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Karaoke is a source of entertainment which is exploited by many all around the globe. The basic idea of karaoke is to have individuals fill in the vocals to the song whose music is being played. There are many karaoke softwares which make it possible for people to enjoy karaoking on their laptops and computers. You too can download such softwares either for free or for a certain amount on your systems. Mac users also have numerous free options to choose from. Listed below are the top 3 free Karaoke Software for Mac.

Part 1

1. SingSong Karaoke

Features and Functions:

· The developers claim that with SingSong the users can “play any song” and enjoy it on karaoke.

· Another feature of this free Karaoke Software for Mac is that it supports multiple languages, that is, one can enjoy much more than songs in a singular language.

· This software is called a game by many because it has a scoring feature. SingSong scores every individual on the basis of the performance they give.


· Multiple individuals/ pla_x_yers can sing at one time making it a better and more fun experience for all.

· The scoring characteristic is a huge pro for those seeking to compete while having fun with karaoke.

· Another positive associated with this software is that it supports many formats and codes.


· The lack of numerous additional features may seem like easy to use and manage for some, but for many it is a con and makes this free Karaoke Software for Mac less interesting.

· The scoring system is something fresh when compared to other karaoke counterparts, but the system has been observed to be dull by many.

· There are huge differences between the pro and basic versions with only the latter being issued free of charge.

User Comments/ Reviews:

· Awesome Karaoke Game for PCs or Macs- Because you're the one creating the lyrics to be displayed, they can be of any song in any language.

· The game is karaoke with a twist, the game tracks the notes the pla_x_yers sing and scores them against the notes they are supposed to be singing.

· Thanks, guys. To be honest similar games exist for the PS2, PS3, and Xbox360 etc. These games have a limited track listing or make you buy songs at $1.50 each.


Part 2

2. kJams Lite:

Functions and Features:

· kJams Lite is a great free Karaoke Software for Mac because of its similarities to iTunes making it simpler for user to handle.

· There is a built-in music store with the options to stream or shop just a mere click away.

· kJams has numerous additional operations like option to burn discs of karaoke songs, create playlists for karaoke sessions and more.


· The user interface for kJams is one of the most easily operable.

· The customer service is said to be extremely good with quick problem solving.

· It supports almost every possible media format making it all the apter for all user types.


· It takes a lot of time for users to get used to the menu.

· Kjams will not work is the external drive is offline which is a con for when your drive is not li_x_nked.

· The user has to manually keep up the sync between the two systems if using jams across platforms.

User Comments/ Reviews:

· This Program Is Amazing! Singer Folders Saves All There Song How They Like It! Iphone And Ipad Apps For People To Put In-Change-See Rotation!

· I downloaded the trial version over a year ago, and couldn't believe it worked! I upgraded to the Pro version and was thrilled.

· There is nothing that this software does not provide. It is hands-down the best KJ software I have ever come across.


Part 3

3. iStar

Functions and Features:

· iStar will fulfill needs of all casual karaoke that it is free of charge for Mac users.

· One can import any tone/ music they want onto iStar and then go on to enjoy the music. There is also the feature to compile playlists ba_x_sed on occasions etc.

· You can also hook this free Karaoke Software for Mac with a high definition screen and turn it into a KJ, and it is loaded with many other interesting features.


· Its basic feature mentioned above is also the biggest pro for using this software, that is, it is free.

· The next advantage of this system is that supports all format of files.

· The interface is nice and is loaded with functions designed to add ease of use.


· There is a lyric to audio sync problem in many tracks as observed by many users.

· For those who are seeking to get the professional experience may be disappointed as there is no singer management system etc.

· While it does support almost all formats, some of the formats are not that efficiently imported.

User Reviews/ Comments:

· Many bugs… But much potential. I have just tried to use iStar 1.5.3 on an eMAC 1 GHz model. It is able to encode the CD+G disks about half of the time.

· It seems that those saying that this product is no better than Quicktime have never actually tried Karaoke (I mean actually singing).

· iStar lyrics not in sync with the music. The first song is in sync but for every song after the first, the lyrics are far behind the music.


Free Karaoke Software for Mac

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