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How to Transfer Pictures from iPad to SD Card

Daisy Raines

Apr 21, 2023 • Filed to: Manage Device Data • Proven solutions

Q: "I have a lot of photos on my iPad and I need to move them to my SD card to free some space for new pictures. What is the easiest way to do this?" --- Grouser

When speaking of file transfers in general, we have to admit that not everyone is good at it. Transferring files is easy for the experienced users, but for the greenhands, it becomes troublesome. Well, here we are going to show you two ways to transfer pictures from iPad to SD card. Nowadays most of the gadgets are equipped with SD Card Slot, so anyone with that card can use it to transfer files instead of the flash drive. If you want to transfer files with SD card in a good and safe way, this post is just right for you. You can save files in SD card for a backup, so that you are able to take it anywhere you want. This post will introduce how you can transfer pictures from iPad to SD card.

Part 1. Transfer Pictures from iPad to SD Card without iCloud

The primary choice for transferring pictures from iPad to SD card is using our suggested tool:Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (iOS). This is a great program that does not only manage pictures but also all other files you need, including transfering music, videos and more. The wonderful tool with powerful functions is completely compatible with latest iOS and Windows OS. What's more, you can manage your work done even without iCloud! The following guide will show you how to transfer pictures from iPad to SD card.

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Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (iOS)

One Stop Solution to Manage and Transfer Pictures from iPad to SD Card

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Steps to Transfer Pictures from iPad to SD Card

Step 1. Disable the Auto Sync of iTunes

Start iTunes and disable the auto sync option by clicking Edit > Preferences > Devices, and checking Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically.

Transfer iPad Pictures to SD Card - Disable Auto Sync of iTunes

Step 2. Start Dr.Fone and Connect iPad

Download and install Dr.Fone on your computer. Launch it and choose "Phone Manager". Connect iPad to computer with the USB cable and the program will automatically detect it.

Transfer Pictures from iPad to SD Card - Start TunesGo

Step 3. Transfer Pictures from iPad to SD Card

Choose Photos category at the top middle of the software window. Then you'll see the "Camera Roll" and "Photo Library" in the left sidebar. Select one album and check the photos you need, then click the "Export" button at the top middle. After that, choose "Export to PC" in the drop-down menu, and select the your SD card as the target.

Transfer Pictures from iPad to SD Card - Transfer to SD Card

Part 2. Transfer Pictures from iPad to SD Card with iCloud

Another way of transferring pictures from iPad to SD card is using iCloud. iCloud Photo Library is also a good solution, especially when it comes to backing up. Next few steps describe you how to do it in most easy way.

How to Use iCloud to Save iPad Photos

Step 1. Log in iCloud on iPad

Tap Settings > iCloud, and log in with your Apple ID if you have never used it before.

Transfer Photos to SD Card with iCloud - Log in with Apple id

Step 2. Turn on Photo Stream

Tap Photos, and then turn on Photos Stream in the next page. Now all the new photos will be backed up in iCloud.

Transfer Pictures from iPad to SD Card with iCloud - Turn on Photos Stream

Step 3. Turn On Photos in iCloud for Windows

Now download and start iCloud for Windows on your computer, and turn on Photos after logging in.

Transfer Pictures from iPad to SD Card - Log in iCloud on iPad

Step 4. Transfer iPad Pictures to SD Card

Go to the iCloud folder on your computer, and you'll see the photos. Now you can copy and paste the photos to your SD card.

Transfer Pictures from iPad to SD Card with iCloud - Export pictures

Part 3. Extra Tips for Using SD Card

Above two ways will make you easily transfer photos from ipad to SD card, and you could choose one of them that is better for you. Besides, we are giving you extra tips when it comes to transfer pictures to SD Card, which may provide you a little help when you are in need.

Extra Tips for Transferring Pictures to SD Card

Tip 1.: Check if your SD card is mounted properly. If it is not, files will not be read properly. In cases where you do not mount your SD card appropriately, sometimes errors can occur which will eventually lead to deleting your files.More worse, your SD card can get corrupted. The only solution would be formatting your SD card.

Tip 2.: Keep it simple. Sometimes, files and pictures can be erased if you are overly trying to customize the settings. So you should keep your SD card simple and organize to make the files safe in your SD card.

Tip 3.: Bugs can occur in the system very often. Back up your SD card regularly to prevent data loss. If you use the SD card on different devices, there are chances that it gets virus. So you should back up the files from SD card to a local hard drive.

Tip 4.: Format your SD card. If you think your SD card is not working properly or perhaps just want to clear space for new pictures,it's better to use the format option. You should avoid deleting all the pictures, because formatting is a safe way to erase all the data from your SD card and make a clean start, just like with your hard drive.

Tip 5.: Keep your SD card safe and clean. Writing and reading issues are not that uncommon when it comes to SD cards. Dust can affect the quality of reading, so you need to keep them safe and clean. The best idea is to keep them in the cases to reduce the effect from the dust. You should get a case for them if you don't have one.

Tip 6.: Don't eject SD card while using it. This is something you might already know, but it's worth remembering once again. Make sure not to eject your card while it's in use, as this might corrupt the data on your SD card.

Tip 7.: When you are done using an SD card, you should safely eject it and unmount it first. We should all start doing so, because when you pull it out without dismounting, same process happens when power is lost, which can lead to file losses.

Transferring files and pictures from your iPad to SD card is now easier than ever, thanks to the tools like Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (iOS). Also, you can use iCloud as a transfer method, but it may be a little complicated for the novices. With this application, even direct transferring between two iOS based devices is possible, so if you want to transfer photos from your iPad to iPhone or one iPhone to another, you might not even need to use the SD card to do so! Which way you find the most suitable, we leave the decision to you, because in the end, they are all equally efficient when it comes to just one task: picture transfer. You can now complete your task, and remember: when it comes to pictures, there are things more valuable and a lot heavier than just a few bytes. Back up those wonderful moments because you do not want to lose them. You can eventually drop your SD card somewhere out, without knowing it.

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