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When I have started playing The Walking Dead Our World, I have no idea that the game will catch on with the broader market. As I have been playing this game quite a bit the last few weeks, I figure I might share what I have learned. If you are getting into the game now, I think there is a lot of stuff you should probably know up first. The game becomes interesting in selling your card packs that it does describe itself in many circumstances, so I have tried my best to fill the voids.

The Walking Dead Our World Game: Safe House Advantages

If you scroll for benefits at The Walking Dead Our World Reddit, you can understand the game, but if you experience it, then you can triumph the contest. Rescue missions are different from each other. When you accomplish one, a survivor will accompany you temporarily until you escort another player to a "safe house." You will require building materials to make a safe house. You can get them after the third stage of the infestation mission. There are four types of safe houses, including Shelter (S), Trading Post (T), Armory (A), and Warehouse (W).

You will achieve rewards only when you move survivors to a safe house. Rewards rely on the building type:

If you drop survivors at-

  • Armory- you will get weapon cards
  • Warehouse- you will receive perk cards
  • Build a shelter and then move survivors for hero cards. 
  • If you need coins, you will have to build and drop survivors at the Trading Post.

No need to worry if you haven't built one! A maximum of three survivors can accompany your hero. Once you have made a safe house, you can drop all three to get your rewards. Tap the backpack icon on the screen's bottom and then tap "build" to construct a safe house.


Safe House The Walking Dead Our World

Upgrade a safe house for better rewards. Don't forget to drop the required numbers of survivors into a building to boost it up. An upgraded safe house needs more survivors as compared to the last one. Not only this, I received knowledge regarding various tricks that helped me a lot in leveling up my game and gain confidence to lead this game.

Read on to learn what I have experienced and how you can implement it in your game-

  1. Join the group instantly

While playing with friends, make sure to group up with them. There is no genuine reason to join a local group, as you can play with anyone, anywhere in this game. Instead, become a part of the group with the highest member count, as you will get various ways of beating challenges that way. By doing so, you can have access to solid coins from group challenges if you reach high tiers as a team.

  1. Stay Updated to Card Icons

I began struggling with higher-level scourges until I realized how to easily check that zombies were fragile to what kind of heroes and weapons. One can see a double-up arrow in yellow on a card when you pick it for a mission that will display if you are using extra-strong against a particular type of zombie.

  1. Change Weapons and Heroes

I thought I was irrational because it took me a solid few hours to learn to change weapons and heroes. You cannot change your "default" load out unless you are about to begin a mission once you have reached that screen. 

  1. XP Arrives from Card Upgrading

Many players in my group were perplexed when they did mission after mission and didn't level up. It is not my favorite system, but leveling up is mainly tied to card upgrades. When you update cards, it is what gives you bursts of XP. It feeds into the pay-to-win nature of the game, as theoretically, you can purchase a bunch of coins and cards and boost your level with even playing, but that is how it is right now.

  1. Prefer to Buy the Level-up Packs

Our World, The Walking Dead, is a free game but will ask you to spend a lot. If you are willing to spend something, I would suggest maximizing value by $2 - $5 bundles provided by leveling up. You will get way more stuff in those, both currency and cards, than you would purchase all the crap solely. Make sure that any currency you buy will stack over your present caps. Don't worry!

  1. Level up Resets All Infestations

One way to get around a multi-block radius is if you level up to reset everything at once. So if you see that you are above to level up, embrace those last card upgrades until everything is sorted out. Then elevate, get the XP and reset everything in sight.

  1. Simulate Walking with Virtual Location: Teleport Worldwide and Add Route as Your Favorite

Not every one of you can be aware of this, but you can change your location or fake GPS. Stunned on hearing? I will tell you how I have used this trick to level up the game. The day I came across Dr. Fone - Virtual Location (iOS) for my iOS helped me navigate effectively in the game. You need to follow simple steps-

Download for PCDownload for Mac

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

  1. Click "Virtual Location" from all the choices, and connect your iPhone to your computer. Select "Get Started"
    virtual location
  2. In the new window, you can trace your location on the map. If the place is not accurately displayed, choose the "Centre On" icon in the lower right part to exhibit the right area.
    virtual location
  3. Turn on the teleport by selecting the corresponding icon in the upper right. Enter the place you want to teleport. For instance, Rome and click "Move Here" in the popup box.
    virtual location 04
  4. Simulate Movement Along a Path (2 Spots):This location spoofing program permits you to simulate movement along a route you specified two spots. 

Here is how-

  1. Reach "one-stop mode" by choosing the corresponding icon in the upper right. 
  2. Choose a spot where you want to go. The popup box will display how far it is.
  3. Drag the slider in the lower part to set how fast you want to walk. And then click, "Move Here."
    virtual location
  4. Enter the number to describe how many times you back and forth between the two places in the new popup box. Click "March" to start simulating the movement.
    virtual location
  5. Simulating Move (Multiple Spots):Try "multi-stop-mode" to pass by multiple places. Follow these steps-
  6. Click the "multi-stop-mode" in the upper right, and you can select all the stops you want to pass one by one.
virtual location

Now, the popup box shows how far you will travel on the map.

  1. Specify how many times to go forth and back. Click "March" to commence the movement simulation.
    virtual location
  2. After this, your place will be moving along the route you specified at the desired speed
  3. Use Joystick for More Flexible GPS Control: Dr. Fone has integrated the virtual characteristic program to spare 90% labor for GPS control. You can find a joystick in the lower left part in teleport.
    virtual location
  4. I have added my route as a favorite: The historical record is limited to record your entire route. If you find a virtual location and valuable road enables to add it to favorites. You can open it anytime!

Step 1: Add any routes into your favorites

You can search for the five-star icon on the ride sidebar and the new window after you select three modes in the virtual location screen. Then, click to add your favorite route.

find favorites

Step 2: Browse and find from your selected favorites

You can check the number of your favorite routes by clicking the five-star icon and can remove them as per your choice.

find favorites

Step 3: Click the "Move" button; you can commute to your favorite route again.

search favorites

I hope you understand what you can experience with The Walking Dead Our World Gameplay and how Dr. Fone can help you level up in this game. All I have done is installed this app and game. Make GPS spot fake and win. And do you know what? I have cleared many levels of The Walking Dead Our World with the help of Dr. Fone! I don't think cheating is an experience that I have experienced using this intelligent tool because what matters is the result. So, what are you waiting for? Installing Dr. Fone for the walking dead, our world is fruitful. Beat the challenges with technology!


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