2 Ways to Transfer Data from HTC to LG G3

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Your old HTC phone gets very slow and finally you upgrade to a new LG G3. Chances are that all important data, like apps, messages, contacts, music, etc. are left behind on your old HTC phone. You have to transfer them to your new LG G3, otherwise you will suffer a huge data loss. To do HTC to LG G3 data transfer effortlessly, you can ask some phone transfer tools for help. In this article, I'd like to recommend you two useful phone transfer tool to help you transfer data from HTC to LG G3 with or without computer.

Method 1. Transfer Data from HTC to LG G3 in 1 Click with dr.fone - Phone Transfer

As you'd like to transfer your data from HTC to LG, dr.fone - Phone Transfer must be a nice tool for you to get it done easily. According to our research in the marketing, dr.fone - Phone Transfer is one of data transfer program with highest performance-price ratio. As for its detail features, you can check it from the below box.

dr.fone - Phone Transfer

1-Click Data Transfer from HTC to LG

  • Easily transfer photos, videos, calendar, contacts, iMessages and music from HTC to LG.
  • Takes less than 30 minutes to finish.
  • Works perfectly with Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, and more smartphones and tablets.
  • Fully compatible with major providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10 or Mac 10.11
Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

Steps to transfer files from HTC to LG

Step 1. Download and Run dr.fone - Phone Transfer

To begin with, download and install the right version of dr.fone - Phone Transfer on computer. Run it. In the primary window, choose the "Switch" mode.

select device mode

Step 2. Connect Your HTC and LG G3 to Computer via USB Cables

Use USB cables to connect your two phones to computer. dr.fone - Phone Transfer will detect and show them in the window soon. Go to the middle and ensure the content you want to transfer are checked.

Note: If you have useless content on your LG G3, you can tick "Clear data before copy" to remove them.

select items to transfer data from HTC to LG

Step 3. Start to Transfer from HTC to LG G3

Now, click "Start Transfer" to transfer content from HTC to LG G3. In the whole process, do not disconnect any phone.

Once you sign in your Google account, Facebook, Twitter and other accounts, contacts saved in it will be transferred too. Calendars in Google account can also be transferred.

transfer data from HTC to LG

Method 2. Transfer Data from HTC to LG G3 Manually

dr.fone - Phone Transfer is a specially design phone transfer software to transfer apps, contacts, messages, calendars, call logs, music, video and photos from HTC to LG G3. If you prefer to transfer manually without any software, you can mount your HTC phone an LG G3 as external hard drives and copy files between them.

Step 1. Connect your old HTC phone and LG G3 to computer by plugging to USB cables.
Step 2. Once your computer recognizes them, you can go to Computer. In the Portable Devices section, you can see your old HTC phone and LG G3.

Step 3. Open your old HTC phone to get access to its SD card, and copy photos, music, video and document files. Then, open LG G3 and paste the files from HTC to the SD card of your LG G3.

To transfer contacts from HTC to LG G3, you can first export contacts from HTC phone to its SD card and saved as a .vcf file. On your HTC phone, open Contacts app and tap Contacts tab. Tap the menu icon and choose "Import/Export" > "Export to USB storage". Then, copy and paste the .vcf file to the SD card of LG G3.

move data from htc to lg    how to move contacts from htc to lg

And then, On your LG G3, go to Contacts app, tap the menu bar to show "Import/Export" > "Import from USB storage" to import the .vcf file.

how to transfer contacts from htc to lg

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