20 Tips You Should Not Miss to Get Pokemon in 2023


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Pokemon Go, developed by Nintendo, is an augmented reality game and has been launched all over the world since July 2016. Pokemon Go generated the most revenue compared to any mobile game in its first month. Pokémon GO, since its launch, has brought increasing revenue every year. The application has received several updates over the years, making it extremely enjoyable to go out and play.

Part 1: Tips and Tricks to Catch Pokemon Go

1- Pokemon Stay Home Stay Safe:

These days, due to a deadly virus, working from home is preferred. Unfortunately, you can catch it if you wander outside. Some alternative ways have been reproduced by Niantic to play Pokemon Go at home to keep its players safe and healthy. Remote Raid passes can be bought in the shop for 100 Poke coins each. You can also use Virtual location to find Pokemon outside anywhere in the word from your home without going outside.

stay home and catch pokemon

2- Always On the Go:

Your app should be active on your phone screen while walking around. If Pokemon isn't to be found on the screen, upon encountering a Pokemon, your phone won't vibrate, and the game won't trace your steps towards hatching an egg.

3- Searching for Rare Pokemon:

Rare Pokemons will be found in certain locations, such as nests. Lookup /r/pokemongo for "nests" in order to find ones near you and also the ditto ones. Also, try parks.

4- Upgrades:

Geeks have found that each Pokemon possesses unique, hidden individual values accessing their maximum potential from birth.

5- Pokemon Go Home:

Nintendo's latest cloud service named Pokemon Home, is used for storing all user's Pokemon and moving between games. A creature from the Game Boy Advance era which you had can be taken and moved all the way to Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch.

6- Capture Easily by Turning Off AR:

AR switch can be tapped while catching wild Pokemon and social anxiety can be relieved as catching Pokemon with an active AR is part of the diversity.

7- Collecting Pokemon in the Neighbourhood:

An example of real-world Pokestops overlays is a picture of Madison Square Garden or the Liberty Bell, which can then be tapped to bring up an aerial view showing where it should go. From a landmark at a distance of a block or two, Pokemon could be found if you wander long enough.

8- A Glimpse at Pokeball:

A curveball can be thrown to gain more XP while catching wild Pokemon. All that is required to do is jiggle the ball and jiggle it well.

9- What is Combat Power:

Combat Power is the number above each wild Pokemon and can be increased with experience points. Show the skills of Pokemon in the battle, and as you gain experience points, your level as a trainer will go up, and the combat power of Pokemon will also be increased.

10- Keeping Moves in Check:

Capturing a 98CP Staryu and a 105 CP Staryu, and the slightly weaker one has Water Gun and Pybeam, while the one with strength knows how to Tackle and Body Slam, go for the better move set. A few different Staryus can be caught that are all around the same CP, but take a look at the two moves each Pokemon has when you catch it and the power level of each move.

11- Optimizing Egg Hatching and Kilometer:

While visiting Pokestops, you’ll probably pick up some eggs from which Pokemon hatch. To incubate the eggs, you can go to your Pokemon collection and in the Eggs tab, choose an egg followed by an incubator. Then you wander around and wait for the egg to hatch.

12- More Berries than Ever:

Nanab Berries: Use these berries to slow down wild Pokemon movements. Using these keys with mindfulness is the key to capturing a specific elusive Pokemon.

13- Increase XP:

The latest update brings more Stardust and Candy when Pokemon is higher in the evolutionary stage.

First: 100 Stardust, 3 Candy

Second: 300 Stardust, 5 Candy

Third: 500 Stardust, 10 Candy

increase your xp

14- Lucky Egg:

A lucky egg brings happiness and grants you double the experience points you can earn in 30 minutes at a time and can only be bought from the shop with coins.

lucky egg

15- XP for Each Action:

Capture a Pokemon: 100 XP

Capture Bonuses:

Nice: 10 P

Great: 100 XP

Excellent: 100 XP

Curveball: 10 XP

Hatch a Pokemon:

2K: 200 XP

5K: 500 XP

10K: 1000 XP

16- Transferring Pokemon:

On the menu, tap Pokemon, and locate their bio; tap the transfer option, and you will get 1 candy per transfer. You should be sure about the transfer because once you do that, it never returns.

transfer your pokemon

17- Taking Down Gyms:

A gym’s prestige level can be changed by battling at the gym. The number of Pokemon’s staying depends on the gym’s prestige level. The higher the level, the more Pokemon can stay there.

18- Incense:

If you need a reminder, Incense covers your Trainer in a pink, fluffy fragrance that attracts wild Pokemon to your location for 30 minutes, found by Wily Reddit users into the game’s code to figure out how Incense works.

19- Significance of Location:

Location matters a lot just like in the core, Pokemon types, which might be rare, only dwell in particular locations.

20- Evolve that Evee:

Giving away your Eevee, one of the names of punny brothers, can become your desired evolution. Calling it Pyro can make it into a Flareon. Similarly, if you name it Sparky, it can become a Jolteon. Name it Rainer, and it will become Vaporeon. However, that's not always the case, but it is almost a guaranteed way to evolve one of your eyes, but this weird trick isn't 100% guaranteed to work.

Part 2: Tutorial Dr.Fone Virtual Location

Dr.Fone's virtual location application enables virtual GPS location, so every other location-based application on your phone catches the signal from the new location, and your phone can be teleported to anywhere in the world. It's really helpful when playing Pokemon go, as you can play without any movement with the aid of a virtual GPS location. This saves you energy expended during movement and also keeps you safe at home.

Step 1: Open the Virtual Location feature

Whenever you want to play Pokemon Go without moving, you can launch the Dr.Fone toolkit and open the Virtual Location feature. Also, using a working Lightning cable, make sure your iOS device is connected to the app.

drfone home

Upon detection of phone, navigate the “Get Started” button to initialize the process.

virtual location 1

Step 2: Simulating Movement between Two Steps

Upon initialization of Dr.Fone's interface, head to the first option found in the top-right corner, which will let you simulate movement between the two spots. Adjust the pin on the location found at the search bar and tap the "Move Here" feature.

virtual location 8

Select the number of times you desire to make the move and head to the “March” button to begin the simulation. The movement will be done the number of times selected by the user; otherwise, it defaults to one time.

virtual location 9

This will make Pokémon go appear that you are walking between the two particular spots without any movement. Speed can also be adjusted from the slider at the bottom of the screen. That way, you can make use of Dr.Fone's virtual location fake movement without getting noticed and getting your application banned.

virtual location 10

Step 3: Simulate the movement between multiple spots

Simulation of Movement between multiple spots is possible. Another feature of the multi-stop route can be selected from the toolbox found at the top-right corner, which lets you drop various stops located on the map from where the destination can be selected, and your location will be updated.

virtual location 11

Once you have marked the correct spots, click on the “March” button to allow your device to simulate movement.

virtual location 12

It would take a while to implement the Pokemon Go walking hack. The slider button at the bottom of the screen enables you to change the walking speed.

virtual location 13

This is how we can use the Dr.Fone application for simulating virtual movement without any hassle.


Various tricks related to Pokemon Go would enable you to outperform competitors and save your time hunting them. Dr.Fone's virtual location application saves you energy and allows you more chances to explore the Pokemon world. Thus, with the use of these trips and tricks to catch shiny and rare Pokemon, one can become a pro in the game and enjoy a lot more.


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