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For both small and big businesses, it is very important to keep a track or check of inventory and the best way to do so is by maintaining an inventory file or document. Unlike earlier days when inventory was maintained manually, these days you can use inventory softwares to do this task. Yes, many free and paid inventory softwares can be downloaded on your computer systems or laptops for easy inventory maintenance. If you are a Mac user looking for one such software, then the following given list of the top 3 free inventory software Mac will prove useful.

Part 1

1. Inventoria

Features and functions:

· This is professional inventory stock management software for Mac which helps you maintain inventory in multiple locations.

· This free inventory software Mac has many features including ‘just in time’, setting ideal quantity levels and maintaining supplier databa_x_se.

· Some other features include managing stock levels by categories, by locations and by vendors.

Pros of Inventoria

· One of the best things about this software is that it is very simple to use because of an intuitive interface.

· It offers a lot of customization and is ideal for professionals.

· It also enables multiple users to access the data through a web interface.

Cons of Inventoria

· This software does not work for multiple languages and multiple currencies and this is one of its negatives.

· This program offers limited features and tools.

· Another negative associated with this program is that some tasks take more steps than some other similar software.

User comments/reviews:

1. Not too hard to use but it takes time to learn on how things are entered to get the reports needed

Not impressed with customer service -

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Part 2

2. Ordoro

Features and functions

· Ordoro is free inventory software for Mac which is suitable for the online retail industry.

· This software offers incredible features including shipping rate comparison, pre-filled international custom forms and printing shipping labels.

· Some other features include order splitting, automatic tracking to customers and others.

Pros of Ordoro

· One impressive feature of this program is that it really works well for ecommerce portals for back office tasks.

· This software connects various sales channels for the best inventory management.

· It also lets you compare shipping rates across all shippers and this too is a positive.

Cons of Ordoro

· There is little control over saving customer profiles and this is one of the negatives associated with it.

· This software doesn’t have a very good system for accounting and this is also a letdown.

· It is not robust enough for the larger organizations and hence it is more suited for smaller companies and not vast ones.

User comments/reviews:

1. Ordoro Basic is exactly as promised. A comprehensive system for managing orders and shipping

2. Great customer service Faster order processing Higher return customer rate Less time and headache

3. Increase productivity Great integration of multi-channel sales Works across all platforms

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Part 3

3. Inventory tracker plus

Features and functions

· This is yet another free inventory software Mac which works as an easy to use accounting platform and lets you keep track of your income, expenses and inventory.

· This free inventory software Mac creates invoices and quotations and also gives you the option to use the barcode scanner to enter stock numbers etc

· Inventory tracker plus lets you generate a quick list of items which need to be reordered and creates purchase orders for you as well.

Pros of Inventory tracker plus

· One of the biggest positive points related to this software is that it offers too many features, functions and tools for complete inventory management and organization.

· This software is very easy to use and highly customizable and this too is a positive point about it.

· Another positive point or impressive specification of inventory tracker plus free inventory software Mac is that it can be used by both beginners and specialists.

Cons of Inventory tracker plus

· The paid version of this software is very expensive and this can prove to be one of its biggest drawbacks.

· Another negative point related to this software is that it can prove to be slow and buggy at times.

User reviews/comments:

1. Spirit Works Inventory Tracker Plus helps you organize your inventory while also helping you keep track of your customer and vendor information, plus expenses and goal

2. This inventory management software shows your entire inventory in real time, or you can look for specific categories or products to see their sales history

3. One standout feature of this software is that it goes beyond inventory control. It contains sections for tracking expenses, even vehicle mileage, and a great feature if your business includes deliveries or selling at fairs or trade shows.

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Free inventory software Mac

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