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Best Software and Apps to Transfer your iPhone's Photos to Android

James Davis

Apr 07, 2023 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

Phones with in-built cameras have been a remarkable innovation. The success levels achieved by the idea are beyond what one could have comprehended earlier. Smartphone users are particularly fond of in-built cameras, and the feature comes across the USP for several phones. People click photos everywhere, homes, outdoors, and parties. They click photos of birds perched on trees, dishes that they cook, and odd graffiti on cars. Then they share the photos over social media, primarily WhatsApp.
Despite the ease of management of photographs over smartphones in general, several users wonder how to transfer photos from iPhone to android. At one time or the other, most of the smartphone users are likely to face this difficulty.
Some of the most basic ways of transferring photos and albums from iPhone to an Android phone comprise of the use of software or apps. Either of the methods comes with some easy to use alternatives.
Let us take a look at some of the top ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Android:

Part 1. Best software to transfer photos from iPhone to Android with cable

Using "Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer" feature on Dr.Fone toolkit
Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer is software that lets you transfer images from an iPhone to an Android phone. It works vice versa as well, and can characteristically be used to transfer content in between any two phones, even while they work on different platforms. Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer software is a top performer across all phone models.
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Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer

Transfer Everything from Android/iPhone to New iPhone in 1 Click.

  • It supports all the leading iOS devices, including devices running on iOS 11.
  • The tool can transfer your photos, videos, contacts, messages, music, call logs, notes, bookmarks, and so much more.
  • You can transfer all your data or select the type of content you wish to move.
  • It is compatible with Android devices as well. This means you can easily perform a cross-platform transfer (e.g. iOS to Android).
  • Extremely user-friendly and fast, it provides a one-click solution
Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it
The content that can be transferred using the Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer software is not limited to photographs alone. It may be used to transfer videos and text messages as well. The content is transferred selectively using the software, and it works over phones that use the Windows platform as well.
Switching data between Android phones is not too difficult. Similarly, one can use iTunes to transfer data between an iPhone and an Android phone. But the difficulty arises when a user wants to have all his data from his prior phone over his present phone.
Let us take a look at the steps to follow to transfer photographs from iPhone to Android Phone:
    • • Open the phone transfer feature over the Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer software, over your PC. You would be required to use your PC or Mac laptop as the intermediary device.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android-by Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer

    • • Connect both of your phones to your computer, using the data chord that came with your phone, or any data cord. The phones must also be connected to the Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer software, which would be over your PC.
    • • Using the flip button, you can hot-swap the source phone and the destination phone. This makes it possible to have all your data over either phone.

connects both phones to transfer photos from iPhone to Android

    • • Data transfers from source phone to the destination phone selectively.
    • • The transfer initiates with the start button. Do not disconnect the phones while the transfer takes place.
    • • Clear data before transfer option lets you clear the data over the destination phone, in case you desire so.
    • • The transfer will take a few minutes in total.

transfer photos from iPhone to Android completed

Using Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer iOS to Android App with iOS data cable and USB connector
Using Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer is one of the finest ways to transfer photographs from iPhone to an Android phone. One can easily transfer not just photographs by using this method, but also videos, music, text messages, and contacts.
In case a PC is not available, you can also use Dr.Fone – switch iOS to Android App over your mobile phone. This is accomplished by downloading the Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer (mobile version) from Google Play.
Let us take a look at how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android in a single click:
    • • Download Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer. Install and launch it over your Android phone.
    • • Connect your iPhone using an iOS data cable and your Android phone using a USB connector.

connect with iphone using ios data cable and usb connector

    • • To transfer photos, check the photos checkbox.

check photos to transfer with Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer App

    • • Tab the Transfer
    • • Transfer starts and completes after it goes to 100%.

transfer completes with Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer App

Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer is one of the quickest solutions when one considers, how to transfer photos from iPhone to android.

Part 2. Best apps to transfer photos from iPhone to Android wirelessly

You can alternately transfer photos and other data from iPhone to Android phones using apps. The process can be accomplished wirelessly, and many apps are available for simplifying the processes. Let us take a look at the top amongst those:
SHAREit is a cross-platform app by Lenovo. It shares files over wi-fi in midst of Windows Desktop, Android, and iOS devices. Let us take a look at the steps to be undertaken to accomplish the same:
  • • Download and install SHAREit over your Android and iPhone.
  • • Make sure that both the devices are connected to the same Wifi network.
  • • Open the SHAREit app over both devices
  • • Choose your iPhone, which is your sending device.
  • • Over your iPhone, tap on the SEND icon. This is over the SHAREit app.
  • • Select the files to send.
  • • When the files are selected, proceed by clicking on next.
  • • Over the receiving device, or your Android phone, tap on receive.
  • • Then again over your iPhone, the sending device, figure out the avatar for your Android phone, the receiving device. Tap on this Avtaar.
The files would then be transferred and stored over the apps local storage. This can be figured out by checking the app settings.
Xender is the best app for transferring data wirelessly from iPhone to Windows PC. iPhone transforms into a server. It can then be accessed using a web browser, from a laptop or a PC. Downloading or uploading files from iPhone is then simplified.
But - how to transfer photos from iPhone to android? The procedures are different from Android, and using a mobile hotspot is essential. Let us take a look at the steps involved:
    • • Xender app must be downloaded and installed over both smartphones. It is available over the Apple App Store and Google Play store alike.
    • • Over your Android phone, enable the hotspot and connect the iPhone to the hotspot. This is done by running the Xender app over your Android device.
    • • Tap on the send button. This brings a QR code over your Android device, towards the bottom of the screen. The mobile hotspot is also activated automatically.

transfer photos from iPhone to Android by Xendar

    • • Now we connect the iPhone to the Android phone’s hotspot. Open the Xender App over your iPhone and tap on Receive. This would be towards the bottom of your screen.
    • • Then, a user connects his iPhone to the Wifi network manually, from settings. So Settings-> Wifi-> Wifi hotspot name. Choose the Wifi hotspot name to connect.
    • • Next, return to Xender app on your iPhone. Tap on Receive again. The Connection screen will open.

receive data via Xendar app

  • • Figure out the name of the Android device and tap on connect. The iPhone is now connected to the Android hotspot.
  • • Once the two phones are connected, you can share the files amongst them, either way.
iOS Google Drive
Have you caught yourself wondering about how to transfer photos from iPhone to android? This is achieved by backing up all your content over Google Drive, and then download it over your new phone. Let us take a look at the steps to accomplish the same.
    • • Turn on the new Android phone. You will come across terms and conditions screens.
    • • You come across a screen that asks if you want to bring your data over.
    • • A screen lets you choose the location from which you bring your data. Tap on ‘an iPhone device’.

transfer photos from iPhone to Android by ios google drive

    • • The steps to be followed show up over your Android phone, which is new. But they must be followed over your iPhone.
    • • On your iPhone, open android.com/switch over a Safari browser.
    • • You must necessarily have Google Drive over your iPhone. In case you don’t have it, go to the Google Play Store and download it.
    • • Then sign in to your Google account. This must be the same account that you use at your Android device.
    • • Over your iPhone, open the Google Drive.
    • • Tap on the hamburger menu.

open google drive on iPhone

    • • Then tap on the settings menu. It slides in from the left.

open Settings menu in google drive

  • • Tap on the backup
  • • Slide respective toggles for the content you intend to back up. Leave them on if they are already on.
  • • Total transfer may take hours to accomplish. This is subject to the amount of content that you intend to transfer.

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