How to Utilize Samsung Fingerprint Lock

Nowadays, it has become a popular trend for every people to have a smartphone of their own. The innovations as well as development of smartphones have enabled them to store more and more vital, important data. As a consequence, the need to carefully secure the data stored in smartphones has never been so urgent.

Until now, several ways have been introduced to ensure the security of smartphone. From the oldest one: password to many brand new, modern ways such as voice detection, each has proved to have its own pros and cons.

Besides, there is one security solution that has gained trust and popularity of the majority of customers: fingerprint lock. This marvelous feature provides its user with a fast, simple and free-risk way to make sure all the data stored in the smartphone is well protected.

In this article, we will offer you a detailed, well-written instruction as well as everything you need to know about the utilization of Samsung fingerprint lock.

Part 1: How to Register Fingerprint on Samsung

If you want to make use of the Samsung fingerprint lock, you must first register to it.

Step 1: On the main screen of your Samsung smartphone, tap on the Settings menu to open it. Under the bar which is entitled as Quick settings, tap on Finger Scanner option.

Samsung fingerprint lock-Finger Scanner option

Step 2: Once you have chose it, you will see a drop down menu appear on the screen. Scroll down until you see a bar which is named as Settings. Choose the first option, which is Fingerprint manager to begin your work.

Fingerprint manager

Step 3: During this time, you are well advised to slowly slide your finger up and down over the home button. Repeat this action carefully and correctly until it is successfully registered. You will be informed about that.

Step 4: In the pop-up screen Confirm password, choose a random one and type in your alternative password to guarantee the security of the Samsung smartphone finger lock.

Samsung fingerprint lock-type in alternative password

Step 5: Turn back to the first step. Instead of setting up a new fingerprint on your Samsung smartphone, you will be shown a window which is used to finalise the process of enabling your Fingerprint Lock. Tap on OK button to finally make sure that you want to register it to be your main way of security.

Register Samsung fingerprint lock

Part 2: How to Set Samsung Fingerprint Lock Screen

In this part of the article, we shall give you a full and detailed description on how to set up the fingerprint lock on Samsung smartphones.

Step 1: On the main screen of your Samsung devices, tap on Settings to open it. You will be shown a plenty of choices.

set Samsung fingerprint lock screen

Step 2: On the upper bar, a number of options will be appeared. Choose the second option, which is named as Personal. You will see a drop down menu on the screen.

Samsung fingerprint lock-Choose Personal

Step 3: In the drop down menu that you have been introduced to, tap on the lock screen and security option to open it. You will then be presented with another drop down menu, which contains of several choices that help you to perform your task.

tap on the Lock screen

Step 4: Under the Security bar, you will see 2 options. Tap on the first one, which is named as Fingerprints.

Step 5: Once you have done this previous step, you will be shown a plenty of selections. In the first bar called Manage fingerprints, tap on the Add fingerprint option, which also comes with a green plus.

Manage fingerprints

Step 6: Put your finger down slowly and carefully on the Home button of your Samsung devices, wait for some seconds and then put it off. But for the sake of your own, you are well advised to repeat this action over and over again so that your device can be capable of detecting your fingerprint from different angles. This performance will definitely help you a lot when you try to unlock your Samsung smartphone by using fingerprint lock screen.

unlock Samsung phone by Samsung fingerprint

Part 3: Extra Tips for Better Use of Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint lock is definitely a great way for users to secure their data, but to some of the customers, there are still drawbacks as well as confusions when they first face this modern secured solution. In order to give our customers a closer look into the best way to take advantage of fingerprint lock, we shall now give you some extra tips for better use.

When you register your fingerprint, you should make sure to slide one same finger over the Home button for many times to ensure the best efficiency. As Samsung only gives you the permission to register 4 fingerprints, it will be impossible for you to register all 10 fingers. An alternative and effective solution for you is to only scan 1 finger. Perform the scanning task multiple times will also give you a higher accuracy as it will provide different angles of your finger. Therefore, once you need to unlock your Samsung, you are less likely to fail.

tips for fingerprint lock

When you swipe your fingerprint to unlock your Samsung device, make sure to take it slow. If you do this too fast, the smartphone stands a high chance of failing to detect your fingerprint.

tip 2 for fingerprint lock

Although fingerprint lock is an excellent way for you to secure your phone, it proves to have certain drawbacks if your Samsung device is used in trust-worthy, homelike places. With the aim of avoiding wasting time, you should try set up SmartLock feature. This feature enables you to bypass the security process while being at safe environments. Follow the instructions on the cap-screens below to activate SmartLock.

tip 3 for fingerprint lock

You will sometimes be unable to unlock your Samsung device using fingerprint lock, and you may ask yourself why. Surprisingly, one of the most common reasons is that the scanner of Samsung fingerprint lock is simply dirty. Dust stored in the Home button and near the scanner is likely to result in the inability to recognize your fingerprint. Furthermore, if your finger is wet and untidy, moisture as well as dust skin will affect the accuracy of the scanning process.


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