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For any organisation to reap profits and grow at an exponential growth formulating a business plan is extremely critical. A business plan summarises a company’s goals, mission, and values along with its marketing and financial needs. It is basically a fr_x_amework that should provide a complete understanding of the organisation’s structure, fr_x_amework and operation to an outsider. Hence, a lot of research, information gathering and planning needs done in order to present a business plan. You can get all of this done with the help of a business plan software. You need to choose the right software that helps you to develop your business plan. Below given is the list of the top 3 free business plan software for Mac.

Part 1

1. Live Plan

Features and Functions:

· LivePlan is a web ba_x_sed free business plan software for Mac that provides simple easy to understand step by step instructions that help you to formulate your business plan. It is packed with over 500 professional high quality business plan samples that you can refer to outline your business plan.

· LivePlan offers to create your business plan that is complete in all respects in half the time that is needed. This means that LivePlan follows that format and guidelines that are listed out the investors and banks. LivePlan’s Pitch feature enables you to visually present your business opportunity in a single page.

· Once you have structured your goals, LivePlan provides readable comprehensive simple reports that compare your current performance with the original plan. This would make it easier to keep a track on your strategies and mission.

Pros of LivePlan:

· This free business plan software for Mac can be accessed easily from anywhere from any device at any time. It simply requires an internet connection.

· An extremely safe and secure software that has been designed by using the best branded security tools. There are regular security audits that take place to ensure the highest degree of security.

· Many members of the team can simultaneously work on the plan and leave their comments. Collaborated team effort can be achieved by using LivePlan.

Cons of LivePlan:

· This tool is not applicable for an already existing plan. Hence, not suitable for users who want to modify an existing plan.

· A subsc_x_ription ba_x_sed business plan software for Mac which offers a free trial version of 60 days to its users.

· You may face few formatting issues while creating the plan.


a) Review 1: I have been struggling for some time now to do my business plan. This made the whole process super easy--

b) Review 2: Must have for any business owner. It’s a very easy tool to use and as a Mac user I am extremely pleased to have access to this software. --

c) Review 3: Super excited about this software. Does an excellent job of navigating through budgeting, forecasting and keeping my business on track. --


Part 2

2. iPlanner.NET

Features and Functions:

· This free business plan software for Mac is extremely quick, safe and simple to use. You can design your company’s business model as well as outline your business plan and present it with the respective financial projections using this online tool. It has a business model fr_x_amework with which you can design your business model on a real time basis with your team members.

· The software offers an extremely useful business tool that eliminates the need of paper work or spreadsheets and in person meetings. You would able to work with your customers on a real time basis remotely and instantly send your feedbacks to them.

· The software provides with numerous templates and effective real time examples that help you to design your blueprint. Helpful tips and texts make life easy for you and help you to focus on the exact content rather than structure.

Pros of iPlanner.NET:

· Sharing your business plan with your customers and team members become fast and easy as your model would be assigned with a uniquely identifiable number that can be sent to your client.

· This cloud ba_x_sed online tool enables you to formulate the best business plan that is complete in all respects by addressing you with strategic questions that are directly li_x_nked to your profits and success.

· It additionally provides flexibility in designing your business plan by months, quarters or by years. This would also modify your financial statements accordingly which is the biggest advantage.

Cons of iPlanner.NET:

· Generally applicable for a small business plan as it misses out on some features that are available with the other competitors in the market.

· A very basic software which does not have a very user friendly and appealing design.

· iPlanner.NET is not a comprehensive software and does not offer telephonic support.


a) Fast, secure and easy to use. An efficient business plan software--

b) iPlanner is a simple business plan software which enables you to import financial information from other external accounting tools. --

c) iPlanner is the perfect software to choose for your small business plan writing needs. It includes many documentation creation tools, financial calculators and chart generators that are very simple and easy to use. --


Part 3

3.WinWeb Business Plan

Features and Functions:

· WinWeb is an online software that not only helps you in designing your business plan but also helps you to operate your business smoothly and efficiently by offering a number of tools like the accounting tool.

· It provides Enterprise and Manufacturing Resource Planning by offering tools to manage financial, billing and invoice management, supply chain solutions, ware housing and many more services.

· Customer Relationship Management can be effectively achieved as it provides tools to store all client related data.

Pros of WinWeb:

· The most attractive benefit that this free business plan software for Mac is that offers is the customization aspect. You can tailor the product to suit your organisation’s requirements.

· As it a cloud ba_x_sed tool it enables you to connect with all your team members instantly on a real time basis. You can literally run your entire business from this platform.

· The customer details are safe and secured if you use this tool. There is also 24 X 7 customer support services that are offered in case of issues.

Cons of WinWeb:

· In the initial stages, the software is a bit confusing as it is a platform that offers so many tools for business planning.

· You need to do a lot of trial and error analysis in choosing the services that are applicable to your organisation’s structure.

· The software is a subsc_x_ription ba_x_sed and have a wide of range of price points depending on the tools you are going to choose.


a) Great services, extremely easy and customisable. Excellent software for outlining the best business plan.--

b) An affordable software which has many integrated features such as the accounting tool which is invaluable as it makes cash flow management extremely easy.--

c) WinWeb business plan software enables you to refer to it at any point of time and make adjustments as time progresses. --


Free business plan software for Mac

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