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Pokémon Go GPS signal not found is one of the most prevalent errors that the players face. The good thing is that there are solutions available for the issue. This guide will also discuss the problems that are faced by both android and iOS users. The error 11 on Pokémon Go is mainly related to the GPS and the signals that the device receives. If there is any interruption in this regard the players will be facing the issue under discussion. The GPS signal not found 11 error completely ruins the game experience and therefore it must be eliminated for the outcome.

Part 1: Detailed setting on iOS devices to fix GPS signal not found

The iOS devices are high end and therefore the setting also has to be checked thoroughly to remove the Pokémon Go GPS signal not found 11 error. The complete settings for the iPhone that you need to apply will be discussed so that in case you are facing any issue it is completely covered with ease. These are very general settings that will get the issue resolved for you with ease.

Check the Signal Strength

The code that is to be used in this regard is *3001#12345#*. Once this code has been dialed you will easily be able to see at the top left corner the original signal strength of your iPhone. In case you are not in the coverage area the error 11 for the game will be faced.

Pokemon signal not found 1

Check the location Service

This is another important aspect that you need to follow to make sure that the Pokémon Go GPS not found error is detected and resolved. The location services must be always turned on even if you are spoofing to get the best results while playing the game.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Toggle On to get rid of this error.

Pokemon signal not found 2

Reset the Network Settings

At times the configuration message that is received is not configured properly which results in the GPS not found 11 issues. To reset these settings you need to go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings to completely resolve this issue.

Pokemon signal not found 3

Part 2: Detailed settings on Android devices to fix GPS signal not found

The major chunk of game players use android devices and face the error GPS signal not found 11 Pokémon Go. This is surely a bad situation and therefore it is something that hampers the game experience. To make sure that the issue is resolved you need to check the GPS settings on your android device as well.

Mock Location Application

i. To resolve Pokémon Go GPS not found 11 you need to make sure that the mock location application is installed on your android device. Enable the developer options by going to settings > about phone > tap build number 7 times.

Pokemon signal not found 4

ii. Select the mock location application that has been installed already.

Pokemon signal not found 5

iii. Spoof the location as you desire to resolve the Pokémon GPS signal not found error.

Pokemon signal not found 6

Mock location with Joystick based application

This is another important and easy method to make sure that the no GPS Pokémon Go problem is resolved with ease and perfection. Just download any such application you need to visit Play Store as most of the applications of this nature are free.

Pokemon signal not found 7

Turning on the Location

Pull down the notification area and click on the location icon to make sure that it is turned on. Once the location is turned the error that is under discussion will be resolved automatically.

Pokemon signal not found 8

Disable Find My Device

To do this simply follow the path Settings > Advanced Settings > Security > Device Administrators > Disable Find My Device > Deactivate this device administrator.

Pokemon signal not found 9

Part 3: The Safest GPS Change Tool You Should Not Miss

Dr. Fone Virtual Location is the best and the most advanced tool that you must use to get rid of GPS signal not found Pokémon Go iPhone error. The program has been the best and the most advanced one on the internet. The team that has been on the backend of the program is highly professional. Once the program has been purchased the updates are free for life which adds value to the overall functionality. With this spoofer, it is easy for the users to play all Pokémon Go with ease and perfection.

How to use Dr. Fone Virtual Location

Step 1: Download and Install

Download the install the program to kick start the process.

drfone home

Step 2: Activate the Virtual Location

Connect the iPhone with the system and click the get started icon to enable the virtual location.

virtual location 01

Step 3: Get the Location Detected

There is a center on the button, click it to let the program know of your location.

virtual location 03

Step 4: Change Your Location

The third icon on the upper right corner is to be clicked to make sure that the location is changed. It is done by typing the location on the bar that appears.

virtual location 04

Step 5: Move to the location

Click the move here button to move to the teleported location that has been selected in step 4.

virtual location 05

Step 6: Finishing the Process

Your iDevice will show the same location that has been selected with the help of the program. This completes the process in full.

virtual location 06


Though there are many processes which can be followed to resolve the Pokémon Go GPS signal not found 11 iPhone Dr. Fone is the only way that is the best of all. The program has been very much praised by the users and this is all because it is easy to use and therefore it allows the users to overcome the error 11 and 12 for Pokémon Go. With this program, it is easy for users to spoof the location. The interface as well as the functionality of the program is state of the art. It also means that you don’t need to have prior knowledge of IT to run this program. Using this program means that you will be able to play all AR-based games without any hassle and trouble.


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