Does Fake GPS Work With Pokemon Go?


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Pokemon Go is among the mobile gaming apps that continue to be an obsession of numerous gamers in the whole universe. However, you need local streets to keep touring the world and finding Pokemon characters. But when your hangouts get finished, it's time to source fake GPS for Pokemon Go and ispoofer gpx routes. Several apps are available to help you open and virtually explore other new streets and cities.

Part 1: How to Use VPN to Get a Fake GPS

Virtual Private Network is an app you can use on your phone to keep you secure and anonymous online. Likewise, you can change your IP address anytime to suit any location of choice. However, this option works on Android OS only and can't work for iPhone OS devices. Follow these steps to ispoofer gpx route with Surfshark VPN.

fake location on Android
  • 1)Once you install Surfshark VPN on your computer, launch the app and then go to the 'Settings' menu. Then hit the 'Advanced' option.
  • 2)Next, hit the 'Override GPS location' toggle and head over to your phone's settings.
  • 3)In the phone's settings, go to the 'About phone' option and tap the 'Build number' tab. Then enter your password when prompted. This process should take you to 'Developer mode'
  • 4)Head back to 'Surfshark' app once more and open the 'Settings' app. Then scroll to find 'Select mock location app' and choose the 'Surfshark' option from the list. Wait for the setup to be completed. You can now choose a VPN service location from Surfshark to spoof your GPS.

Does fake GPS pose any risks?

Even though you may feel successful after faking a GPS location, you may be at stake for certain risks.

  • It is likely to mess with the original settings of the applications on your phone. This may cause you to hard reset your phone or do a factory reset, losing some of your data.
  • A possible malfunction in the original GPS of your phone is another risk.
  • You are prone to harmful websites. Generally, there are risky sites that are blocked for your safety depending on the geographical location you are in. So, whenever you fake your location, it may be difficult for such sites to block risky websites for your safety.

To stay safe, use a reliable tool to fake GPS locations without possible risks. Let's see how to fake location the smart way in our next topic.

Part 2: Fake GPS the Smart Way – with Dr. Fone virtual Location

The first option works on Android OS only. However, with Dr. Fone – Virtual Location (iOS), you can fake GPS on your iOS device. Follow these steps to spoof your iPhone location.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the PC

First, download and install the Dr. Fone app to your PC, launch it and then visit the 'Virtual Location' module. Then use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the PC. Wait for the computer to detect your iPhone and then click the 'Get Started' button.

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start ispoofing iPhone location

Step 2. Mock your iPhone location

The app will automatically detect your current location. You can now go ahead and select which target locations you want to spoof. Click on the 'Teleport Mode' icon then enter the address and the coordinates of the Pokemon live locations in the 'Search bar'. The app will then load the selected region on the map. You can also move the location anywhere on the map. Just click 'Move Here' button to change location.

virtual location 04

Step 3. Simulate device's movement

You can use one-stop or multi-stop modes to simulate your device's movement. Drop the pins on the map to create a route and specify the speed and how many times you wish to cover the route.

fake the gps on the map

Step 4. See your fake location

Once you successfully fake GPS, you should see the fake location in the location-based apps. It will also tell you the distance from each Pokestop on the map.

see the selected routes


It is possible to fake GPS with Pokemon Go. If you operate on an Android OS device, then you can use VPN location. However, you need a universal tool to spoof both Android and iOS. Dr. Fone Virtual Location works on any device. You can ispoofer how to create gpx route with Dr. Fone in as simple as 1-2-3 steps. Besides, it is user-friendly and it works with all location-based games, making it suitable for Pokemon Go.


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