Pokemon go gps singal not found 11 on Android ? Fixed


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Android and Pokémon Go are the two integral parts for a gamer that likes open source technologies. The most common of all errors that are faced in this regard is Pokémon go GPS signal not found 11 android. This is an error that can cause havoc for the player if not resolved. To make sure that this never happens this article has been written. It will let you know about all the solutions that can be applied to get the android users out of issues in this regard.

Part 1: What prevents us from detecting the GPS signal on Pokémon?

Many reasons can lead to the fact that GPS signals are not received. The first issue is related to the coverage and therefore it is important that before purchasing a connection the coverage is checked in the area. 2 related errors are caused as a result and these are commonly known as error 11 and error 12.

The GPS signal was not found 11 Pokémon go android can happen due to any of the below reasons.

i. There are irregular activities in the atmosphere that can lead to this issue.

ii. If the GPS is left in DR mode then the error can occur.

iii. If the satellite signals are hitting the structures this can also cause coverage issues.

iv. Jammers or spoofers in your area can also lead to issues.

Part 2: 10 Actions to fix it on Android you should try

Method 1: Restart the device.

This is by far the easiest way that can be applied to make sure that error 11 on Pokémon Go is completely curbed. Just long-press the power button and select the restart button from the screen that appears.

Pokemon go GPS signal not found 1

Method 2: Enable location on your device

Drag down the notification panel. Here you will see the location icon. Just click to enable the location on your device and resolve the GPS signal not found Pokémon go android issue.

Pokemon go GPS signal not found 2

Method 3: Wipe Cache Partition

This is another way to resolve the error Pokémon go GPS not found 11 android. You need to hold the volume down button and the power button simultaneously to enter the backend of your device. Here just select the option of wipe data partition or cache. This option can be selected by the up and down volume button.

Pokemon go GPS signal not found 3

Method 4: Update the Pokémon Go Application

The GPS signal not found 11 android can also be resolved with the help of the app update. All the latest updates and security patches must be installed. Just go to Play Store > My Apps and games > update all to install all the pending updates of all the applications.

Pokemon go GPS signal not found 4

Method 5: Disable Mock Location

To do this go to the developer mode of your phone and install a fake GPS application. It is easily available in the play store. Once it has been installed you will be able to resolve the GPS not found Pokémon go android error.

Pokemon go GPS signal not found 5

Method 6: Giving GPS Access

If the GPS access has not been given to the application then it can lead to errors. To overcome this go to Settings > Applications > Apps > Pokémon Go > Toggle location on to resolve the GPS not found 11 Pokémon go android error.

Pokemon go GPS signal not found 6

Method 7: Uninstall Map Updates

The Map updates must be uninstalled to get the work done. Certain updates can conflict with the app and can cause a GPS signal not found android issue. Just go to Settings > Applications > Apps > Maps > uninstall updates.

Pokemon go GPS signal not found 7

Method 8: Revert to the old version of Google Play Services

The latest version of the Google Play Services makes it difficult for the Pokemon Go players to spoof and thus they can get error 11. Reverting to the old version of the play store will make it possible for you to get the work done with ease. This can lead to a GPS signal not found 11 android 2018 error resolutions.

Pokemon go GPS signal not found 8

Method 9: Disable “Find My Device” Option

This can also lead the real device location to report to the game and thus makes the spoofing much difficult. Disabling the find my device option will make sure that you get the best results. Just go to Settings > Security > Device Administrator > Find my device > disable. This will let you find Pokémon go GPS not found 11 android fix.

Pokemon go GPS signal not found 9

Method 10: Uninstall Root from the Device

If your device has been rooted then there is a possibility that Pokémon Go will not work on it. Just install the app that will unroot the device. Restart and reinstall the game to resolve the Pokémon go no GPS signal android error. The example app that can be used in this regard is Super SU Pro.

Pokemon go GPS signal not found 10

Part 3: Use Location Spoofer Tool –Dr. Fone Virtual Location

Dr. Fone's virtual location is the best and the state of the art tool that can be used to teleport the iPhone GPS to anywhere in the world you like. You can draw the real paths and the GPS spoofer will move along with them. There is also a joystick embedded to make the movements easy. This program can easily resolve GPS not found android error.

The Process

Step 1: Install Program

First of all, you need to install the program to get started.

drfone home

Step 2: Start Teleportation

This is a very important step. You need to connect the iPhone to the system launch the program and enable the virtual location to begin.

virtual location 01

Step 3: Point your location

Press the center on the button to make sure that your location is determined by the program.

virtual location 03

Step 4: Move to the desired location

Click the third icon on the upper right corner to make sure that you move to the location you desire. It is the one that has been entered in the search bar.

virtual location 04

Step 5: Move to the teleported location

Click on move here and get to the location specified.

virtual location 05

Step 6: Completing the Process

The iPhone will now show the same location as set by the program and this completes the process in full.

virtual location 06


To resolve the GPS not found 11 android there is no program that is as good as Dr. Fone Virtual Location is. The program is easy to use and you don’t need to be tech-savvy at all to get the work done with it. The program has all the features that make spoofing easy and straightforward. With this program, you will find it much easy to play and choose the location in AR-based games. This program also has no GPS signal Pokémon go android solution as it is completely system based.


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