Where can I easily find the Pokemon theme discord server?


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Even after four years of its release, Pokemon GO is still one of the most popular AR-based games for Android and iOS. For people who don’t know, Pokemon GO is an AR-based mobile game where the players go out, search for Pokemons, and collect Pokemon.

While the traditional way of catching Pokemon remains the same, not all users are comfortable with walking for several miles to collect Pokemon. If you’re one of them, you should try a Pokemon Theme Discord server to find and catch different Pokemon.

A Pokemon Go discord server is a platform where you can join the community of other Pokemon players and get real-time updates about the coordinates of different Gyms and Pokestops. So, in this article, we’re going to introduce you to different platforms where you can quickly use a feature-rich Pokemon theme discord server.

Part 1: What can pokemon player gain from discord server?

First; let’s understand how a Pokemon GO discord server will make your gameplay easier. One of the major benefits of using a discord server is that it’ll allow you to interact with other players and get information about raids, Pokespots, events, battles, etc. This means that if you join a discord server, it’ll help you catch Pokemon more quickly.

Another benefit of joining a discord server is that you’ll join a community of players that keep posting new information/guides on Pokemon GO tips and tricks. If you’re an experienced player and want to get a step further, you can even create customized discord servers. So, whether you’re stuck at completing a PokeDox challenge or simply want to catch an extremely rare character, joining a discord server will help.

Unfortunately, finding a server is not as easy as you might think. Why? Because there are hundreds of discord servers where you can join for free. But, only a few of these servers provide accurate Pokestop coordinates. So, if you are ready to join a server, make sure to choose the right one that suits your requirements.

Part 2: Which platform can we find the dicord server?

So, here are a few platforms where you can find different Pokemon GO Discord servers.

1. Top.gg

Top.gg is an online platform where you can find and join discord servers without any hassle. With a dedicated search bar, you’ll be able to search for a dedicated server in one-click. With top.gg, you can also navigate through the different channels of the discord server. You can even choose bots to automate different processes of a specific channel.


What makes top.gg a reliable platform is the fact that all the listed discord servers are managed by active players. This means you’ll get real-time updates on coordinates of PokeStops and spawn locations.


  • Join Discord by following a couple of easy steps
  • Add bots to your discord server
  • Find Active Discord Servers


  • Many users have encountered glitches while working with its API

2. DisBoard.org

Disboard.org is arguably the most popular discord server listing platform right now. Simply type “discord server” in the Google search bar and you’ll see Disboard listed in the top search results. With DisBoard, you can find a wide variety of discord servers and join them without any efforts.


Pokemon Go Trainers can also create their own servers and invite other players to join the channels. However, it might be a bit challenging to set up the entire page of a customized server, thanks to an overwhelming user interface. And, like any other discord server listing platform, you can also invite bots to your own server.


  • Invite bots to your own server easily
  • Search for a variety of discord servers


  • Setting up a customized discord server is quite complicated

3. Discord.me

Discord.me is yet another platform where you’ll find all the top Pokemon Go discord servers. The platform has a dedicated search bar that’ll allow you to type the keywords and quickly find a specific discord server. Even though Discord.me is not as popular as the previous listing platform, especially in terms of search engine visibility, it does offer some unique functionalities that’ll cater to the needs of many players.


You can customize your own servers without any hassle as Discord.me has a pretty user-friendly interface. And, once you have created your own server, you can also invite other players to join the channels.


  • Thousands of active members
  • Get top discord servers each week
  • Latest information about Pokemon GO events and battles


  • Discord.me doesn’t have an extensive list of Pokemon Go discord servers

4. DiscordServers.com

If you’re looking for a platform where you can find the best Pokemon Go discord server and also create customized servers with minimum efforts, DiscordServers.com is the right choice. This is a platform where you can find all the popular discord servers for Pokemon GO. Also, when you create your own discord server, you can even promote it for free on the platform.



  • Promote customized discord servers for free
  • Join existing discord servers with one click
  • Quick and easy-to-navigate interface


  • All the discord servers aren’t active


So, that concludes our list of platforms where you can easily find Pokemon GO discord server. Go to any of these websites and search for a dedicated discord server. Also, if you want to provide other Pokemon GO players with helpful information, you can even set up your own discord server. We hope that we could help you through this article. If you have got what you wanted, do drop a comment below to share your views. Also, don’t forget to share it to the ones you think need this information! Thanks!


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