Pokemon Go Hacks and Tricks [Catch Them All]


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Being an engaging game, you need the right tips to maneuver your way into catching all the Pokemon. And it is not limited to new gamers or long-time players. Pokemon Go is quite unpredictable and you wouldn't know when your enemies are nearby. But various hacks and tricks can help you to play like a pro, tactfully catching all of them. Likewise, you can ispoofer pogo gpx route to super easy hack Pokemon Go. Dr. Fone Virtual Location lets you simulate your GPS coordinates to any region in the world. But first, let's peruse through different tricks for successful Pokemon gaming.

Part1. Get to Pokestops

The magic is behind those local landmarks, churches, bus stations, and other buildings. Get into an array of a Pokestop to study it well and obtain any available information and new items. What awaits you are rewards of Poke Balls, potions, revives, among others.


Part2. Lures

Another trick is to check out for lures, especially pink petals around a Pokestop. Someone might have just donated a lure. Pokemon will start streaming to the area anytime but will only be active for half an hour. Make it available to people so they can easily find them for use. And if you wish to thank the trainer who just offered the lure, check out their name and appreciate them personally.


Part3. Just don't trespass.

Act smart; don't go up to a Pokemon to catch it. If you see it on your map, you only need to touch it with your finger and you would have entered the catching screen. You can happily retrieve a Pikachu without entering into a stranger's car or garden.

tap Pokemon without trespass

Part4. Delete items and save space

You only have limited space for your items. And since it fills up so quickly whenever you start hitting Pokestops, you can change your steps with Fast TMs. Another trick is to spend some cash on Pokecoins and get more item space. You can opt to delete some items from the trash to gain more space for Pokeballs.

Part5. A buddy is worth

You can get a buddy from your trainer's profile. Just go to the 'Menu' bar and tap the 'Buddy' option. You'll get numerous Pokemon you've caught. Select one as your walking partner and earn some candy anytime you go strolling.

a buddy is worth the win

Part6. Perfection is in the gym

Here is where you'll test your skills for super tricks. The gym is the train station and you'll learn lots of gymnastics here. But remember, you can only train at a friendly gym. However, you will have to battle if you land at a rival team's gym. You can also drop one of your Pokemon to defend your team whenever there is an open space for a Pokemon defender. Your Pokemon will earn you Pikachu coins and help boost your gym's ranks. Spend the coins on some lovely things like bag upgrades.

gain deeper insights through training

Part7. Make new friends

Check out in your trainer's menu for the 'New friends' tab from where you can add some friends. Just share your 12-digit friend code with the friends you wish to add. Once friends, you can share each other's company by obtaining or sending presents like Pokeballs daily. Get your presents at Pokestops and exchange them for free for bonus points.

share code and make new friends

Is there any better hack for Pokemon Go?

Yes! You can ispoofer save gpx reddit and fake iPhone GPS to play Pokemon Go with a movement simulator. In the real picture, you are not where you purport to be. You've just faked your location and no one can prove you wrong. The best fake GPS Pokemon Go app – Dr. Fone Virtual Location – works effectively to create a virtual location and simulate your movement without manual walks or runs.

Follow these steps to fake your GPS location as you automate your movements around the world.

Step 1. Install Dr. Fone Virtual Location

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Download the app and then follow the installation wizard to install it on your computer. Launch the app and connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable.

launch it on your device

Step 2. Change simulation settings

Use this gps creator to change the settings for simulation and spoof your iPhone. You can use 'one-stop route' mode and then change the necessary settings. Among them include adjusting the speed limit by moving the slider at the bottom of your screen. Choose walking, cycling, or driving, depending on your preference. Next, set the destination spot you want to move to then click the 'Move Here' button.

adjust your speed and set the destination

Step 3. Your location will be spoofed

Your location will automatically change to a mocked location. You can now operate in a fake location and hunt as many Pokemon as possible. Likewise, you can halt the hack by clicking the 'Stop simulation' button. This will take you back to your original location.

operate in a fake location


You need to gather all the tactics for you to survive in Pokemon Go. The above tricks have shown how you can make smart moves and gain more coins and other benefits. Better still, you can still spoof your location and play undercover. Several apps are available for ispoofer save gpx Reddit and faking locations. We have tackled the best iSpoofer tool, Dr. Fone Virtual Location. Use this app to move with ease and conquer the world. And if you wish to go back to your original location, you are just a click of a button away. Play tricks and hacks for a juicer gaming experience.


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