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The Tiktok Affairs in India

Alice MJ

May 22, 2023 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

TikTok is a short video-sharing social networking mobile app. It is a Chinese app that is owned by ByteDance. Users can produce short music, lip-sync, dance, comedy, etc. various kinds of videos of 3-15 seconds, and short looping videos of 3-60 seconds using TikTok. TikTok is derived from Musical.ly, an app where users are lip-synched to music and enjoy the videos by sharing with their friends and families. Basically, it’s a video-based app that enables you to design the content right within the app or upload it from your mobile phone. There are 1B+ downloads in the google app store so you can think of how crazy is this app.

On June 29, the Govt. of India officially banned Tiktok. The Indian government removed 59 Chinese-made apps including TikTok citing national security concerns. TikTok was enormous in India, and its dismissal has left millions of Indian users out any sort of similar platform. Over a quarter of worldwide users were from India.

Social media users overwhelmed the Internet with memes and jokes after the Government of India declared its determination of banning TikTok. Twitter has retained itself occupied making memes on the subject. Hera Pheri, Partner, and various Hindi films aside from cartoons were used as meme material and social media users bombarded with memes and short clips. #RIPTikTok was one of the prime trends on Twitter.

Part 1: Most Funny Tiktok jokes in hindi

1. The actual leaked picture of TikTok Users after the TikTok ban.

tiktok joke 1


2. Report: Tiktok ban hone ke baad Desh mein 2 crore berozgaar aur badh gye.

Congress: Modi isteefa dein.

3. Tik Tok ko corona ho gaya tha khud to chal basa sampark mein aane waale 58 bhi chal base.. bhagwaan inki aatma ko shanti de!!

4. News: Tik Tok banned in India

Tik tok User Expression

tiktok joke 2

Hey..maa..matajii.. ab kya hoga humara!!

5. After Tik Tok Ban..

Ab underground hone ka samay aa gaya hai!!

tiktok joke 3

6. After tiktokban..

All the Tiktokusers..

Acha chalta hu duaon me yaad rakhna..

tiktok joke 4

7. Tiktok users be like -

Aapne to humse


Guroor cheen liya

tiktok joke 5

8. Dhal Gaya Din …. Tik

Ho Gayi Sham …. Tok

Jane Do Jana Hai

Yahi TikTok Suno Ab

9. Govt. bans Tiktok

Memers: Abhi Maza Aayega Na Bhidu

tiktok joke 6

10. Govt. to Tiktokers:

tiktok joke 7

Beta Delete Button Dabao

11. Tiktok donated RS. 30 crores in PM Cares Fund.

tiktok joke 8

Tiktok CEO- Oye Chuna laga diya re

Part 2: How to find these tiktok hindi jokes after it was banned?

Now can we use tiktok in India even after it is banned? The answer is tricky but yes it is possible. The government is also planning to make the job difficult even for the VPN users. You might even be unable to use Tiktok even with VPN and some tweaks. But for now, you have to just keep few things in mind.

Using Vpn: You cannot directly use VPN for accessing Tiktok if you have used the app earlier in your device because the app is blocked by some hardware id. You have to ‘factory reset your device'. Keep in mind factory reset erases all your data stored. If you have any important files then do the backup first. If you want to buy a new phone in near future then it’s great because the previous Tiktok hardware id won’t be there. After that now install any VPN on your device. There are many providers available. Some are free and paid too. Choose according to your budget.And voila tik-tok would be unbanned for you.

Alternatives: Since the ban there has been a surge in new short video apps which are similar toTiktok in the Indian digital app arena. The play store is flooded with tons of these kinds of mobile apps. Some of them are impressive and gets the job done if you used to like Tiktok but the problem is many of them are just simple trash. So the few apps, which are similar, you can try are listed here.

Mitron: The Mitron video-sharing app has been launched recently. With around 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store, the app is a good alternative to TikTok. The app was lately banned from GooglePlay due to some copyright issues, the allegation being its source code was copied but the app is live now again on play store and going strong.

Roposo: Roposo is a relatively older app that has been developed by an Indian. The app, much like Mitron allows for making short videos so that creators can earn money. It has 50M+ downloads on the androidapp store. Roposo is available in many Indian languages as well.

Chingari: It is being reffered as the Indian Tiktok. The app is gaining superb popularity lately and one of the best alternative to Tiktok. It’s a good choice to use this because it has all the features of TikTok and many more.

Dubsmash: Dubsmash was initially very trending due to its uniqueness, gaining over 50M downloads and having users from around the globe, including many celebrity ids. The app allows users to record videos of themselves lip-syncing to various to various audio clippings of their choice. The app is available in 20 different languages, including Hindi.


Tiktok was banned in India citing reasons that it is harmful to the personal data of the users, Tiktok has also been accused of being a serial offender in presenting hate and obscene contents to users. The alleged offenses are serious in nature and the user must protect their privacy. But the fact is what about the harm already done when people were using Tiktok without any problem. There is lot of debate going on. If this is only a politically motivated step or anything else. We should wait and watch whats the future ahead for Tiktok.

So the safest bet is you should use the alternatives available without exposing your data and privacy. Still, if you want to use Tiktok we have provided the how-to guide for that and the user is solely responsible for his actions so keep that in mind.

Alice MJ

Alice MJ

staff Editor

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