Will iPogo be the new iSpoofer?


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Now that Pokemon Go iSpoofer is no longer functioning like it used to, the concept of spoofing without an iTool device has become quite tricky. But assuming that iTool is a safer option, we also know that it is quite expensive for investing in the first place, especially because - ‘This is just a Game’. But for those who see Pokemon Go as more than a ‘mere game’ and still want a less expensive alternative that can take the place of iSpoofer, then you should totally go on and read this article. Heads up - It’s for both iOS and Android users.

Part 1 - Why iSpoofer Shut Down?

If you have to know that, then you should carefully analyze the Niantic Rules. They have a strict policy about not using third-Party applications while playing Pokemon Go. And they have every right to ban any account in case they notice any such discrepancies. We have given them the right by agreeing to their terms and conditions which also contains this pointer.

In recent times, they have also upped their game and started detecting such GPS frauds effectively.


If you are guilty of using spoofer apps, you will be warned for starters. You can continue to play the game but you won’t see anything for the next 7 days. Then follows level 2 of warning - where you will be barred from your account for 1 month. Lastly, you will be banned forever if you still don’t listen.

iSpoofer is one of the many apps that has been banned by Niantic and it can no longer be used with the game. Sp, iSpoofer being a Pokemon Go specific app has lost a lot of customers. The wisest decision to not let the ship sink is to draw out from business and that is what iSPoofer did. While the older version still exists in your phones (in case you didn’t uninstall), you won’t be finding any new updates for the app. Pokemon Go iSpoofer may not come back soon either - because if there is a possibility, it might have happened in 2021.

Part 2 - Safest Way to Spoof - Dr. Fone Virtual Location

The next best thing anyone else would do is to hunt down some good GPS location-changing apps on the App store or the Google Play Store - depending upon the operating system of your phone. However, the chances of remaining undetected by using these apps are pretty bleak. You could go unnoticed for a month - tops - until the advanced detecting ‘MoJo’ that Niantic is so secretive about will catch you in the act.


It’s better to be safe than risk your complete account being banned by using the wrong applications. Even though there are several apps available on the stores to solve your problem, none of them can give solid proof of their authenticity and this is a matter you can’t take risks in.

However, a much better and reliable option would be to use Wondershare’s Dr.Fone that has a very easy user-interface and would help you fool the Pokemon Go systems. This is how you use it -

Download for PCDownload for Mac

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

Step 1 - Start off by downloading the application and launching it on your PC. Connect your phone to the PC and agree to the terms and conditions. Click on ‘Get Started’.


Step 2 - Then you will find the world Map where your location will be indicated with a pin. You have to go to the ‘Teleport Mode’ that is present on the upper right corner of your page. It is the first icon.

virtual location 04

Step 3 - After this, you can move your pin from your current location to any place that you want to see yourself in - virtually, of course! After that’s done, click on ‘Move Here’.


Step 4 - Your location will be changed automatically within minutes and you have to give enough cooldown time before you open the Pokemon Go or any other gaming app and then you are good to go!


That is how easily and quickly you can do it so that you don’t have to be restless during the cooldown time. Since you know that the actual job was done pretty easily, there is no point in being restless and anxious during the cooldown time. The chances of being detected are fairly, very low.

Part 3 - iPogo will be the new iSpoofer?

iPogo is one of the location spoofing applications that has garnered popularity after the MIA of iSpoofer. It was in business when iSpoofer was the leading location spoofer but with nowhere else to go, the customers were more than happy to adopt any other application that gives the features that iSpoofer gladly provided them with.


But is iPogo the next iSpoofer? I guess not. Because there are many aspects, crucial aspects - where iSPoofer surpasses iPogo any day. There is a customizable bar that allows you quick access to the iSpoofer application while you play the game. This is absent with iPogo.

Also, iPogo crashes a lot - at least 3-4 times during a 3-hour session of the game. iSpoofer manages to give a very smooth ride as long as you are playing the game.

If you are a beginner who doesn’t know about the cooldown time or how long yu need to refrain from starting the game, iSpoofer also had a feature where it displays the timer to track the cooldown. After that hits zero, you can safely play the game and be assured that you won’t be detected.


iSpoofer also had some filter options that will help you with the new lures and nests that you might encounter in the area. These well-crafted features are absent with iPogo. It doesn’t provide every basic function that a spoofer app must provide and also some additional features like - Pokemon Go Plus emulation feature. While this might seem like a ‘super cool’ feature, it can be your ticket to Niantic detection. You will be directly bottling the Pokemon and this can be detected by their servers.

That being said, iPogo might be one of the many alternatives available but certainly not the successor for iSpoofer.


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