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We know you are the fan of Pokémon Go and so we have crafted this amazing article for you. There are lot of time we don’t know about the game and some of the secret methods to play hidden in the game. So here we are, in this article you will find the answers of some of the interesting questions such as “what is the stardust cost in pokemon go?” and “What number of Stardust is required to enter in the trading?” Also, you will find all the ways of earning the stardust. Moreover, there’s a secret method of getting lots of stardust. You need to read this article as it contains crazy some information that is going to blow your mind off!

Part 1: How much stardust does trading cost?

Well, to participate in the Trade itself you need to have a good friendship level. The more level of friendship you have, the less cost you will have to pay to participate in the trade. The better option you have is to focus on befriending at the good level, so that you can save your stardust for the REAL-THING you want to bid upon.

The good news of the ‘Game’ is that you only need to have 100 stardust to get into the most basic, standard trade.

Part 2: Can I buy stardust in pokemon go?

If you want to buy the stardust, unfortunately there’s no way of doing it. There are generally two ways of collecting the Stardust and those ways are as follows:

1. Buy Catching Pokémon: Like during your journey you find and collect the candies attached with monster likewise you can only find the Stardust by catching the Pokémons. Unlike candies it does not matter from which Pokémon you’ve collected the Stardust, and on what you’re spending to. Every Pokémon carries different numbers of Stardust but you can surely find large numbers of Stardust.

2. From Gym: If you have claimed a gym and stationed one of your Pokémon over there, they will collect goods for themselves every day that will make them undefeated.

Part 3: How to get more stardust in pokemon

In order to get more Stardust in Pokémon Go you have couple of ways also stick to this article as there’s a hack to get as much Stardust as you want. So, let’s dig more into it to know what are those methods.

Stardust from catches

  1. When you catch base-level Pokémon in the wild you will get 100 Stardust per Pokemon.
  2. When you catch 2nd-evolution Pokémon in the wild you will get 300 Stardust per Pokemon.
  3. When you catch 3rd-evolution Pokémon in the wild you will get 500 Stardust per Pokemon.
  4. You will get 600 Stardust every day as a bonus for every Pokemon you catch.
  5. You will get 3000 Stardust as bonus if you hit 7-day Weekly Catch.

Stardust from Weather-boosted catches

  1. If you catch Weather-boosted base-level Pokémon in the wild you will get 125 Stardust per Pokemon.
  2. If you catch Weather-boosted 2nd-evolution Pokémon in the wild you will get 350 Stardust per Pokemon.
  3. If you catch Weather-boosted 3rd-evolution Pokémon in the wild you will get 625 Stardust per Pokemon.

Stardust from hatches:

  1. For every KM Egg hatched you will get between 400-800 Stardust.
  2. For every 5 KM Egg hatched you will get between 800-1600 Stardust.
  3. For every 10 KM Egg hatched you will get between 1600-3200 Stardust.

Stardust from Gyms

  1. If you feed friendly Pokémon on a Gym you will earn 20 Stardust per berry you fed.
  2. You will earn 500 Stardust for every Raid Boss beaten.

Stardust from Research

  1. If you complete any of the Field Research tasks you will receive 100-4000 Stardust.
  2. If you complete seven days of Field Research (Breakthrough) you will receive 2000 Stardust.
  3. And if you’ve completed the Special Research task such as Mew quest you will receive 2000-10,000 Stardust.

Stardust from Gifts

  1. You can also get 0-300 stardust in Gift.

Stardust from Events

When there’s a themed event or any community day or even any rewards for achievement Pokémon boosts the players to earn extra Stardust for limited time.

Secret Method of Earning more Stardust

So, this is the age of location-based applications and games and these apps are doing wonders in our life, from dating to playing and from buying to selling location-based apps are just booming! But there is one issue with these apps that we probably cannot easily tackle. Imagine this:

  1. Suppose you are done catching all the Pokemons in your area, what will you do? Or suppose it is so windy out there or you want to play in the midnight, what will you do in that case?
  2. Suppose you downloaded a dating application but you don’t want the recommendations from your region. You want to explore any other region, what will you do in that case?

Are you going to change your region or travel to some other place for that matter? Obviously no! Right? Dr.Fone is the solution for you, you can change your current location to virtual location and the magic begins! Check out down below how it works-

Teleport to anywhere in the world

Step 1: The first step is to download the Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS) and install in your computer. Once it is done launch the program. Click on “Virtual Location” tab on the main screen.

drfone 1

Step 2: Get your iPhone connected with your computer and select the blue "Get Started" button.

drfone 2

Step 3: The following window will show your actual location on the map. In case you are not able to see the accurate location, you can go ahead with "Center On" icon located in the bottom right part of the window. This option will start showing the accurate location of yours.

drfone 3

Step 4: In the upper right icon menu, you will find the third option as "teleport mode". Click on it to activate it. Now you have to enter the place/location where you want to teleport at. Write the location in the upper left field, and hit the "Go" button.

drfone 4

Step 5: Now once you have entered the transporting location, the system will get to know where you want to teleport at. You will now see the popup box saying "Move Here" click on it.

drfone 5

Step 6: After doing this, your location will be set to the virtual location. Suppose you have selected ‘Rome’, now if you click on the "Center On" icon now your location will be fixed to Rome. If you see your location in your iPhone you can see the same virtual location even in your location-based application. And you are done, now you can earn as much Stardust as you want to. This was how to use drfone Virtual Location to teleport.


So, in this article we have discussed the ways of getting lots of Stardust. You can find all the ways through which you can earn stardust. This article gives you all the answers of questions like “How much stardust costs you?” In Pokémon Go you need to have stardust to enter in the trade moreover if you have high level of friendship you can enter in the trade easily also you will get discounts as well. I hope you’ve read the secret methods of getting lot of Stardust. The application called Dr. Fone helps you to change the location of your iPhone and thus you can find as much stardust as you want.


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