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The arrival of Team Rocket is something the trainers of Pokémon Go eagerly wait for, and they achieve it by clearing the quests on their way. Similar to catching a Shadow Pokémon, this could take a really long time, and even the professional trainers of the game find it really difficult to move on with it. You can find all the answers to your questions related to Team Rocket and how to find out about their location by taking a quick read of this piece. Before that, let’s take a look at the Team Rocket and why they are so important for the game.

Part 1: What is Team Rocket in Pokémon?

Team Rocket is simply the nightmare of the Pokémon lovers and fanatics as they play the role of the superior antagonist in this popular show. The two characters, Jessie and James, represent Team Rocket in the show as their job is to capture the best Pokémon of other trainers through all evil and unethical means. Apart from the agents Jessie and James, Team Rocket is headed by the evil Pokémon gym leader of the Viridian city, known as Giovanni.

They wish to establish their power by dominating the world in a crooked way. Their aim is to capture the special and most powerful Pokémon to perform this. Their top field agents, James and Jessie, appear in almost every episode of the Pokémon series. They are shown wearing a Team Rocket uniform, which is also pretty much popular in the Pokémon fan verse.

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Ash, the protagonist of the show, and his encounters with other gym leaders and Pokémon are often threatened by Jessie and James, along with their Pokémon. It is also shown that the Team Rocket is more interested in using Pokémon as mere test pieces in the laboratories and work experiments on them to improve their skills and powers. This is apart from the methods they undertake to steal the Pokémon from other gym trainers.

Team Rocket has always been a major villain in the Pokémon show and also in the Pokémon games of all generations. The players, aka the Pokémon trainers of the game, will experience frequent encounters with the Team Rocket at different phases of the game. As you may guess, the player needs to beat the Team Rocket in the Pokémon battle. For that, the players need to find the location of Team Rocket in the game, and let’s take a look at how it is done.

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Part 2: How to get the Pokémon Team Rocket location?

First things first, as you need to be on a higher level to make the Team Rocket come looking for you. So, the game suggests that the trainer needs to be on the "eighth level", at least to activate or unlock the encounters with Team Rocket.

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Usually, when Team Rocket beats a trainer, they capture the place, and this is where you can find Team Rocket and their agents. These areas are called as "Pokéstops". These "Pokéstops" are really hard to find, and this is where most of the players experience lag, and their quest to beat the Team Rocket seems less unlikely to be accomplished soon. These Pokestops also carry a darker shade over its icons, which is to distinguish the normal ones from the ones that have already been captured by the Team Rocket.


Additional option to find pokemon team rocket location

The players usually spent hours trying to spot the "Pokestops", which are in control of Team Rocket. They can even make use of the gaming platforms for making other players keep you posted with the arrival of the location of Team Rocket. When you can finally spot their logo, you’re all set and prepare for the battle.


Part 3: Tips to battle with Rocket Team

When you are all suited up for the battle against the Team Rocket at different "Pokestops", you need to be careful about a lot of things.

    • Be Focused

First of all, this is one of the most important battles you will fight in the whole game, and it is essential to play your cards wisely. When you spot any of the "Pokestops", as you walk towards it, you’ll find the logo of Team Rocket, which indicates you are going to be engaged in a battle against Team Rocket.

    • Be well equipped

You may find any of the grunts of Team Rocket who is up for the battle, and you need to be equipped with your best Pokémon with full health to get yourself an advantage in the battle. If your Pokémon can beat the Shadow Pokémon of the Team Rocket three times in a battle, you will receive a bunch of premium pokeballs and also a fresh new "shadow Pokémon".

    • Be alert to collect the “Perks”

A shadow Pokémon is simply one of the biggest advantages of the battle as these shadow Pokémon are developed by the Team Rocket who needs to be purified, and upon purification, they will be entitled to a lot of upgrades and perks which will give a complete advantage for the player in the game.

Therefore, it makes it kind of essential for the player to spot the locations of the Team Rocket to engage in a battle and appear victorious to get all these benefits. Since the former is a huge task, let us breakdown it for you with this wonderful application, which will help your task of spotting the Team Rocket effortlessly.

    • Bonus: Teleport to any location and catch as many pokemons

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location is a popular iOS application that will redirect your actual location to a virtual location which can be set according to your preference. In other words, the "GPS" of your device will be totally under your control, which gives you a great advantage over all the applications that function with "GPS".

So with the help of Dr.Fone – Virtual Location, the user can use any virtual location to travel to and easily spot a Team Rocket Pokestops anywhere in the world. Ultimately, taking advantage of such an amazing tool to build their gameplay. Moreover, the use of the application does not trigger any kind of warning and also one of the safest gaming assistants to use.

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location


Dr.Fone - Virtual location is a real game-changer that will provide you with maximum assistance whenever you want to take down any of the Pokestops controlled by the Team Rocket. Simply put, it is among one of the easiest way to quickly get to catch the pokemons without actually travelling in real life. Eventually, enhancing your battling skills and level up your way through the game, that too without putting much effort in finding the location.


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