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What I Learned from Reddit about Pokemon Go Spoofing with VMOS


Feb 10, 2023 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

“How can I spoof my Pokemon Go location without rooting it? What is VMOS and how to use it to change location on Pokemon Go?”

These are some of the many questions posted on Reddit about VMOS and Pokemon Go location spoofing. If you visit the Pokemon Go sub-reddit, you will discover that a lot of people are confused about this issue. After looking up on Reddit for a while, I was able to learn how to perform Pokemon Go spoofing using VMOS. Since the original tutorial was a bit cluttered, I have decided to come up with my experience of what I learned from Reddit about Pokemon Go spoofing with VMOS.

reddit vmos pokemon go guide

Part 1: Do I need to Root my Android Phone to use VMOS?

Before I discuss the Pokemon Go spoofing Reddit VMOS solution, I would like to answer this frequently asked question. Ideally, VMOS lets us run another version of Android on our smartphones. While the VMOS Lite version is available on the Google Play Store, I would recommend getting the full version from its website. For this, you would have to enable app installation on your Android from unknown sources.

vmos features android

After that, you would have to grant root access for the virtually installed Android on VMOS. Therefore, your actual Android device will not be rooted (and does not need root access to run VMOS). It is just the virtually installed Android on VMOS that you need to root for this to work. Besides spoofing your location, you can also use VMOS to run several other apps on your device that demand rooting (without actually rooting your phone).

Part 2: How to Use VMOS to Spoof Pokemon Go Location?

If you want, you can also try this VMOS Android Pokemon Go solution that I discovered on Reddit a while back. To implement this, we will first create a VMOS account and run a second Android on our device (virtually). Afterward, we will use a GPS joystick and kill every Pokemon Go process from running in the background to spoof our location without getting detected.

Step 1: Install VMOS on your Android

Firstly, just unlock your Android and go to its Settings > Security so that you can install apps from “unknown source”. This is because only VMOS Lite is available on Play Store, but we need the complete APK that is hosted on its website.

app permission unknown sources

Great! Once that is done, just launch any web browser on your device and download the VMOS APK from its website. Grant your browser the permission to install apps to get VMOS.

vmos app download

After VMOS is installed, you can access it and go to the Settings > About Phone of your virtual machine. Here, tap the Build Number 7 times to unlock its Developer Options first. Later, you can go to its Settings > Developer Options and enable the Root access on VMOS.

vmos developer options rooting

Step 2: Disable Location Services and Find My Device

Now, shut down VMOS and go to the actual settings of your device. From here, you need to first disable the Location Services on your Android.

disable location android

Once that is done, restart VMOS and go to the System Settings > Security > Other Security Settings > Device Administrators settings of your virtual machine. From here, you have to disable the Find My Device feature on VMOS.

disable find my device

After turning off the location of your actual phone, launch VMOS and go to its Settings > System Settings > Location and set Location Services on High accuracy for the virtual machine.

location accuracy vmos

Step 3: Download essential apps on VMOS

Now when you have met all the prerequisites, just download the following apps on your VMOS (from the app store or third-party sources):

fake gps joystick app

Step 4: Delete the xbin folder and Pokemon Go process

After downloading these apps, grant them the root access on your device. Later, you can launch the File Explorer and go the device’s Internal Memory > System folder to delete the entire “xbin” folder.

delete xbin folder

Once that is done, restart your device, and launch the VFIN app. Tap on the “Kill Process” button to make sure that no Pokemon Go process is running in the background.

vfin kill process

Step 5: Spoof your Pokemon Go

That’s it! Now you can just launch the GPS Joystick app and go to its settings to set different speed limits for walking, jogging, and running. From its home, you can enter the coordinates of any place or access its map interface to drop the pin anywhere you want.

set location gps joystick

After your device’s location is changed, a joystick would be activated on the interface. You can use the walking, jogging, or running icons from the bottom to simulate your movement. There are options to teleport your location and set up a loop to cover a route. Later, you can launch Pokemon Go on your Android to catch new Pokemons in the spoofed location or walk using the GPS joystick.

gps joystick android

Part 3: Can I use VMOS on iPhone for Location Spoofing?

Unfortunately, VMOS does not support iOS devices and you can’t use it to change location for Pokemon Go on your iPhone. The good thing is that you can do the same (and much more) using a user-friendly and secure application like Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS). With just a single click, it will let you spoof your iPhone’s location to anywhere in the world.

You can also simulate your movement between multiple spots to form a route. The interface features a joystick to let you move more realistically across any path. This will let you change your location on Pokemon Go and other apps on your iPhone virtually. For this, you don’t even need to jailbreak your device or get your account banned!

virtual location 15
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This brings us to the end of this extensive guide from Reddit on Pokemon Go spoofing via VMOS. When I discovered this VMOS Pokemon Go solution on Reddit, I gave it a try the same day. Thankfully, it is still working and you can also implement this Pokemon Go spoof Reddit guide for VMOS. Though, if you own an iPhone instead, then just use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS). To use it, you don’t have to go through any unwanted hassle and can easily spoof your location in seconds.


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