Can I find iSpoofer download link on Twitter?


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If you’re a regular Pokemon GO player, you may have already heard about iSpoofer. It’s an official geo spoofing tool for iOS that allows users to mock their location in Pokemon Go. The iSpoofer-Pokemon Go duo is so incredible that you can change your location with one click and catch rare Pokemon without any efforts. iSpoofer also provides other features such as Teleportation and GPS Joystick that lets you virtually control your movement and catch Pokemon while lying on your couch.

Unfortunately, downloading iSpoofer has become quite a hassle in 2021. In fact, you won’t even find iSpoofer Twitter links that earlier allowed users to directly download the app on their iDevices. The truth is Niantic has become extremely cautious about geo-spoofing in the game. Since geo spoofing is a way to manipulate the normal gameplay, the company has started to ban different geo spoofing apps and iSpoofer is one of them.

Read this guide to understand why iSpoofer download link on Twitter no longer works and what’s the best alternative to fake GPS location on an iPhone/iPad to play Pokemon Go.

Part 1: why can‘t I find the ispoofer download link?

To understand why you are no longer finding iSpoofer download links on Twitter or other social media platforms, let’s first understand how iSpoofer works. Basically, iSpoofer is a location spoofing tool for iOS that’s designed to change the current GPS location of a user's iPhone/iPad.

This way you can easily spoof your location and catch rare Pokemon from different countries. The app has a dedicated “Teleport Mode” that’ll let you change your location to anywhere in the world. As a result, you can even participate in location-specific events and boost your POGO XP.

But, as we mentioned earlier, Niantic is strictly against spoofing locations to catch Pokemon. In fact, the makers have banned several POGO accounts that were spooging their smartphone’s GPS location. Since spoofing is just a hack at the end of the day, Niantic has also banned many spoofing tools such as iSpoofer.

This is the reason why the company keeps releasing new versions of the tool that are available on different platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc) as “direct downloads”. But, in the past few months, it’s quite impossible to find new download links for iSpofer and the previous ones no longer work. Even if you try to iSpoofer Twitter download links, you’ll notice that these links are either deleted or don’t have the newer working version of the app.

This is because POGO makers have banned thousands of accounts that were using iSpoofer. As a result, the company has terminated the availability of iSpoofer with no plans to resume anytime soon. Even if you have an older version of iSpoofer, it’ll no longer work with Pokemon Go.


Part 2: Best ispoofer alternative - Dr.Fone Virtual location

Since iSpoofer Twitter is down, many Pokemon GO players are looking for other alternatives to fake their GPS location in the game. While there are different options to choose from, it’s important to be highly careful because an unreliable spoofing app can also get your account banned permanently.

After testing different spoofing tools, we’ve come to a conclusion that Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS)is the best spoofing tool for iOS users. It has all the features that one expects from a geo spoofing tool and is away from Niantic’s radar. This means you’ll be able to fake your GPS location without having to worry about getting banned.

Being an iOS-exclusive tool, Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS) is compatible with all iOS versions (including the latest iOS 14). Like iSpoofer, the tool also comes with a dedicated “Teleport Mode” that’ll help you change your location to anywhere in the world with a single click. You can also find a specific location on the map by pasting its GPS coordinates in the search bar. This will be an extremely useful feature for players who want to find location-specific Pokemon characters.

Finally, Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS) also supports GPS Joystick. This means you can plan your routes on the map and virtually control the movement in the game using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Here are some of the key features of Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS) that make it the best alternative to iSpoofer for iOS.

  • Teleport your current location to anywhere in the world
  • Enable Auto-Marching to automatically move on a decided path
  • Use a simple slider to adjust your movement speed
  • Find specific locations using their GPS coordinates
  • Compatible with all iPhone models and iOS versions

So, here’s the step-by-step process to use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS) and change your iPhone’s GPS location.

Step 1 - Install Dr.Fone on your PC and launch the software. On its home screen and select “Virtual Location”.
Download for PCDownload for Mac

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

connect MirrorGo with PC
Step 2 - Now, connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer and click “Get Started”.
connect MirrorGo with PC
Step 3 - The tool will prompt you to a map that’ll point to your current location. Select “Teleport Mode” from the top-right corner and use the search bar to find a location. You can also paste the GPS coordinates to look for a specific location.
virtual location 04
Step 4 - Click “Go” and the pointer will automatically move to the desired location. Click “Move Here” on the pop-up box to set it as your current location.
connect MirrorGo with PC

That’s it; you can now start playing Pokemon Go with the fake location.

Part 3: Good pokemon ispoofer twitter influencer

Even though iSpoofer no longer works, there are many iSpoofer POGO Twitter accounts that keep updating real-time information on different spoofing tricks for avid players. The influencers will also share latest updates on working iSpoofer links. So, if you want to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the Pokemon Go world, you can follow these Twitter influencers.

Some of these iSpoofer Pokemon GO Twitter influencers include:

Follow these accounts and you’ll get real-time updates on different geo spoofing tricks to fake GPS location on an iDevice and catch a variety of Pokemon in Pokemon Go.


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