What are the best pokemon for great league pvp?


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It has been almost 4 years since the Pokémon Franchise got a reboot and took the world by storm with the VR game - “Pokémon Go”. Since then, the game has evolved and Ninantic has been busy introducing tons of new features including the one, we the fans, have all been waiting for most – Pokémon Go Pvp League.

PvP, or Player Vs Player, is a game mode that comes along with its own set of parameters and mechanics. It allows duals between individual players and the option to explore whole new strategies in the Pokémon go great league pvp.

The latest update in the game has introduced a new format known as the battle leagues, with each league having its own CP limit pushing you to choose the best great league pvp Pokémon for your team.

Each league (Great, Ultra and Master) has a CP limit per Pokémon and you can pick out three of the best Pokémon for great league pvp of your choice from your Poke arsenal as a team. The CP limit for Great League is 1500 CP, for Ultra league its 2500 CP and for Master League there’s no limits on the maximum range of CP each Pokémon should have.

Part 1: What are the best Pokemon for the great PVP League?

If you enjoy playing the PvP format and you’ve been a fan of the franchise ever since the 90’s that has equipped you with diverse knowledge of the use of ‘types’ in battle, then see you in the next great league pvp – but if you’re not, let’s have a look at the basics!

Playing Pvp tournaments under the Great League gives you the chance to try out the best Pokémon for great league pvp, in sets of threes. The game has pre classified Pokémons into 4 terms that highlights your main advantage in battle against the best great league pvp Pokémon on the opposing side. These terms are – Leads, Closers, Attackers and Defenders.

  • Leads – These Pokémons are your openers to a match. You want a balanced Pokémon that would give you good stats in an attack to give you a head start win and move on to the next. The opening match is key winning so you need to ensure that your first pick lasts long enough to weaken the second opposing pick, so keep your protection shield handy.
  • Closers – Closers do exceptionally well against most types so even without a shield. You need to make your pick based on stronger stats in order gain advantage even when you’re low on resources.
  • Attackers – Eventually you’ll find yourself in a tight spot when you’re all out on resources but your opponent has been saving up shields for his final move. This is when attackers come in, as they do quite well on their own and has strong attacks that can hammer hard over defenders and give you a win.
  • Defenders – It might sound like these Pokémons skipped on their diet but it has nothing do with size. Defenders do exceptionally well when used with shields. They act as sponge to your opponent’s attacks and can last longer in a match.

Now that you have a slight idea on how to build the right team out of what types and come up with your own strategy, let’s dive in to which Pokémon’s are ideal to pick from which category.

Leads: (There’s two from each)

Skarmory: A force to be reckoned with, Skarmony had taken the lead in tons of awesome matches in the Boulder Cup. It can be staple choice for Great League tournaments and gives the trainer excellent typing in matches, strong resistance against attacks and a great move set.

  • Type: Steel Type
  • Advantage Against: Grass types
  • Move set: Sky Attacks

Defense Forme Deoxys: With a diversified move set, this psychic type has an edge against most types. You can counter some of the best moves your opponent can throw at you. The Defense form is exceptionally useful against Dark Types and their psychic moves.

  • Type: Psychic Type
  • Advantage Against: Ghost types
  • Move set: Psycho Boost, Rock Slide


Azumarill: Nicknamed ‘the bulky blue egg’ is a common choice for trainers to be used in their Great League match ups. Azumarill’s high defence allows for it to take a lot of direct hits and still be able to throw off powerful attacks. Perfect choice towards the end of your matches when you’re low on resources.

  • Type: Water Type
  • Advantage Against: Grass types
  • Move set: Ice Beam, Play Rough

Venusaur: The mighty beast and a classic favourite amongst the 90’s kids, the Venusaur has a special charge move set ‘Frenzy Plant’ that charges up after only 6 vine whips. It is also highly effective as a closer as it does quite well even without shields.

  • Type: Grass Type
  • Advantage Against: Grass types
  • Move set: Vine Whip, Frenzy Plant


Bastidion: A valuable addition to any top tier team as an attacker. This monster can be heavy on your stardust but can dish out serious damage against shielded opponents. Its only real weakness is ground types and even then it remains a strong threat. It can take on a few solid hits head on.

  • Type: Rock/Steel Type
  • Advantage Against: Ground types
  • Move set: Smack Down, Stone Edge

Medicam: Are you ready to rumble – by that I mean it’s time to look at a fighting type. Medicham can dish out some serious damage with its charge move – Power-up Punch. Including this bad boy in your team can giving you a winning edge in a match.

  • Type: Fighting Type
  • Advantage Against: Psychic types
  • Move set: Power Up Punch


Lanturn: A versatile pick for any trainer due to it being a water and electric type. This cute looking fish is no small fish. Although, its special moves may need at least 20+ attempts to get to a Hydro Pump or Thunderbolt, its quick move water gun can do a lot of damage. It’s also super effective against Fire, Rock and Ground types which makes it an absolute super star.

  • Type: Water/Electric Type
  • Advantage Against: Fire, Rock and Ground types
  • Move set: Hydro Pump, Thunderbolt

Forrestress: This one is a hard shell to crack – literally (Just look at the guy!). A natural defensive counter against powerful attackers like Venusaur and Defense Form Deoxys. Its move Heavy Slam can work as a great tactic in confusing and baiting your opponent to think you have already used your charge move and make him exhaust his shields.

  • Type: Bug/Steel Type
  • Advantage Against: Grass, Poison types
  • Move set: Bug Bite, Heavy Slam

Part 2: How can I catch the pokemon in a efficient way

The fun aspect of playing Pokémon is that the game uses GPS tracking to pin point your location to show nearby poke stops, which means you need to walk to these real world stops to put up ‘Lures’ and catch Pokémon. What if we said, you didn’t have to walk? With a simple hack as GPS mocking, you can now become pro league player and enjoy the game with ease. Wondershare presents ‘Dr.Fone – Virtual Location’, a faster means of locating Mock GPS locations. You can use the app to teleport your GPS pin to any given location of your choice.

Key Features:

Wait there’s more –

  • You can also adjust the speed of travel with three speed modes, like walking, cycling or even driving.
  • You can manually move your GPS on the map freely using a virtual joystick in a 360 degree direction.
  • You can simulate your avatar’s movements to travel on a determined route you have selected.
  • Completely safe and secure

Step by Step Tutorial:

You can follow these easy steps to set up and access your Dr.Fone – Virtual Location in an instant. Past that, you can join the discord server (using a direct link like: https://discord.gg/WQ3zgzf or you can search for a particular one using: https://top.gg/servers) to get the coordinates of varied locations and make use of those coordinates to teleport to anywhere in the world.

Step 1: Install the Program

Download Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS). Install and launch the program. Click ‘Virtual Location’ to get access to the options window.

drfone 1

Step 2: Connect Phone

Connect your iDevice to the PC and then click ‘Get Started’.

drfone 2

Step 3: Check Location

When the location map opens on, click on ‘Centre On’ to accurately pin point the GPS to your location.

drfone 3

Step 4: Turn on Teleport Mode

Activate ‘teleport mode’ on the upper right hand corner. Enter your desired location on the upper right field and then click ‘Go’.

drfone 4

Step 5: Spoof Location

Once the location of your choice pops up, click ‘Move here’ in the pop up box.

drfone 5

Once the location has been changed, you can centre your GPS or move the location on your iPhone, it will still be set to the location you have selected.

Part 3: Other tips you should know when playing pokemon

Trainer battles will now include one on one fights with a team of three Pokémon, each. A battle will include its own set of cool new in-game mechanics – you can now engage in fierce matches with capable trainers using mechanics like Protect Shield, Second Charge, Charging Up and mid-battle Pokémon swaps.

Searching for a matchup is as easy as clicking the “Nearby” button on the right-hand corner of the screen which opens up a new “Battle” tab, giving you the choice to choose ‘Trainer’ (to challenge in Single Player mode – best for practicing), ‘Random’ (to challenge random real-world players) and ‘Remote’ (to challenge a friend).

For now, Niantic has revealed in their official guide that PvP gameplay will feature a different format unlike your usual Gym Battles. You will now have ‘second move’ that charges up once used, and instead of dodging you use ‘Protect Shields’.

There is also the possibility of switching Pokémon in-between battles but only after a 50 sec resent time after each use. Your goal would be to defeat all of your opponent’s Pokémon’s and if the battle is undecided in three battles, a tie breaker mechanism would determine the winner by comparing the health level of each player’s remaining Pokémon’s.


Playing against other real world players has truly turned the tides in favor of this game. Plus not having to leave your home gives you an added convenience - you can now catch some of the best Pokémon for Great League pvp as well as increase your chances of winning tournaments faster. Be sure to pay close attention to your team combinations as that would equip you with stronger strategies against powerful opponents in Pokémon Go Great League Pvp. Train hard and don’t forget to enjoy!


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