Things About Mega Absol Evolution You Want to Know!


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Want to catch and train your favourite Pokemon in actual locations around you, then Pokemon Go will be an absolute treat for you. In case you don’t know then, Pokemon Go is a smartphone application which you can easily download and install from Google play store or App store and that too for free.

This fantastic game makes use of location tracking technology (GPS) and mapping to track your location while you catch those fictional characters to seem to move around you in real life. All this is made possible with the help of augmented reality.

One of the most exciting features of Pokemon Go is Mega Evolution. Through this article, we are going to discuss Mega Evolution. So, what exactly do we mean by mega evolution?

First of all, you need to understand that for a pokemon to undergo mega evolution, a new resource called “Mega Energy” will be required. Also, note that the Mega form of a pokemon is always temporary.

In simple words, mega evolution involves the transformation of a pokemon into its more powerful or robust form. Any pokemon can stay in its Mega state only for a short duration of time. After the Pokemon’s mega-state is completed and it comes back to its original state, gradually the energy of the Pokemon will also decrease.

With that being said, here are some crucial points you should keep in mind regarding mega evolution. Firstly, make note that only one Pokemon can undergo Mega evolution at one time. So, let’s discuss Mega Absol.

Part 1: How Good is Mega Absol?

This dark-type pokemon called Absol can evolve into Mega Absol. It's highly significant to understand that Absol pokemon comes as a warning to the people to indicate towards a potential natural disaster that may occur in future.

There is no doubt that Mega Absol is a nice pokemon. Mega Absol brings an offensive presence with it. After getting a boost, you will find Mega Absol an amazing anti-lead.

Part 2: What's the Weakness of Absol in Pokemon?

It's worth mentioning here that "Fighting", "Fairy" and "Bug" are the weaknesses of the Absol pokemon. On the other hand, Absol pokemon is quite strong against "Psychic", "Dark" and "Ghost".

Note that the appearance of an Absol is related to the occurrence of a coming disaster in future. That disaster may be an earthquake or even a tidal wave. That's the reason why Absol is also called disaster pokemon.

Part 3: Where Can I Find the Mega Absol and Catch Them?

Find Mega Absol

Note that in order to achieve Mega Evolution of Mega Absol, Absolute stone will be required.

You can get this stone in Kiloude City amid the post-game. If you talk with details, then you should note that during the post-game, you will be required to beat the elite four and champion for the first time. Then, Shauna (a fictional girl character) shall inform you that someone called "Professor Sycamore" is going to meet you in Lumiose city. Then, you will be given a pass to Kiloude City; you will encounter your rival who will most probably be present at the very top of the hill.

Then, you will be required to fight your opponent so as to get the Absolute stone to trigger mega evolution.

While playing Pokemon Go, if you want to fetch any pokemon (like Mega Absol) and you are unable to teleport to any location in real life, then using a software that can help you change your current location to any place in the world will be quite beneficial for you.

Dr.Fone(Virtual Location) is amazing software with the help of which you can fake location in Pokemon Go games.

Without even moving, you'll be able to catch your favourite pokemon. In this section provided below, we shall discuss how you can use the teleport feature of Dr.Fone(Virtual Location). So, without any further delay, let's get started.

First of all, you have to download Dr.Fone(Virtual Location) iOS. Then, you are required to install Dr.Fone. Finally, you have to launch the application on your device.

dr.fone virtual location

Step 1: From the various options that are shown, you have to select Virtual Location” and ensure that you have kept your iPhone connected to your computer while you perform that step. Next, you have to click on “Get Started”.

dr.fone change location

Step 2: A new window will appear; you will see your actual location on the map. If there is any inaccuracy in the location that is being shown on the map, you will be required to click on “Center On”, after doing that, you’ll see that now the exact location will be shown on the map.

Dr.fone centr on

Step 3: Now, you will notice a “teleport mode” icon in the upper right part portion; you will be required to click on it in order to activate it. Next, you should enter the location(where you want to teleport to) in the upper left field. After that, finally, click on “Go”. Let’s take an example and enter Rome in Italy.

Dr.fone teleport

Step 4: Your system shall now understand that you wish to teleport to Rome, Italy. Then, you should tap on “Move here” in the pop-up box.

Dr.fone move here

Step 5: If you have followed all the prior steps correctly, your location will be set successfully to “Rome”(or any other location which you have set earlier). Also, the location that will be displayed in Pokemon Go’s map will be “Rome. Below is an image of how the location will be shown.

Dr.fone location changed

Step 6: This is how the location will be displayed in your iPhone.

dr.fone location set


So, we learned about Mega Absol, its evolution, and a practical-to-implement guide to catch this Pokemon. We also talked about dr.fone software that presents you the freedom to fake the real-time GPS location of your smartphone in a fraction. Do you too have a practical experience to catch Mega Absol, then share it with us in the comment section below.


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