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We’ve put together a brief guide for where to go to capture the Pokemons as anyone who has spent time with the game understands that one eventually hits a barrier with catching Pokemon located in your hometown or on regular routes. One of the most interesting things about the game is its design, which encourages gamers to travel and explore, whether it is to check out museums, historic sites, sporting venues, or natural landmarks; finding new Pokemons is encouraged. In order to catch Pokemons, we have combined a collection of best places to catch Pokemon of all variations, including the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go locations.

Part 1: 8 Best Locations to Catch Pokemons

1. San Francisco

San Francisco is overall a great place to catch Pokemons and might be spread out in some areas. Pokestops are in abundance at the iconic Pier 39 area, which makes it an ideal place for resources. Moreover, it's right on the water, which makes it likelier for you to catch somewhat legendary pokemon water types as you wander. The city is rich in Pokemons and stops making it an ideal place to explore the lovely water and peculiar city during the game.

san francisco

2. Anaheim

Disneyland is an amazing place to catch the Pokemons, and this quality alone makes Anaheim be a Pokemon Legendary Go location. With the abundance of people and Pokestops in Anaheim, it’s very easy to catch Pokemons as many people are around, there are always lures around.


3. Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia

Pokemon is all over the place in Circular Quay as many Sydneysiders arise on the wavefront to join a forbidden Pokemon Go Walk. Also, there is an abundance of spots dispersed around The Rocks and Quay as well.

circular quay sydney australia

4. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, United States

Metropolitan Museum of Art is the famous New York City Landmark where old meets, including thousands of artifacts inside. You'll find Zubats floating around ancient encyclopedic collections, Roman sculptures, and antique weapons, as well as armors from all over the world.

metropolitan museum of art new york united states

5. Big Ben or Savoy Hotel, London, United Kingdom

Almost every street corner of Big Ben is filled with Pokestops and is well-known for its historic buildings and monuments. One of these is the Savoy Hotel, where at the doorway, you'll be able to pick up some much-needed poke balls and resources.

big ben united kingdom

6. Chicago

Chicago is a great place for playing Pokemon Go at and also visit some of the most well-known places in the city if you have never been to Chicago. Chicago's Millennium Park is one of the best places to play Pokemon Go, where you can capture Pokemon while snapping a picture with The Bean. Legendary Pokemons are also said to live at Willis Tower and Navy Pier. Stops, gyms, and Lures are present in most of the well-known places of the city.


7. Tokyo

Tokyo is the place that makes this list complete as it is a great place for capturing Pokemons. In fact, there are numerous places where it can get overwhelming. Most of the main places in the city will offer Pokestops, gyms and more. Tokyo Tower, The Imperial Place, and Shibuya are a few places great for exploring.


8. Orlando

Orlando is another ideal place for hunting Pokemons because of its theme parks. Pokemon are in abundance at Disney World, and there are tons of Pokestops in Downtown Disney. It’s always a fun time to catch some new creatures for your Pokedex, and one can find many shops as well as places to play at Universal Studios.


Part 2: One Click to Go Anywhere Without Moving

If you’re a typical introvert or don’t have enough money to travel, you miss the chances to capture Pokemons found in particular regions, but you don't have to worry about it as Dr. Fone’s virtual location can assist you in capturing these Pokemons without any movement. Dr.Fone’s virtual location allows you to mock your location and lets the application on your phone think that you're at a place selected in Dr.Fone’s application interface without resulting in any ban or detection from Pokemon Go developers. The benefit is that you can capture these Pokemons without spending any money on travel, and also save your energy and time. You can follow the steps listed below in order to catch Pokemon by one click to go anywhere without moving.

Step 1: Mocking Location Quirk:

Pokemon Go can be played without moving by using Dr. Fone’s toolkit. In order to mock location, open the Virtual Location feature using a working lightning cable and make sure that the iOS device is connected to the application.

drfone home

The "Get Started" button should be clicked in order to begin the process upon the detection of the phone.

virtual location 01

Step 2: Imitating Movement between steps:

Once you reach Dr.Fone’s interface, open the first option found in the top-right corner, which allows you to fake movement between the two spots. Select the pin on the location found at the search bar and tap on the "Move Here" feature.

virtual location 08

Enter the magnitude of times you desire to make movement and navigate to the "March" button in order to begin the simulation. The movement is set to one by default but can be overridden by the user, and the application would make a move accordingly.

virtual location 09

The new location will appear as real for the Pokemon Go application and will believe that you are walking between the two selected locations that you have chosen on the Dr. Fone interface screen. The walking speed can also be adjusted in the sliding menu at the bottom of the screen. In this way, you can use Dr.Fone's virtual location fake move without recognizing it, and your application will not be banned.

virtual location 10
virtual location 11

Step 3: Movement Simulation between more than two spots:

Dr.Fone’s application also enables you to mock movement between more than two spots. The feature is named as the multi-stop route can be selected from the interface in the toolbox category found at the top-right corner, which lets you drop different unique stops located on the map, and your location will behave accordingly as handled by Dr.Fone’s virtual location application.

Selecting the correct options, click the "March" button to allow the device to simulate motion. At some point, you will have to perform the Pokémon Go walk trick. The Dr. Fone virtual motion simulation app makes your life easier and lets you get the job done without worrying about travel expenses.

virtual location 12


Knowing the best locations to catch legendary Pokemons in Pokemon Go is extremely useful to increase your collection and level up in the game as it opens a new world for exploration. Dr. Fone’s virtual assistance makes it even easier and saves you from spending lavishly for only the hunt of these Pokemons, and fulfills your desire to catch Pokemon without any real movement.


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