How Can I Catch Mega Beedrill?


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Have you ever played Pokemon Go? Nowadays, if you ask a game lover, what is the most exciting and fascinating game they have ever played, there are high chances Pokemon Go would be one of them. It would not be wrong if we say that the popularity of this game Pokemon Go has reached its peak nowadays.

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So, what exactly is Pokemon? Basically, with the help of the GPS of your smartphone as well as the clock, this game, when downloaded on your phone, will detect your location or specific position at a particular time. As you move, you will see Pokemon moving around you, and you will be required to go and then catch that Pokemon.

It is worth mentioning here that Pokemon makes use of a fantastic technology called “Augmented Reality”. The best part about this game is that it is free.

Let us first discuss what mega-evolutions are in Pokemon Go. The evolution of a particular Pokemon into a positively powerful or impressive form for a certain period is called Mega Evolution.

This will involve the utilisation of a resource known as “Mega Energy”. To get more energy as a reward, you will be required to catch the boss. When a particular Pokemon acquires a mega form, the energy of the state will keep on reducing with time. Eventually, it will come back to the original state. For battles in the game, nothing can be better than these strong mega forms. In this article, we’ll be introducin you with a powerful Pokemon, Mega Beedrill, make you awre of the best moves, and finally how to find & catch this Pokemon.

Part 1: How Good is Mega Beedrill?

It is essential to understand that as compared to Stealth Rock, you will find Mega Beedrill quite delicate as well as weak. But, here’s the twist, nothing can be more effective as a late-game cleaner than Mega Beedrill. So, there should be no doubt that Mega Beedrill is an amazing Pokemon.

In case you have ever played ORAS OU, you might already know how much threat it poses to the opponents, that’s why Mega Bedrill is quite popularly used.

Part 2: What Are the Best Moves of Mega Beedrill Pokemon?

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With a high ATK stat, Mega Bedrill can be utterly frightening. Also, it is worth mentioning here that Bug and Poison typings can be an excellent entry option because of the early availability; however, these don’t bring much value. In addition to that, one of the most amazing things about Mega Bedrill is that it comes with a big punch.

Among many Mega Evolutions, Mega Bedrill packs the biggest Poison DPS. Bug Bite and Sludge Bomb are the best moves of Mega Beedrill. Also, note that some of the moves that can make Mega Beedrills defenceless are Psychic, Flying, Rock and Fire-Type moves.

Part 3: Why Is Finding Mega Beedrill so tricky?

Now, in this section, we will discuss why finding a shiny mega Beedrill is so difficult.The answer is pretty simple, Mega Beedrill are nested in temperate forests and misty wooded areas. Therefore, if you reside in an urban jungle, you will not be able to find this Pokemon, you may have to travel to all the dense forests in the forest. But, what, if you don’t wish to travel, scroll down we’ve the answer.

Here, is the solution to catch Mega Beedrill:

So, firstly. You are required to download dr.Fone, Virtual Location for iOS and launch it.
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Step 1: First of all, you will see various options, choose “Virtual Location” from them.

Also, during the process, you should keep the iPhone connected to the PC. Then, you are required to click on-Get Started.

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Step 2: A new window will appear in which you can conveniently look for your exact location on the map. In case, the location is not accurate, you should choose the icon of “Center On”. This icon will be present in the lower right section. In this manner, you can make your location on the map accurate.

dr.fone virtual location pic 5

Step 3: Now, in the upper right part, you will see an icon for the “teleport mode”, click on that icon for activating the teleport mode. After that, whichever place you want to teleport to, you will be required to input the place in the upper left field.

Then, tap on “Go”. For instance, we will enter “Rome”(In Italy).

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Step 4: After you enter the place, the system will comprehend that you want to teleport to “Rome”. Now, you will be required to select “Move here” in the popup box.

dr.fone virtual location pic 7

Step 5: As we have taken the example here of “Rome”, whichever location you were earlier, now your location will be modified to “Rome”. Now, even if you try to change the location on the iPhone or try to click on the icon of “Center On”, the location will not change, “Rome, Italy” will be fixed as the location in the system. Also, note that whichever location-based app you use, the location in them will also be the same. This is how the location will be shown in the program.

Dr.fone virtual location pic 8

On the other hand, this is how the location will be shown on your iPhone.


So, we have reached the end of this article. We hope that you found the article quite useful. Now, we are pretty sure that you now have a better understanding of the mega evolution Beedrill or pokemon beedrill evolution. Through this article, we have also explained to you why it is so difficult to catch the shiny Beedrill mega. Now, we hope that you can easily use Dr.Fone virtual location and enjoy Pokemon Go.


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