How do I walk in the walking dead our world to get free stuff?


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You just don’t walk but you have to know how to do it! In the walking dead our world, survivors are featured as high-tier cards that need trick to unlock. More so, the more moves you make, the better the rewards because you get the opportunity to evade zombies’ areas both in the current location and virtually. Encounters are all over and all you need to do is tackle them with tactics so that you keep on getting free stuff.  Focus on the supply drops that are scattered all over. The secret is in moving so that you gain coins, grenades, among others. Our World uses a card-based system to help you gain weapon power and perks. But you need walking tips to help you move around successfully.

Part 1:How to walk in the walking dead our world?

It wouldn’t be easy to walk our world the walking dead and reach all the locations you wish to. However, there is a way to get out of your location and step up your game. Simply fake the GPS location with Dr. Fone Virtual Location! This app lets you change your location in a matter of seconds. You’ll appear walking in another region apart from your location. More so, you get a perfect opportunity to join clans from other regions and even fight more zombies and unlock popular characters.

Here’s how to fake your location with Dr. Fone Virtual Location and move around the entire world to any location of choice.

Step 1. Launch Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) on your computer

Download and install Dr. Fone Virtual Location on your computer. Then hit the “Virtual Location” option to begin the faking process.

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Step 2. Link your iPhone to the computer

Then connect your iPhone to the computer system via a USB cable. Wait for it to be recognized, then hit the “Get Started” button.

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Step 3. Search for a location

The app will show a map-like image, displaying your current location. Click on the “Center On” button to pinpoint your accurate location. Once you are sure of your location, you can now identify the location that you wish to teleport to. Then click on the “Teleport” mode icon to allow you to manually enter a location to play from.

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Step 4. Teleport to your desired location

It’s now time to move to your desired location. Various places will be displayed that you can choose from. Pinpoint one region and click the “Go” icon to move there. Then drop a pin to the exact location and click the “Move Here” option and continue to fight zombies in that region.

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Part 2:Whats the free stuff in the game you can get

Here’s where the walking dead our world gets interesting. Imagine every time you safely drop a survivor, you receive rewards among other scenarios.


Cards as free stuff can be found in many places. First, when you complete infestations, check off daily missions or successfully drop off a survivor at a Safe House, then you are rewarded with cards. You can build yourself a Safe House once you get hold of enough material based on your rewards. You can build a Shelter when you earn Hero cards, a Warehouse with perk cards, or an Armory when you are rewarded with weapon cards.


With coins, many options are available to get them for free. You will get free coins at every stage of playing infestations. Fulfilling your daily mission once a day will also earn you some free coins. Likewise, when you finish leveling up a Safe House, you are bound to be rewarded with some coins based on the number of survivors you have dropped off.

Part 3: Tips to get free stuff in the walking dead our world

You’ll run out of energy at certain times and will wish for free stuff to keep you going. Check out these tips on how to get free stuff without spending any bucks.

Complete your missions

Some missions, once completed, will reward you with free coins. Daily missions are best known for rewards. So, make sure you carefully check the requirements and complete them as needed.

Group yourselves

There is power in a grouping when it comes to beating challenges. You can achieve more when you work together with group mates and complete weekly challenges fast enough. However, you need to check out which groups you are teaming up with. Familiar characters from the TV show are the best option.

Clean out infestations

Clear any infestations that come your way. You will be greatly rewarded with adequate coins once the mission is accomplished.

Identify a trading post nearby

This is ideal when dropping off survivors. Just place a trading post near our home and it will amaze you how quickly you’ll earn more money.

Level up

You can easily unlock special survivors and heroes when you level up. With this, you will earn cards.

Unlock Rick Grimes

This is among the most recognizable survivors and corresponds to legendary cards. If you wish to get hold of free legendary cards then just complete the weekly challenges to unlock Rick Grimes.


You just need a high intellectual quotient to achieve free stuff in the walking dead our world game. The tips mentioned in this article are a good starting point to earning some free coins and cards. Likewise, the best spoofing app, Dr. Fone Virtual Location, can help you maneuver and land in any location worldwide. The best part is that you don’t need to walk. Control all the coordinates from one point and appear to be in different regions for fulfilled gaming.


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