20 Useful Tips to Sell Used iPhone at the Best Price

Whether you want to get yourself the newest model of iPhone available, or you just are in need for some cash, or maybe you just received a new phone as a gift, and you want to get rid of your old one, here is a list of 20 useful tips for how to sell an used iPhone at the best price:

Part 1. 20 useful tips to sell used iPhone at the best price

1. Decide on why you are selling

Depending on the reason, you might be able to figure out an estimate price beforehand, and make sure it will work for you. Also, you can put it into the product description, buyers usually are curious about why did you decide to give it away. Was it because of its performance? Do you think about buying a new one?

2. Take a close look at your phone and make sure you know what you are selling

Every scratch and every mark will affect the final price that you will be able to ask. And it worths to mention that an iPhone with a broken screen is not going to sell. Although there are also a couple of options for this case.

3. Find out the exact model you are trying to sell

The model will also affect the final price. The newer is it, the bigger the price that you'll get. And every model comes with different specifications, that are also to be considered.

4. Go online and check out the model of iPhone you want to sell

It will help you to know the market. Find out the same model as yours, with the same characteristics and maybe similar state as yours in order to have an estimate of the price that you could get.

5. Check for online shops and for your city shops that sell used phones

This will help you find out who is willing to give you more money, and it will also give you a hint as to what to avoid and what works best for you.

6. Consider taking time to find the original package

Used iPhones that come with the original package usually tend to have higher selling prices.

7. Gather as much information about your phone as you can

Search on the internet for the technical details of your phone. You want to make sure you know everything about it

8. Make a list of all the characteristics it has

It will help you have a detailed description of the product for when you decide on the selling method you will use. Be sure to include all the available information that you can gather.

9. Plan for it in advance

Usually it’s around Winter holidays that the resellers say people buy more phones than usually. Also a good time to sell your iPhone is just before a new model is released, around one month in advance. iPhone users want to get the new model, and some people want to get an iPhone at a good price, even it’s an used one, so it’s a win-win situation.

10. Make a comparison for the offers on different sites that provide selling services

There are many online sites that will buy your iPhone, such as gazelle.com, yourenew.com, usell.com, and others. The price that you will receive varies for each of it, and it also depends on the state of your phone.

11. Decide if you want to use selling service or to sell it yourself

Selling your iPhone to a reseller will get all the hustle of your chest, but you will receive less money for the item you are selling, on the other hand, there are the sites, such as ebay.com or craigslist.com, where you can sell directly to the buyer. This will get you an extra 200-300$, but it is time consuming and more difficult.

12. Decide on what payment methods that you will accept

If you decide to sell directly, you should decide on the methods of payment you will accept. You have to have them all specified in the description you provide for the item. Some buyers would opt out an item just because they don’t find the payment method convenient for them.

13. Decide on the method of shipping you will provide

There are a lot options here. It’s best that you offer three or four shipping methods, so that the customer feels free to choose what will work best for him/her.

14. Try to get your phone unlocked before selling it

Some of the phones, depending on where did you get it, might be locked to a certain network. This means that it can only be used with a sim card that work on that specific broadband. If that’s the case with your phone, try to get it unlocked. It costs money to unlock it, but you will increase the chances to sell your phone at a higher rate.

15. Decide on what accessories will you provide with your phone

Will you also provide the charger, data cable, or earplugs? If not, you should specify in the description.

16. In case of the buyer changing his mind, will you accept refunds?

This one is also good to consider. Some people feel safer to buy an item if they have the option to change their mind if there is something that they don’t like. Usually a few days are fine, maybe up to a week, but it depends on you. Be sure to make yourself clear about the refund policy that you offer (or not) and in that happens, who will pay for the shipping

17. Sign out of all your accounts

This one is just to be sure. Although you will wipe clean your iPhone, as a means of precaution you might want to sing out of all your active sessions, unless you use to enter your password every time you enter an app...

18. Be sure to back up your data from your iPhone

Out phones have become our companions throughout the day. We have pictures, music, messages, e-mail, and all the other files and apps that we need. If you plan to part ways with your iPhone you might want to back up your files, to make sure you can still access them even after you sell your phone.

19. Make sure to delete your phone history

Use one of the available apps, like Wondershare SafeEraser, to clear your phone history. Simply using the Delete button won’t help, since you can use different apps to restore the deleted documents. Wondershare SafeEraser deletes everything without leaving any trace, and without any chances for recovery. That’s why you should do the backup first.

20. Do you know what your next phone is going to be?

Before you sell your old phone you should decide what is going to be your next phone, unless you already have a new one, and you just want to get rid of the old. Or if you decide to go phone-less, in which case you can skip this point altogether.

Part 2. Erase your private data before selling your used iPhone

The most important thing before selling a used iPhone is that erasing all private data permanently. Don't believe that a simple deletion can really remove your personal data. Recovering deleted data from an iPhone becomes pretty easy now, such as dr.fone - iPhone Data Recovery. It works great at recovering lost iPhone data. Then what should we do?

Don't worry. There is dr.fone - iOS Full Data Eraser, specially designed for you to erase your iPhone completely and permanently, so that no one can trace anything from your iPhone.

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Steps guiding how to erase your iPhone permanently before selling it

Step 1. Connect your used iPhone to your computer. Then run the program and choose "More Tools" > "iOS Full Data Eraser".

tips for selling used iphone

Step 2. When the program detects your used iPhone, you can see the window of the program below. Click "Erase".

tips for selling used iphone

Step 3. Since the eraser can't be cancalled once you've performed it, you need to enter the word "delete" to confirm your operation. Then click "Erase now" to move forward.

tips for selling used iphone

Step 4. When the process of erasing begins, you don't need to do anything, but keep your used iPhone connected all the time. At the end of the process, you will see a message telling you that your data has been erased. Then you will get your used iPhone as a new one without any data on it.

tips for selling used iphone

tips for selling used iphone

Erase Phone

1 Used iPhone
2. Delete iPhone
3. Erase iPhone
4. Clear iPhone
5. Wipe iPhone
6. Clear/Wipe Android

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