What are the Strengths Weaknesses of Mega Steelix?


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Wanna experience the taste of real world gaming, nothing can be better than playing Pokemon Go.

You may be already aware of the popularity of this amazing game, if you haven’t tried yet, then you should definitely check it out because it's free. You can download Pokemon Go from Google Play Store or App store.

Pokemon go

Pokemon Go features many awesome fictional characters called Pokemons, you will be required to catch or train them. This game gives you an opportunity to explore different locations in the world.

Basically if you want to know how this game works, then you should note that Pokemon Go application will track the location of your phone using GPS.

Pokemon Go makes use of the famous technology of Augmented Reality. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about mega steelix. First of all, it's important to mention here that Steelix is a pokemon character which lives underground, but even further than Onix(another Pokemon character).

This Pokemon’s speciality lies in its ability to dig towards the earth’s core. So, without delaying any further let’s get into the deeper details.

Who is Mega Steelix?

When steelix undergoes mega evolution, it becomes what we call “Mega Steelix”. Also, it's highly significant to understand that after a pokemon undergoes mega evolution, the size of the body increases(you will find body length increases), the body also becomes twice that of the normal “Steelix” pokemon.

Mega steelix

In addition to this, you’ll experience that more and more features are added to the “Mega” state of “Steelix”.

With blue eyes and a powerful lower jaw that features a curved round shape, Steelix has the capability of even digging in the almost deepest regions of the earth’s core.

What Are the Strengths of Mega Steelix Pokemon?

So, let us discuss some of the strengths of Mega Steelix pokemon. Note that one of the most powerful features of Mega Steelix is ground typing. This implies Mega Steelix has electric immunity.

With the help of this electric immunity, Mega Steelix pokemon can powerfully destroy the momentum of volt switching Pokemon.

In addition to that, Mega Steelix’s biggest strength is that STAB-boosted earthquakes are accessible to it.

The fusion of curse and gyro ball in Shiny Mega Steelix makes it more powerful. Overall, we can say that Mega Steelix can act as a dynamic sweeper. You should also note that though you may find Mega Steelix quite slow initially, its unpredictable nature can make it unstoppable at any time, giving no chance to the opponents. Also, you should note that Mega Steelix is immune to “Electric” and “Poison”.

The best part about this pokemon is that it is very resistant to or very strong against “Rock” and “Steel”.

What Are the Weaknesses of Mega Steelix Pokemon?

weakness mega steelix pokemon

In this section, let us dive into the various weaknesses of shiny steelix mega.

  • Mega Steelix is weak to Fire, Water, Ground, Fighting, Magma, Paint, Virus and Crystal.
  • It is also worth mentioning here that my steelix is double weak to nuclear, time, wack and chaos.
  • In addition to these weaknesses, this mega pokemon is usually harmed or injured by wind, plastic, greasy, cyber, fear, ghost, magic, sound, cosmic, paper, shadow,Q marks, void, meme, heart, etc.

How Can I Catch Mega Steelix?

First of all, note that Mega Steelix is a “Steel-Ground” type Pokemon. Usually, to get Mega Steelix, ORAS Demo is found to be useful. You will be required to visit different locations so as to fetch the mega stones, so let’s see how you can get Mega Steelix. So, you have to understand that in case you have access to the Japanese version of ORAS Demo, you can easily transfer over your M.Steelix. Note that as said earlier in order to fetch mega steelix, you will be required to go to different locations, so you should consider using

Dr.Fone-virtual location to teleport anywhere around the globe. Firstly, you will be required to download Dr.Fone(Virtual Location) iOS. After that, you have to install Dr.Fone and then finally launch it.

Dr.fone virtual location

Step 1: Then, the next step is to choose “Virtual Location” among all the different options, also ensure that while you do this, you should keep your iPhone connected to your PC. Then, finally tap on “Get Started”.

Step 2: As the new window opens, you will be able to find your exact current or actual location on the map.

In case, the location that is shown on the map is not accurate, then you should click on the icon of “Center On” in the bottom right portion, this will help in displaying the exact location.

Dr.fone teleport mode

Step 3: You will see an icon for “teleport mode” in the upper right part, click on that to activate it. Then, you will be required to enter the location in the upper left field where you want to teleport to.Finally, click on “Go”. For instance, we’ll enter Rome in Italy.

Dr.fone target location

Step 4: Now, your system will be able to comprehend that you want to teleport to Rome, Italy.

Now, finally tap on “Move here” in the pop up box.

Dr.fone mock location

Step 5: With the help of the previous steps, your location will now be set to “Rome”.

Now, the location that will be shown in the map of Pokemon Go will also be set to “Rome”(or any other location which you have set earlier). You can see this will be the location in the program.

dr.fone stop simulation

And this will be the location in your iPhone.

Pokemon teleport complete


So, we have reached the end of this article. If you are a Pokemon Go fan, then we are pretty sure that you found the article quite useful. Now, you have better clarity about the strengths and weaknesses of this Mega Evolution of Steelix. You can decide conveniently whether you should have M.Steelix or not. So, this was all from our side. If you have any doubts or suggestions related to this article, then feel free to write it down in the comment section. Stay Tuned


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