Tips to Become Ghostbusters World Game Master


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Imagine walking around in the real world and coming across a ghost that you want to fight and capture, exciting right?

Ghostbusters World is a new AR game for both android and iOS that allows you to capture ghosts as you move around the game. It is quite exciting with a great interface that allows you to get totally immersed in the game. However, because it is a new game, many people are not familiar with how to play it and to level up quickly. This article will give you all the information you need to become a Ghostbusters World Game Master.

The Ghostbuster World mobile game splash screen

Part 1: All about Ghostbusters World game

If you want to be a master when it comes to playing the Ghostbusters World mobile game, you need to know the basics of the game. You will ideally be hunting ghosts, which you have to weaken using your particle beam and then put in your trap. Beware, because the ghosts can also fight back and do much damage to your health.

Below are some of the basics you need to know about Ghostbusters Android game:

How do you meet ghosts in the game?

The game is based on the Ghostbusters movie, and you have to walk around in the real world to capture ghosts, much like the way you capture Pokémon creatures in Pokémon Go. You have to find dimension doors placed all over your physical location, cross them, and encounter the ghosts. You will have to use the weapons and other tools in your stock to fight and capture the ghosts. The ghosts can also attack you and defeat you if you are not adept at fighting them, so you must be on your toes at all times. The ghosts can also be resistant to some of the weapons that you have so make sure you are well equipped before you take on a ghost.

Leveling up

How to level up when playing Ghostbusters world mobile game

You have to collect a number of points for each action that you take in the game. You earn points when you fight a ghost, capture a ghost, join a team, complete a mission, go for raids, upgrade your weapons, and much more. When you have scored enough points, you will be moved to the next level.

Ghostbusters World mobile game also allows you to level up ghosts, by letting them participate in more battle. You may also use PKE crystals to manually increase the level of the ghosts in your portfolio.

Battling in Ghostbusters World Arenas

A Battle Arena in Ghostbusters World Game

One of the best places to go for battle in the game is the Ghost Arena. Move around in the real world and find a Ghost Arena and enter the exciting battles where you have five chances of winning. If you want to fight a particular player in the arena, it will cost you 100 coins to do so. When you have found your matches, you will be able to see the Combat Points that they have. Once you see the points, you can now decide which features you are going to use, and which ghosts you are going to field in the battle.

Catching ghosts in Ghostbusters World mobile game

Capturing a ghost in the game

One of the main activities that players of Ghostbusters World undertake is catching ghosts and store them in their traps. In order to achieve this, you must move around in the surrounding real-world areas looking for dimension doors to cross and capture ghosts. When the game is active, you must be prepared, even when out for a walk, since you can stumble upon a ghost at any time.

You should use your tools and other equipment to fight and capture the ghosts. You must endeavor to destabilize the ghost or reduce their efficiency when they go into attack mode. The easiest way to capture a ghost is to use your Particle Thrower, which you reload and launch attacks at the ghost; you may then capture it when you have weakened it.

Spawning ghosts in Ghostbuster world

Spawning ghosts in Ghostbusters World

Apart from entering dimension doors and chasing ghosts in the game, you can spawn ghosts in the game interface too. This can be done in three main ways:

  • When you come across a dimension door, do not enter it; simply stand near it. You will then be able to use the radar to see the ghosts which are nearby.
  • You can launch the game and leave it running when you decide to take a walk or go to do your shopping at the mall. Ghosts are not only found behind dimensions doors but also in the real-world environment.
  • You may also use the Ecto goggles to find ghosts that are nearby. After putting them on, you will be able to spawn up to 16 individual light and dark ghost even when there are no dimension doors nearby.

These are the basics that you need to know in order to play the Ghostbusters World mobile game. Read on to find out how you can level up fast and become a master within a short period.

Part 2: 6 tips to level up in Ghostbusters World game

As with any other game, you must learn how you can level up fast in Ghostbusters World mobile game. There are several ways in which you can go about this, but we shall give you 6 of the surefire ways in which to get to higher levels faster than your compatriots.

1) Spoof your location using the best Virtual Location tools

virtual location 05

You can now capture ghosts without leaving the comfort of your home using a mobile device spoofer tool. The tools allow you to simulate real-world movement even when you have not left your home. If you are using an iPhone to play the game, you can use dr. fone Virtual Location – iOS, one of the best iOS spoofing tools that you can find.

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This tool will allow you to move to any part of the world with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can then move around the map and look for ghosts, dimension doors battle arenas, and more. All of these will help you increase your levels very fast without having to get tired of moving around in the real world.

To know how to use dr. fone virtual location, go to this official tutorial.

2) Upgrade your weaponry

Upgrade your weapons in Ghostbusters World mobile game

When playing Ghostbusters world AR game, you will come across difficult ghosts who are challenging to fight and capture. It goes without saying that when you capture such ghosts, you will earn a lot of points. This is why you need to upgrade your weapons regularly so you can catch these ghosts. In order to do this go to “Menu > Character and Equipment > Equipment”. Now find the weapon that you want and upgrade it. You have to do some research on the weapons available and this will cost you some coins.

Each feature of the weapons can be upgraded by researching it and upgrading it for a maximum of five times. If you choose a Particle Thrower, you can then research the "Increase Damage" feature and then upgrade it to five times its max. This way, your weapons within the game will be much more powerful and effective.

3) Capture more ghost entities

Capture more entities to level up in Ghostbusters World

Capturing more ghosts, even the weakest ones, serves to add points to your score and help you level up. The best way to go about this is to use the available traps. There are three types of traps; the standard, advanced and master traps. You can only use the standard traps until you get to level 10 where you unlock the advanced traps. When you get to level 20, you will be able to unlock the master traps.

These come in helpful when you capture a strong ghost which would easily break a standard trap. You can use the advanced or master traps to catch such ghosts. If you are still not qualified to unlock the traps normally, you can use coins and buy them.

4) Find a Ghost Boss and defeat it

Fight a Ghost Boss to level up fast

Like any other AR game, you have to come across Bosses and fight them with all that you have. On the left side of your screen, you can see the boss list. You will be able to see which Boss is nearby and what time they will be available for a fight. The icon also tells you how far they are. Tap on the option which will then show you how far away you are from a Ghost Boss. When you find one, be prepared for the fight if your life; the reward will help you level up much faster.

5) Go for Missions and complete them

Find and complete missions to level up in Ghostbusters World game

Like any other game, Ghostbusters World has side-quests and missions which earn you points when you complete them. You will be able to get extra equipment and materials which you can use at the right moment and capture a powerful ghost. In some of the missions, the reward will be promoted to the next level, so you cannot ignore them. It is crucial that you attempt and complete the missions which will earn you a wide array of prizes; some offer you materials you need and others offer you coins.

There are three different types of missions – Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, and Challenges. The Daily and Weekly missions occur during the given time frames, but you can always come across Challenges at any time in the game.

6) Use the sidebar tools

Use the sidebar tools to catch more ghosts in the game

There is a lot of useful equipment in your sidebar and you should not forget to use it. It will help you be at an advantage when you are fighting and capturing ghosts or searching for them. There are three useful tools here; Ecto Goggles, remote Gate, and Ghost Tracker. These tools help you find ghosts faster and with cunning. The Ecto Goggles help you see where the ghosts are in a scene; The Ghost Tracker will help you to track ghosts more effectively than when you do so without it; the remote Gate is used when you cannot find a dimension gate and it will bring out a ghost to you.

With these 6 tips, you will be able to level up very fast and become a master when playing Ghostbusters World mobile game.

In Conclusion

There you are! This insightful Ghostbusters World guide will help you level up fast when playing the game. Here you have seen that you can play the game without having to leave your home at all. You have also seen some of the tricks that you can use in order to level up quickly and become a master of the game within a short time. Using dr. fone Virtual Location – iOS will help you find ghosts in areas that are far away from you helping you level up faster than other people in your community. You will be able to earn a bunch of pints when you use this guide and become a master in no time at all.


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