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Web designing software refers to a tool which enables an individual to build a website or manage an already ‘online’ website with ease. There are numerous such softwares for building and managing websites for all website owners and even hobbyists. And there has been a lot of advancement in terms of web designing software that work well with OS platform and hence assist the Mac users. Here is a list of the top 5 free web design software for Mac users:

Part 1

1. Mobirise Web Builder

Features and Functions:

· Mobirise is a free web design software for Mac which can be used offline.

· The software interface is minimalistic making it very easy to use on a desktop.

· A lot of customization options are available making for a better designing experience.


· Mobirise is suitable even for non-techies, i.e. people who do not have the professional web designing knowledge.

· This is free not only for non-profit/ personal use but also for commercial use.

· The free web design software for Mac is regularly updated to include all latest techniques and website blocks.


· It can generate somewhat messy HTML codes at times.

· The management tools in the software leave something to be desired.

User Reviews/ Comments:

1. I just discovered a free tool calledMobirisefor building mobile and responsive Web sites that are, I think, quite excellent and definitely worth checking out.

2. Good product, some bugs. Easy to use, fast to put up a site. Still has a cookie cutter feel to it if you don’t tweak after publishing.

3. Super product that is easy to use, great features, free, responsive. Some features not yet supported needs more ‘blocks’ available.

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Part 2

2. ToWeb- The Responsive Website Creation Software:

Functions and Features:

· Installing ToWeb is as simple as using it to create a website, all one has to do is choose a template, edit as needed and publish.

· Many templates are offered through this free web design software for Mac all of which are customizable.

· The websites created via ToWeb also come with multiple e-commerce/ store/ cart options.


· ToWeb supports multiple languages thus producing internationally readable websites.

· The support services by the developers of this free web design software for Mac are quick and unique.

· There are no hidden charges in the software.


· The templates need to be revised and the quality is not all that good.

· There are limited artwork options.

· The translation services aren’t perfect and need some work.

User Reviews/ Comments:

1. Very nice software, great service, perfect web page styling. It’s like an all in one software.

2. Great Alternative to WordPress (Love It). Fast and Responsive with great support. Very easy to learn and navigate compared to other programs.

3. Incompetent Programmers. Fairly straightforward to use when it works. Every time they update the software (monthly to so) my website all get deleted and I have to start over again.

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Part 3

3. KempoZer 0.8b3:

Features and Functions:

· This free web design software for Mac brilliantly combines WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web page editing with web management systems.

· KempoZer consists of a CSS editor, has customizable toolbars and an automated spellchecker.

· The interface is easy with most menu options easily accessible.


· It is ideal for non- professionals/ technicians because of its universal ease to use.

· It produces cleaner markup as compared to many of its counterparts.

· KompoZer is an open source software which can be used by all free of charge.


· The free web design software for Mac crashes often, mostly when opening large files.

· The code is kind of messy

· Contains some bugs which hamper web site designing/ building.

User Reviews/ Comments:

1. I'm not an html developer at all. This program made it pretty simple to bang out a quick page to keep track of data. Well done guys!

2. Acceptable. A bit buggy, and dated in feel.

Installed it as a possible replacement for Dreamweaver CC 2015 which is just so slow in the latest releases. KompoZer just crashes opening large files with many Includes.

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Part 4

4. Webflow:

Features and Functions:

· WebFlow is a free web design software for Mac users who want to design but, want nothing to do with coding. It is online software.

· It is a static site builder and is not tied with any content management system.

· It is a great DIY web building software which also offers mobile optimization to all users.


· Many attractive and modern templates are included in the software which produces quicker results.

· The code on Webflow automatically adjusts with the device being used to view the website, i.e., integrated automatic web responsiveness.

· The templates are customizable thus enabling ease of access while maintaining flexibility.


· The lack of a built-in CMS.

· The free version provides for all features etc. but holds to build only one project.

User Reviews/ Comments

1. I like it even though I also think it will never replace the real pro design doing something really customized when it comes to clients who demand high level quality.

2. What WebFlow does is actually perfect for me. I am actually a web engineer that does not have design experience.

3. Way overhyped and not a true solution to web design at all. I'm not downing the program at all; I'm just saying you can do the same things in WordPress with less effort.

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Part 5

5. CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor:

Features and Functions:

· This free web design software for Mac contains many high end features.

· It has a very good project/ site management system, has code cleaner feature and a library where reusable codes can be stored for future reference.

· The software also has a me_x_ta tag generator essential for SEO purposes.


· The free web design software for Mac includes the hosting website system.

· It is extremely easy to design a custom website with the use of this free web designing software.

· The split screen preview option is great.


· The interface is dated.

· Using some features requires one to download/ get some other CoffeeCup products.

· Has a possibility to crash which damages web pages.

User Reviews/ Comments:

1. Not the WYSIWYG editor it used to be! Clumsy!

2. A 'No-Nonsense Web Editor'. The best thing about the CoffeeCup HTML Editor is that it does exactly what you want; you don’t get a lot of code that you haven’t asked for.

3. This editor junkie loves the CoffeeCup HTML editor! Easy to use, project management, code validation, syntax checking and free upgrades.

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Free Web design software for Mac

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