Why Pokemon Go Players Are So Fascinated To Catch Mega Pidgeot?


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Mega Pidgeot is amongst the strongest bird-type Pokemons. The striking beauty of feathers tends to mesmerize Pokemon trainers. This Pokemon is so powerful that with the gust of wind generated by feathers of Mega Pidgeot, even the tallest, longest trees can bend. Shiny Mega Pidgeot definitely falls in the list of legendary Pokemon with immense craze among the Pokemon Go players across the globe. In this article, we'll be going to talk about the various strengths and weaknesses of the Pokemon Mega Pidgeot, where I can find it, and how you can capture it using a third-party software known as dr.fone. So, without wasting any time, let's get on with it.

Part 1: What Makes Mega Pidgeot So Special?

The Pokemon Mega Pidgeot flies at Mach 2 speed, which is incredibly fast. The large talons of Mega Pidgeot are her most wicked weapons. The chest muscles of the Pokemon Mega Pidgeot are well-built; it has the ability to whip gusty windstorm with one whip. To frighten its enemies, Pidgeot opens up with beautiful yet humongous wings. Her vision is amazing, and can spot prey easily, even when flying at 3300 feet. When on a quest of prey, this Pokemon skims the surface of the water to catch unwary prey quickly. And, do you know Mega Pidgeot can fly for two weeks without taking a rest. Isn' all these reasons enough to get set on a mission to catch her. We'll discuss where you can find her, and how to catch; before that, let's put forth a couple of her weaknesses.

Part 2: Are There Any Weaknesses of Mega Pidgeot Pokemon?

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Mega Evolution Pidgeot has its weaknesses against the ice, electric, and rock-type moves. All the Pokemon moving any of these moves can easily take down Mega Pidgeot Pokemon. Magnezone Pokemon, which is steel & rock-type, holds the edge over Pidgeot. Another Pokemon, which is Ground and Rock-type, Rhyperior, can easily harm Pidgeot with its rock-type strong moves.

Part 3: Where can I find the Mega Pidgeot?

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You can find Mega Pidgeot during a mega Raid. It is the reward for completing 2 million mega raids. Or, you can get the mega stones of Mega Pidgeot, which are found at unique locations. Indigo Plateau Shop is the place where you can obtain the Pidgeotite mega stone for Mega Pidgeot. The Indigo Plateau is situated on the North of Victory Road, east of Mt.Silver. In the next segment, we've put forth a mini-guide on how to catch Mega Pidgeot.

Part 4: Using Dr. fone Virtual Location to Catch Mega Pidgeot

The dr.fone is a trusted real-time Fake GPS Software that empowers you with the power of spoofing the real-time location of your smartphone, in a fraction of a second. In addition, it moves someone to believe you are riding a bike, running, or walking in the streets of a city where you haven't been, that's the specialty of dr.fone. It also comes with a virtual joystick that lets you shift from one location to another in no time.

Step 1: Here, in this step, you've to download the dr.fone on your Mac PC & Windows computer. This software is safe, secure, and easy to install on your computer.

Step 2: As you've installed dr.fone software on your computer, (just like you do any other software), the next step is to run the program on your PC. When you've opened the software, there are several options you'll come across in one screen, see the below pics for the options. You'veYou've to select Virtual Location, and you'll get started with spoofing the real-time location of your smartphone.

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Step 3: After clicking the Virtual Location, you’ll be taken to a new window, as shown below. In step three, you are required to connect your iPhone to the computer; this can be done with either iPhone to remote option. Once the connection is made, click Get started.

dr.fone change location pic 5

Step 4: After clicking Get Started, you'll be taken to a whole new screen. The new window is a map where the real-time location of your smartphone is being pointed. If there is some accuracy error with your phone's smartphone location, you can hit the Centre-On button present in the lower map corner to fix it.

dr.fone real time-gps location pic 6

Step 5: So, now the teleport mode has been activated by clicking the three icons shown at the top right corner of the map screen. Your next move will be to to write any location you want to teleport your smartphone in the box at the left corner, and then click Go.

dr.fone teleport mode pic 7

Step 6: The dr. fone will recognize your desired location; after that, a pop-up will move up; you’ve to click Move Here to get started with spoofing.

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Step 7: So, by the seventh step, you’ll see that the location of your smartphone is what you desired; it can be the streets of Rome or the beachside of Sydney. Safely disconnect your device from the computer. You can also use the virtual joystick feature to make the transition from one location to another like playing a game.

The dr.fone software is highly safe to use, in comparison to the other location spoofing App, the odds of getting a Soft/Hard Ban is negligible. And, the best part, you don’t have to be techy to use this tool; it is super-easy.

Final Words

So, we’ve reached the end of the article. Do you think catching Mega Pidgeot is worth it? And, if yes, then you can use dr.fone to simplify the long procedure of changing this Pokemon. It's fun to play with your friends and now you know how to change the location with just a few simple clicks. Do share your thoughts on this article via the below comment section.


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