All The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Hacks and Cheats You can Easily Implement


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Are you a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite player who would like to level-up your gameplay?

Well, if your answer is “yes” then you have certainly come to the right place. Although it has only been a few years since Wizards Unite is released, it has certainly gained a lot of popularity. While the game is addictive, it requires a lot of effort to gain more experience and level-up. Thankfully, there are some Harry Potter: Wizards Units hacks that can help you. From a Wizard Unite hack to get unlimited gold to spoof the device location, there are all kinds of tricks that I will discuss here.

harry potter wizards unite hacks

Part 1: The Most Helpful Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Hacks to Know

As I have listed above, there could be all kinds of Wizard Unite hacks that you can implement on your device. To make your job easier, I have listed a few tried-and-tested hacks and cheats for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Tip 1: How to get more Spell Energy?

Spell energy is one of the most important parameters in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as the more energy you have, the more powerful the spell would be. Here are some tips to improve your spell energy in the game.

  • Make sure you complete your daily assignments to get 10 spell energy
  • If you visit a greenhouse, you will get 0-4 spell energy
  • By visiting an inn, you can get 3-10 spell energy
  • You can also exchange gold for spell energy (100 gold for 50 spell energy)
spell energy harry potter

Tip 2: Saving your spell energy

Apart from that, if you want to save more spell energy in the game, then consider these Wizards Unite hacks as well.

  • Try not to waste your spell energy in greenhouse
  • Simply run away from foundables that are not so valuable
  • Consider using potions when a tough encounter happens
  • While getting a rare foundable, don’t drain all the spell energy
  • Trace fast and don’t move while casting a spell
saving spell energy harry potter

Tip 3: Spoof iPhone Location to Play Wizards Unite from Home

Since Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an AR and location-based game, it requires us to go out and complete different tasks. Though, if you use a reliable application like dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS), then you can easily spoof your device location. Just connect your iPhone to the application and look for any location to spoof with its teleport mode. You can search for a location via its coordinates or name and further adjust it on the map.

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Besides that, dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) can also be used to simulate your iPhone movement between different spots. You can set a preferred speed and enter the number of times to cover the route. The interface will also include a GPS joystick to move realistically without getting caught by the gaming app.

virtual location 15

Tip 4: Get a Masterful cast with line tracing

The masterful cast of a spell will impart its maximum impact on the target. Though, instead of boosting it with a lotion or more energy, you can just use this line tracing technique. While casting a spell, just tap on the mid corner of the screen and make an inverted z-like symbol with your finger. You have to be pretty fast while doing it and should swipe your finger as soon as you cast a spell to get its maximum impact.

line tracing trick harry potter

Tip 5: Walk faster with minimum glitch

Since the game requires us to explore and go out, we are only dependent on our network data that can make it load slower. This also affects the walking speed of our avatar. With this Harry Potter: Wizards Unite hack, you can save your phone’s battery and walk faster. Just open the game and tap on the suitcase to visit its settings. Now, scroll down to select the “Download All Assets” option and simply download all the resources at once over a stable WiFi network.

download assets harry potter

While this will increase the storage of the game, it will certainly make your gameplay a whole lot smoother.

Tip 6: Get Unlimited Gold with a Mod App

This Harry Potter: Wizards Unite hack is a bit risky to implement, but it will give you tons of rewards. If you have an Android device or a jailbroken iPhone, then you can find several third-party modified versions of the Wizards Unite app. Since they won’t be available on the Play Store, you have to download them from third-party sources like APKpure or UptoDown. Though, you should know that using modified apps like these are against the policy of Niantic and might get your account banned.

Part 2: Risks Involved While Implementing a Wizards Unite Hack

While these Harry Potter: Wizards Unite hacks might seem tempting, they should be implemented carefully. Otherwise, it can lead to a temporary or even a permanent ban of your account. Firstly, Niantic will implement a 7-day ban on your account, but if you would keep cheating, then it can ban your account permanently as well.

harry potter wizards unite warning

To avoid this unwanted scenario, just follow these steps while implementing Wizard Unite hacks.

  • If you are downloading a third-party hacking application on your device, then make sure it is 100% secure.
  • It is recommended not to use a location spoofer mobile app that can easily be traced. Instead, you can try a desktop application (like dr.fone – Virtual Location) which is a safer option.
  • Please consider the cooldown duration while spoofing your location. For instance, don’t spoof your location from Tokyo to Paris in a few minutes.
  • Try to use a location spoofer limited times (2-3 instances in a day) and avoid its over-usage.
  • After spoofing your location, consider using a GPS joystick so that you can move realistically and won’t be flagged by Niantic.
  • Since some applications will demand root or jailbreak access on the device, it isn’t recommended to do that (as it can compromise with the safety of your phone).
  • If you have already got a soft ban on your account, then avoid using any Wizards Unite hack for a while.

I’m sure that after following these Wizards Unite hacks, you would be able to improve your gameplay. To make it easier for you, most of the hacks that I have listed will keep your account safe. If you are using a location spoofer, then consider choosing a secure option like dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS). It will help you spoof your iPhone location and play Wizards Unite from anywhere you want without getting your account banned.


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