate 10,000 contacts along with all the basic features that a CRM tool must have.

Cons of FreeCRM:

· This software is available free for only one year after which installation would be restricted to the existing users.

· This software provides no customer support.

User Reviews:

· FreeCrm as the name says is free cloud CRM tool, if i remember correctly it was named one of PcWorld's 15 best free services for entrepreneurs.

· FreeCRM set up is easy and having a cloud-ba_x_sed implementation saves a lot of headache.

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Part 4


Features and Functions:

· This is highly robust free CRM software for windows with CRM functionalities and project management capabilities.

· This software provides flexibility and allows 12 free users accessibility on a free version.

· It also provides storage of upto 5GB.

Pros of Bitrix24:

· On upgrading, the software provides access to unlimited users.

· Additional 50 Gigabyte storage is also available on upgrade with just $99.

· Their pricing plan is very flexible and can be customized by the customers if needed.

· Schedules and project planning can be tracked efficiently.

Cons of Bitrix24:

· Bitrix24 aesthetics are often complained by the users.

· A flashing clock which works as a reminder at the corner of the software gives an unpleasant look.

User’s Review:

· I have been using Bitrix now for over a year to manage my team of contractors. We set Bitrix up as our intranet, and it is a great way to inform the whole team of news. The layout is clean and intuitive.

· “Bitrix24” has been very useful for the administration not only of our leads that later become customers, but also for all our projects both business and personal projects,

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Part 5

5. Raynet

Features and Functions

· This free CRM software for windows comes with highly powered management features like contact and lead, calendar and deal.

· This provides accessibility to 2 users accompanied with free storage of 50MB and support to 150 accounts.

· Built with analyzing and reporting tools.

Pros of Raynet:

· Aesthetically the software is very pleasant and features an “account card”where most of the information is displayed to the user at one glance.

· On upgrading the software it provides one TB of storage at just $20/user/month.

· Provides good customer support.

Cons of Raynet:

· Security and privacy of the details is low.

· Raynet mobile app functionalities are not efficient.

· Free version is restricted only for 30 days after which existing users are provided with pricing plan.

User Reviews:

· We are very satisfied with RAYNET CRM system. We appreciate clear design, intuitive and friendly customer support.

· Definitely recommend to all freelancers.

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Part 6

6. SuiteCRM

Features and Functions

· This free CRM software for windows is an open source alternative to the most popular CRM software Sugar CRM and bears all the basic features similar to it.

· For this software a bug tracker is maintained so that bugs can be easily reported by the users.

· It has additional features like Google Maps, PDF templates etc.

Pros of SuiteCRM

· Along with additional features this freeware now comes with many new enhancements to its core functionalities.

· Security of this software is enormous and incidents caused while operating this software can be reported easily by its reporting tools.

· Free version is easily available with unlimited free storage. It also provides accessibility to unlimited users along with provision for recording unlimited contacts.

Cons of SuiteCRM

· The mail inbox usually get stuck incase of email overflow.

· Customer support is not strong like its other competitors in the market.

· As this freeware provides online support, responsive time of the software found to be long at times when parallel activities are performed.

User Reviews

· SuiteCRM has answered all of our issues we found troubling with SugarCRM.

· Stunning breakout from SugarCRM. Provides everything needed

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Part 7

7. Zoho CRM

Features and Functions

· Zoho CRM software is considered as the superior free CRM tool in today’s business world thatisprovisioning fabulous features for tracking sales force processes.

· This free CRM software for windows allow 10 users to access and to store 5000 records.

· It also have highly developed importing features.

Pros of Zoho CRM

· This freeware provides unlimited free storage to its users.

· Free version of this software provides full support without any restriction and it also does not have restriction of year to use unlike other similar CRM software in market.

· Software upgrading is highly affordable. However, it is not much required as it provides all features in free service.

Cons of Zoho CRM

· Zoho is not feature rich like its other competitors in the market. Hence, at times this freeware disappoints many users whose business is entirely dependent on it.

· Spreadsheets are considered as an essential tool of any business process mainly that involves sales. The excel feature in this software is very poor and does not have basic functionalities of splitting up records even.

· Tracking the history of various events involved in a business is also not possible.

User Reviews:

· Inexpensive CRM with quick deployment.

· Limited marketplace for third party integration.

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Part 8


Features and Functions

· Zurmo is a gamifiedfree CRM software for windows that turns work into play. It provides marketing automation and project management into a single platform.

· Easy option for import/export through common formats and CSV.

· Sales cycle process is completely automated by the help of this freeware.

Pros of Zurmo

· Helps to integrate all the email clients as per user’s choice. This is a unique feature of this free CRM software for windows.

· The software has very rich visualization engines which includes provision for selecting graphs and charts.

· Helps in generating reports that gauge the effectiveness of the marketing and sales activities of a business.

· It also supports on mobile devices efficiently.

Cons of Zurmo

· Zurmo is a recently developed software hence it does not have many features which common CRM tools must have.

· Internal communication fails to work properly in free version of this software.

· It does not offer preconfigured version and configuration requires $32/user.

User Reviews:

· Zurmo “Community edition” will work forever. It has no hidden limitations.

· My Company has been using Zurmo for some time now and we are continually finding new features.

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Part 9


Features and Functions

· A fully free CRM software for windows that comes with all the basic features of Sugar CRM software.

· Features like inventory tracking, billing and project management capabilities are inbuilt with this software.

· Its wide array of features also includes unlimited storage, provision for storing unlimited contacts and accessibility to unlimited users.

Pros of vTiger

· vTiger has a superb facility of providing marketing campaigns through online lead forms and email.

· Customer support service of this freeware is efficient and has provision for resolving queries through proper ticket management. Also they have separate development forums where one can raise queries/suggestions related to potential enhancements of the software.

· Tracking activities become easier with one click on its ‘Activity management’ button.

Cons of vTiger

· vTiger has various flaws the free software charge on providing preconfigured installation.

· Some of the basic features like Mailchimp, Paypal and Intuit only comes on paid version. However, the similar free CRM software for windows provide these features in the free version itself.

· vTiger has compatibility issue with PHP 5.6 version.

User Reviews:

· I love it! it just could be responsive by default, and configuration of the email is not so easy

· It very nice for Enterprise CRM Management

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Part 10

10. Really Simple Systems

Features and Functions:

· As the name suggests, this free CRM software for windows make the task of analyzing the sales force, project management and business process simpler. This cloud ba_x_sed CRM tool can work on any version of Windows.

· This free software has two datacenters that help in storing huge chunk of records unlike any other free CRM.

· It has provision for storing unlimited contacts and provide access to two users.

· It also provides full customer support on free version.

Pros of Really Simple Systems:

· This free CRM tool come with the facility of customization. Drop down tables, custom field and filters can be easily incorporated by the platform provided on through this software.

· Mail sync is one of the best features and back up procedure of all the important mailers. This almost helps to integrate with all the email networking sites.

· It has a phenomenal feature of providing role ba_x_sed accessibilities. This feature unlike any other free CRM software of windows restricts performances of the users operating the tool.

Cons of Really Simple Systems:

· Really simple systems software provides very limited functionalities to the users unlike many other free CRM tools available in the market.

· Some of the basic features are not available in the free version and requires upgrade of the software.

· Even on upgrading the software with $15/user/month does not provide adequate accessibilities to the user and does not increase the storage space as well.

· Security is a major drawback of this software.

· Very poor customer support provided to the users. Users almost struggle to find answers related to navigation of the software even.

User Reviews:

· Easy to use, cost effective, fantastic (and super-fast) email support, you can tweak the add-ons to what you need (and remove at any time).

· The bulk upload of contacts is very quick and simple.

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Free CRM software for Windows

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