Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event


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“Is the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite event going on and how can I collect all those brilliant event foundables?”

Just like every other interesting mobile game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite also keeps coming up with different events. For instance, the Wizards Unite brilliant event for this summer is one of the most exciting challenges that players can complete. At the end of each quest, you can get tons of rewards as well. If you are also not aware of the tasks related to the brilliant event in Wizards Unite and have these queries, then this guide will get you covered!

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Part 1: What is the Wizards Unite Brilliant Event all About?

If you have been playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, then you might be aware of the first brilliant event that took place in 2019. This year, the developers have revamped it and have called it the “One year later” Wizards Unite special event. Though, unlike the previous event that required its players to roam outside, this one can be played at home.

There are presently four different quests in the event and a bonus quest in the end. By completing them, you can collect tons of rewards like spell energy, XP, and unique foundables.

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Part 2: List of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Event Tasks

The tasks of the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite brilliant event keeps changing so you must be careful before starting your quest. Presently, the Wizard Unite Harry Potter event is divided into 4 quests and you will get rewards after completing each quest.

Quest 1

Task 1: Pick up either 3 ingredients or portmanteaus from the HP Map

Reward: 2 lovage

Task 2: Earn 1 brilliant one year later runestone

Reward: 2 sneezewort

Task 3: Return any 7 brilliant minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt foundables

Reward: 1 strong invigoration draught

Quest end rewards: 550 XP, 50 Brilliant Family XP, 2 Restricted Section Books, 1 Dark Detector, and 10 Spell Energy

Quest 2

Task 1: Use any 2 brilliant one year later runestones

Reward: 1 Wormwood

Task 2: Collect 1 junior undersecretary Constance Pickering Fragment

Reward: 1 Potent Exstimulo Potion

Task 3: Defeat at least 20 foes in Wizarding Challenges

Reward: 1 Silver Key

Quest end rewards: 750 XP, 75 Brilliant Family XP, 1 Brilliant Pile of Runestones Registry Image, 3 Restricted Section Books, and 10 Spell Energy

Quest 3

Task 1: Pick up 3 ingredients from the Map

Reward: 4 Ginger Root

Task 2: Brew 3 Healing Potions

Reward: 1 Wit-sharpening potion

Task 3: Return 10 Brilliant Senior Minister Hermione Granger Foundables

Reward: 1 Silver Key

Quest end rewards: 1250 XP, 75 Brilliant Family XP, 5 Restricted Section Books, and 10 Spell Energy

Quest 4

Task 1: Earn 600 Ministry of Magic Family XP

Reward: 1 Spell Book

Task 2: Use 5 Potions in Wizarding Challenges

Reward: 1 Spell Book

Task 3: Use 3 Ministry of Magic Runestones

Reward: 1 Spell Book

Quest end rewards: 1 Registry Research Registry Image, 50 Gold, 5 Restricted Section Books, and 30 Spell Energy

Bonus Assignment

Task 1: Earn 10000 Wizarding XP from Challenges

Reward: 1 Spell Book

Task 2: Return 30 Brilliant Harry/Ron/Hermione Foundables

Reward: 1 Spell Book

Task 3: Return 15 Brilliant Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt Foundables

Reward: 1 Spell Book

Task 4: Defeat Highest Unlocked Chamber

Reward: 10 Spell Energy Capacity

Task 5: Defeat 7 Formidable Foes

Reward: 10 Potions Capacity

Assignment end rewards: 2000 XP, 100 Brilliant Family XP, 1 Achievement Badge, 1 Silver Key, 5 Calamity Incident Map Registry Images, and 30 Spell Energy

Part 3: How do you Get Brilliant Event Foundables?

The last year’s Brilliant event in Wizards Unite encouraged us to go out to collect different foundables. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the 2020 brilliant Harry Potter event is a stay-at-home event. Therefore, you can collect these foundables by completing challenges, returning objects, and unlocking portkeys.

  • The Hermione Granger foundables can be found by wild encounters and require 15 fragments to collect.
  • The Kingsley Shacklebolt foundables can be obtained via wild encounters and need 15 fragments to collect as well.
  • The Pile of Runestones can be obtained by completing event-specific tasks and requires 1 fragment.
  • The Registry Research Board is obtained by completing its dedicated tasks with 1 fragment.
  • The Calamity Incident Map can be collected after completing the bonus assignment and needs 5 fragments.
  • The Undersecretary Constance Pickering foundables need 3 fragments and can be collected by completing challenges using brilliant runestone.
calamity incident map

Bonus: Play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite from your Home

Since Harry Potter: Wizards Unite encourages us to step out to collect creatures and complete different tasks, it can be a bit tedious. Though, you can always spoof your iPhone location and play the game from the comfort of your home with dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS). With just a single click, you can spoof your iPhone location to anywhere in the world by entering its name, address, or coordinates. There is also a provision to simulate our movement in a route and use its GPS joystick. The application is super-easy to use and does not require a jailbroken device as well.

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Now when you know about the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite brilliant event, you can easily take part in this summer challenge. Go ahead and start completing these quests and don’t forget to collect your rewards in the end. Though, if you want to explore more and play the game remotely, then just use a reliable iPhone location spoofer tool like dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) to meet your requirements.


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