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Genealogy is a term which is used to refer to family history and deals with tracing family history and lineages. This process has been in practice for many years but these days, people make use of softwares to discover their lineage. Yes, there are a number of genealogy softwares available for different operating systems which can be used to trace family history. If you are looking for free genealogy software for Mac, then the following given list of the top 3 would prove useful.

Part 1

1. MacFamily Tree

Features and functions:

· This is efficient free genealogy software for Mac which not only lets you create family trees but also search online for family history.

· It gives 3D representation of your family tree and has a slick interface.

· It also allows you to publish your family tree on the web with iCloud.

Pros of MacFamily tree

· The software makes it very easy to build family trees and has a clean interface.

· It enables you to search for your family history and trace lineage online and this is one of its best feature.

· You can also publish or post the family tree online and share it with your other family members.

Cons of MacFamily tree

· MacFamily tree tends to struggle when used with large files and this is one of its negative points.

· It doesn’t offer the search or interaction possibilities the way other such programs do.

· It can prove to be very buggy.

User comments/reviews:

1. I am a bit of a beginner and found it a little hard at the start but didn't have any problem importing a GEDCOM of a family tree.

2. Generally easy to use. Visually pleasing interface.

3. Very nice visually, easy to use. Can support large number of entry.


Part 2

2. RootsMagic essentials

Features and functions

· RootsMagic essentials is a free genealogy and family tree software which lets you enter and use unlimited data.

· It offers a lot of flexibility and also find people quickly.

· You also get the option to track multiple relationships, add and edit items and add multimedia.

Pros of RootsMagic Essentials

· This free genealogy software for Mac supports a lot of tools and features and offers a lot of customization.

· It has professional looking sources and power tools for accurate tracing of family lineage.

· RootsMagic is certified to reserve and request ordinances and this too is a positive point about it.

Cons of RootsMagic Essentials

· RootsMagic essentials can prove to be very buggy and may even crash while using it.

· This program may seem to be amateur to many people as some features seem incomplete.

· RootsMagic essentials is not customer oriented and doesn’t offer good customer service.

User comments/ reviews:

1. Looks good, great displays, many items to work with

2. There's so much this program can do, I haven't even begun to use all of its features. Great user and product support.

3. Easy, reasonably priced, and does everything that all the big guys programs do


Part 3

3. Gramps

Features and functions

· This is one of the best free genealogy software for Mac which works like a project and community.

· It enables you to organize and analyze your family history and some points it includes are geographic, people, gramplets, places, relationships and ancestry.

· Gramps lets you add media like photos and videos etc to your family tree as well.

Pros of Gramps

· Gramps is not just easy to use but also very accurate and effective as a lineage finder or family history organizer.

· This program keeps track of information you might be missing and lets you include documents and media files as well.

· Gramps is nearly unlimited at a free cost and doesn’t feature any advertisements or pop-ups.

Cons of Gramps

· Gramps is not very intuitive and some of its features are not fully documented.

· Another negative associated with this free genealogy software for Mac is that it is not very user friendly and requires you to figure out everything on your own.

· Gramps’ visual appearance is more functional than attractive and the program could have been made better to look at.

User comments/reviews:

1. Lots of different ways to view and navigate genealogical information and relationships. Can include media files, like photographs and documents.

2. I'm new to genealogy, but I found this program to be nearly unlimited in what it offered. And it's smart, guiding me through the process of documenting everything carefully, while making it easy to reference the same document multiple times

3. I am using Windows 7. Download was simple and easy. Exported my existing files in Edom to the new Gramps program with no problem. Give it a try and see if you like it.


Free genealogy software for Mac

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