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Dictation softwares are those kinds of softwares which allow you to speak and record something through your mobile device or computer system so that it can either be sent to someone or can be used for future reference purposes. There are many good dictation softwares available for almost all the operating systems including Mac. While some are available for free, others may be paid. If you are looking for one such software, then the following given list of the top 5 free dictation software for Mac will prove really useful.

Part 1

1. Mountain Lion Dictation

Features and functions

· Mountain Lion Dictation is free dictation software for Mac which provides easy to use recording and listening method.

· This program needs an internet connection to work and provides an onscreen keyboard with a little microphone key.

· This software allows you to easily turn the functionality on or off.

Pros of Mountain Lion Dictation

· Mountain Lion Dictation is not just very easy to use but also very user friendly.

· It provides keys on virtual keyboard for every action and this makes working on it quite simple and intuitive. This is another great point related to it.

· Another positive associated with this free dictation software for Mac is that it allows many shortcuts which save a lot of your time.

Cons of Mountain Lion Dictation

· Mountain Lion Dictation doesn’t work well when you use your Mac’s internal microphone and doesn’t offer good sound quality in this case.

· Another negative associated with it is that you can only speak for 30 seconds at a time using the dictation feature on this software.

· Mountain Lion Dictation doesn’t offer heavy duty conversion of speech to text and works only when there is an active internet connection.

User reviews:

  • Mountain Lion dictationdoes a pretty decent job of recognizing people’s voices. It can differentiate between U.S, UK and Australian English speakers. It can also automatically detectFrench, German and Japanese
  • It is important to enunciate and speak as much like a news caster as possible. If you speak words like umm or stutter a lot you’re not going to have a good time with dictation.
  • This tool is good for drafting documents, emails or articles, which is exactly what I’m doing right now, but if you want to rely on dictation for serious work you’re going to want to plunk down the cash for Dragon Dictate.


Part 2

2. Express Dictate

Features and functions

· Express dictate is free dictation software for Mac which allows you to record and send over voice notes within seconds.

· This software works like a Dictaphone and is efficient.

· It lets you add briefs to labels and supports many formats.

Pros of Express dictate

· One of the positive points related to this free dictation software for Mac is that it supports WAV, MP3 and DCT formats.

· It has integrated sender and this is a positive too.

· This software works like a portable Dictaphone and this is a plus as well.

Cons of express dictate

· It is a little pricey to upgrade and this is a negative related to it.

· This software does not special in comparison to other dictation softwares.

User comments:

  • Great. Sophisticated. Love it.
  • A MUST for professionals who need and use dictation in their business
  • This software is intuitive and extremely easy to use


Part 3

3. Dragon dictate

· This free dictation software for Mac is a professional tool for recording and dictating.

· This software claims 99.5% accuracy and helps create reports, articles, books, eBooks and many others.

· It can be used to give commands to Mac as well.

Pros of Dragon dictate

· One of the best things about it is that it recognizes speech very well.

· Another plus of this software is that it works with most of the microphones.

· It speeds up your productivity levels and this too is a great thing about it.

Cons of dragon dictate

· It is a little prone to instability and this can prove to be a negative.

· This free dictation software for Mac is not very light and may take time to get used to.

User comments

· In all cases, the quality of the recognition was excellent.

· Not everyone will appreciate some of the new features in Dragon Dictate 4, but if you use Gmail on the Web for your email, a new browser extension lets you manage Gmail using voice commands.

· For all three of these apps, you can dictate and edit without getting the software confused; when you use other apps, if you do any editing, things can get messy.


Part 4

4. MacSpeech Dictate 1.5

Features and functions

· MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 is free dictation software for Mac which includes a noise cancellation USB headset microphone and adapter.

· This software comes with good tutorials and user guides.

· It has rapid response time and supports multiple user portfolios.

Pros of MacSpeech Dictate 1.5

· The best thing about this free dictation software for Mac is that it provides amazing speech recognition and response time.

· It has amazing tutorials which help users learn how to use it and this is something impressive about this software.

· This software also supports spelling mode and this is another positive related to it.

Cons of MacSpeech Dictate 1.5

· It occasionally misses short words like ‘the’ and this is a big limitation related to this software.

· This program doesn’t perform as well as one would like it to and is bulky.

User comments:

· Goes "Dragon Naturally Speaking" paid software

· It's said to be good software for $150

· Not what this is supposed to be.


Part 5

5. TextSpeech Pro Elements

Features and functions

· This is powerful free dictation software for Mac which converts text to speech easily.

· This software recognizes many voices, words and converts them well.

· It allows modifying speech properties like voice, speed and pitch etc.

Pros of TextSpeech Pro Elements

· This free dictation software for Mac offers good speech recognition and dictation and supports various formats.

· It offers many tools and features and this is something which enables one to use it flexibly and for a variety of purposes.

· Another great thing about this software is that it extracts text from even scanned documents and converts it to speech very easily.

Cons of TextSpeech Pro Elements

· There is an installer provided but there is no uninstaller and this proves to be a big limitation related to this free dictation software for Mac.

· This software has potential but it seems like it lacks on a few points and is not completely ready.

· It is buggy and crashes in the middle of operations often.

User comments:

· Got an error on install that instructed me to run the preflight sc_x_ript--an entirely unclear suggestion.

· I would hate to discourage development on this product, but so far it doesn't look ready for prime time.

· Their web page makes contact nearly impossible, and no forum was offered to hopefully give some feedback.


Free dictation software for Mac

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