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A detailed guide on iPhone 6/7 Factory Reset Without a password


Mar 09, 2023 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

No one wants to let others use the information they store on their iPhones. Therefore, setting up a security lock is the most effective way to safeguard that information. You can choose a six-digit password that is hard to figure out.

Nevertheless, it's a decent security feature that irritates you if you don't remember your code. So, if you are in such a situation, you may be looking for how to factory reset iPhone 7 without password.

iPhones are hard to break into. If you have a unique password, it's extremely difficult for somebody to get in without your consent. But if you want to open an iPhone without the passcode, a factory reset can help you. Therefore, in this guide, we will discuss the best ways how to reset iPhone 6 without password.

Part 1: Can I Factory Reset My iPhone 6/7 without Data Loss?

No, you cannot factory reset your iPhone without losing your data and settings. A factory reset is intended to delete everything off your phone. So, when you choose to reset your device, it will erase all your data.

Moreover, there is no way around that. However, go for a backup if you have some important files and don't intend to lose them. A backup can save your important files by sending them or saving them to a cloud.

By doing so, you can then restore all your backup files after a reset. So technically, you won't lose your data to a reset.

Part 2: Top 3 Ways to Factory Reset iPhone 6/7 without password

1. Use Find My in iCloud

Your iPhone is most likely connected to Find My if you have an Apple account. It is Apple's worldwide device-finding feature. That allows you to reset and erase your iPhone without having the passcode. The following steps will help you do so:

Step 1. Go to iCloud's site on a PC and sign into your ID.

A quick tip: If you can't sign into iCloud because you don't have a device or working phone any longer, you'll have to contact Apple for help.

Step 2. In the main menu, click the Find iPhone option.

select find my iphone

Step 3. You'll be given a guide to every one of your devices. Click All Devices at the top, and afterwards, select your iPhone.

Step 4. In the window that shows up, click Erase iPhone.

erase iphone

Step 5. Enter your Apple ID details to erase your iPhone. If your browser isn't secured enough, you might be asked to respond to a security question. However long your iPhone is on and connected to the web, it'll be reset immediately.

2. Enter Recovery Mode with iTunes

Step 1. To begin, you ought to put your device in Recovery Mode. The process requires this mode to make your PC work with your device. In any case, going to the recovery mode is unique and contingent upon your device model. Read the description below for your specific device:

iPhone 8 and above models: How to reset one of the more current model iPhones that don't have a home button has changed. Put your iPhone into recovery mode before connecting and following the reset method.

Do not plug your device into your PC at present. Long-press the side/power button until the device gives you the slider to close down. Drag the slider across the screen and turn it off.

Then, press the volume (+) button and the volume (-). Then, at that point, long-press the side button again while connecting it to your PC. Do not release the three buttons yet.

Your device will access the recovery mode if you have done this precisely.

For iPhone 7: Connect the phone to your PC while tapping the volume down button. Hold the button until the recovery screen appears on the phone.

iPhone 6S or previous devices: Press the Home button and keep holding it.

Kindly turn off your iPhone, plug it into your PC, and hold the home button until the device shows the recovery screen.

Step 2. Continue to hold the button and connect the device to your PC. Continue to do so until you see the recovery mode screen shows up. It'll have an image of a PC with a connector.

Step 3. When done, open Finder or iTunes and open the iPhone menu. If you're utilizing Finder, click your iPhone's name in the left sidebar. In iTunes, click the iPhone symbol in the upper-left corner.

Step 4. You will be shown a message saying the iPhone has an issue. Therefore, they will ask you to restore your device. So select Restore.

A Mac menu senses that the connected iPhone has experienced an issue and should be restored. Therefore, the "Restore" choice is featured.

restore using itunes

Step 5. Keep your iPhone connected to the PC as it resets and restores the iPhone. Time can differ, so show some patience.

When it gets done, turn your iPhone on and set it up like a new one. Then, when you're asked whether you might want to restore a backup, go ahead and sign into iCloud to do so.

3. Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock

safe Downloadsafe & secure

This method is for you if the above two arrangements don't work. If you need to reboot a locked iPhone, you should attempt to utilize Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock. T

his software works impeccably to factory reset your iPhone or some other iPhone model without a password. It can likewise assist with eliminating screen locks, MDM locks, or activation locks. Just download the tool and follow these steps:

Step 1. Get Your Device Connected to the System

When you are in the interface of Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock and tape on the "Screen Unlock" option.

select screen unlock

Use a USB cable for the connection between your iDevice and the PC. Then, at that point, click the "Unlock iOS Screen" on the program.

unlock ios screen

Step 2. Launch the Recovery mode

Before sidestepping the iPhone lock screen, we want to boot it in Recovery or DFU mode. Use the guidelines given in the image below to access the recovery mode. The Recovery mode is preferred; however, you can also enable DFU mode.

go to recovery mode

Step 3. Confirm Your Phone Model

After accessing the DFU mode, Dr.Fone will show the device information. You will see the Device Model and the software version. If the data isn't right, you can likewise choose the right information from their given list. Then download the firmware package into your device.

select phone information

Step 4. Remove the Lock

Click Unlock Now after downloading the firmware to begin removing the lock.

unlock now

Simply in almost no time, you will have an unlocked device. The great thing is this method will wipe your complete data. So, if you were looking at how to factory reset iPhone 7 without password, this is the way.

Bonus Tips: Erase Simply Your iPhone

Dr.Fone-Data Eraser

safe Downloadsafe & secure

If you intend to use a hassle-free expert tool for data erasure, there is no tool better than Dr.Fone-Data Eraser. Dr.Fone is an all-in-one tool for iOS users.

Their data eraser software lets you select specific files or delete the whole data with a different security level. So, if you need to get rid of the files and erase your phone quickly, Dr.Fone should be on your system.

When running the Dr.Fone on your PC, you'll see different tools on the home page. Select "Data Eraser" from there.

click data eraser

Then, how about we take a look at how to utilize Dr.Fone - Data Eraser to erase everything on the iPhone in steps?

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the system

Connect your iPhone to the PC to see all three choices available. First, pick Erase All Data to begin the process.

click start

Step 2. Delete your iPhone

After reading your iPhone, you can choose a security level to erase your data. The higher the security level, the lower the chance of recovering it again. A higher security level consumes a considerable time to erase.

select security level

Since the data can't be recovered, you should be cautious and enter "000000" to confirm your activity when prepared.

type the pin

Step 3. Give the Process Some Time

When the deletion starts, you don't have to do anything. Instead, wait patiently to finish the process and keep your device connected throughout the process.

start deletion

The program expects you to confirm the rebooting of your iPhone or iPad. Click "OK" to proceed.

erase successful

When the deletion is finished, you will see a window. Your iPhone is completely erased and turns into a factory/default device. You can now start to set it according to your needs.

The Bottom Line

There are many approaches for how to factory reset iPhone 6 without password. Therefore, we have explained the best ones among the lot. However, if you don't know about the Apple ID or passcode, you can go for Dr.Fone-Data Eraser. After using Dr.Fone, anyone who gets your phone won't be able to restore your confidential data.

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