How to Purchase an Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5

You probably have heard of unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5, but you are still not sure what this means. As its name suggests, a locked phone is tied to only one network, the one you have decided to sign a contract with in order to buy your new device. You made a good deal, but limitations of using SIM cards from any other carrier is still there. With an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5, you can use any carrier’s SIM cards freely and always change them according to your wish, allowing a lot more options to be at your disposal when using your phone.

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Part 1: What to Consider Before Buying an Unlocked Samsung phone

As with everything with life, there are some positives and negatives when you decide on buying an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5. And you know, there are many ways to unlock Samsung Galaxy S5, so, buy an unlocked Samsung S5 is not difficult. Let’s take a look at the list of these advantages and disadvantages, and you can then conclude yourself whether obtaining an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 is really a good idea.


Compatible with all networks – This might just be the most important positive aspect of getting an unlocked phone. You need to be aware that locked phones come with a requirement to use only the one carrier, but if you decide on getting yourself an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 , you will be getting the option of choosing any carrier you wish. Not only you can choose the ideal for you, you can easily change between the SIM cards of different carriers, maximizing the usability of your phone.

Samsung galaxy s5 unlocked

Saving extra roaming charges – When you are using a SIM that is connected with one network when you are in roaming, you are bound to end up with paying extra charges based on the destination you are in. This is not the case with Samsung Galaxy unlocked, as you can easily go and buy a local SIM card offered in the country you are visiting. This way you will enable yourself much less call charges, not to mention saving on data rates.

Easy to modify– An unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 is much more flexible when it comes to customization and a number of features than its locked counterpart. You are completely in control of the applications on your phone and you are able to install applications that come from a third-party. Even if you simply want to change a wallpaper or something else when it comes to the look of your phone, it is a much easier process on an unlocked phone.


Warranty– When you sign a deal with a particular carrier and you buy their phone, you get a device that only accepts the SIM cards of that particular network. If you choose to unlock your phone, you will definitely break the contract terms, which will lead to any warranties getting voided. In this case, you will not have the right of a free repair of your phone by your provider, despite the fact that the warranty is still valid.

More expensive– This is where you need to be careful. Although it is the best for the unlocking to be handled by professionals, sometimes the initial price you pay for an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 is higher than for a locked phone. However, this usually pays off in the long run. The thing you need to focus on is to weigh out the prices when buying a Samsung Galaxy unlocked carefully, in order to avoid somebody overcharging you. In general, locked phones might be a better deal at first, since they come at a lower price.

Samsung S5 unlocked

Unlocking problems– With the right knowledge, anyone is able to unlock a Samsung phone. But, the process is a bit tricky, and the software to use can come with malware or, even worse, viruses, so you need to be very careful about who will unlock your phone, so you don’t encounter any problems during the process or once when you get to using the phone. This is definitely not something you want, as it is essential for you to have a completely working phone that will not trouble you with any issues.

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Part 2: Differences of Who Unlocked the Phone

As it is very important to know who has unlocked your phone, since this might have a major effect on it working properly, we will try to explain you the differences between the people you have picked to perform this service to you.

Manufacturers – You might have already guessed that this is the best way to go, and it definitely is. It is natural that a manufacturer knows its phone the best and this is why, should you ever decide on buying unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5, you should buy one unlocked by the manufacturer. They will perform the unlocking process in a way that will surely not harm your phone and in a way that will allow it to work as planned, without any issues once you start using it.

Cell providers – This is something that you might think about trying, but you should know that not every carrier will perform this service for you. This is understandable, since they want you to use their SIM cards, and if your contract didn’t expire, you shouldn’t even bother calling them. In case the contract has expired, most of them will consider doing this for you, although some of them might charge you a fee.

Anyone else – This includes yourself. Truth might be that anyone might perform this process and make a Samsung Galaxy unlocked phone, but there are some things that can go wrong. Some of the free software offered is full with malware and viruses which will give you a lot of trouble once you start using your phone, and if you get to doing that yourself, you might not be able to finish and get stuck in the middle of the process. This is why you should make sure that the process is done by somebody you trust, whoever that someone might be. You can also click to learn how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S5.


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